Friday, 17 January 2014

News about day 5

Well I don't have a lot to say today - did I hear somebody say 'thank goodness'?  I will tell you, though, that tomorrow I'll put day 5 up on the blogs.  
The instructions for what you'll need are on the day 4 page but I'll put them here too just in case you've 'done a Jane' and lost them!!!  I could get medals for losing things!!!

For the next stage you will need two shuttles using the same thread as before with 3 yards on Sh1 and 3½ yards on Sh2 - again wound CTM (continuous thread method).

First in this morning is from Angela who I fear has caught the TIAS bug badly!!!!
I'm having so much fun with TIAS that I decided to add 3 more! Here is a picture of all 5 whoozy-whatsits.
Next in is Anita who has sent in her day 2 with a lovely idea!  She says:-
"I'm behind, but catching up.  Surprise, Surprise...the Tatsy flower from day one has morphed into ..... Tatsy the Lionette???  At least it appears that way for now!  Stay tuned for further developments.   Anita"

Now the next person in my inbox is Heather with her days 3 and 4.  Here's her comment.
"Good evening Jane. The cold I have had has had me down for a few days, but I am finally on the mend. Got day 3 & 4 done :) Thanks Heather"
Glad you're on the mend now, Heather.

Now be afraid, very afraid before you even start reading and looking at this next picture!!!!  This is from Sarah who says:-
"Hi Jane - Here is day 4! Hmm... Fire Breathing Dragon!! The one on the left broke its nose in a fight... Nothing to do with my tatting tension troubles."
Now I've got a hole in my monitor, Sarah and I blame YOU with all that fire!!!!

Next to pop in is Jennie with her day 4.  I think she's given up on guessing for a while!!!
"Attached is my Day 4.  You have me totally stumped! :)

Coretta has now sent in her day 4 along with the following comment too:-
"Now, I'm stumped. Well, I have been from the beginning but those picots have got to be there for joining and I can't imagine into what! Looking forward to day 5."

Now here's a novel suggestion from Jeff!!!!!  Were you hungry when you were tatting this, Jeff?
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 4 TIAS. No idea what it could be. Kinda looks like a slice of pizza right now though.

Next in is Michelle who says:-
"A clowns hat!!!!"
Well in those colours, Michelle, any clown would be pleased to wear it.

Finally I have Bettina's day 4 in two colours and accompanied by some other pieces of tatting too.  She says:-
"Good morning Jane
Here´s my day 4, solid and multicoloured + my “perpetual” UFO.
Regards from South of Sweden

Back again and with Muskaan's day 4.  Here's what she says:-
"hi jane
finished day 4 in time but down with flu.
made 2 in order to practice & perfect techniques. v v happy that by 4th CWJ , I had " mastered" it - no longer need to refer to tuts.
No guesses , but at present these make cute Bells or bell ornaments for next season ;-)
regards Muskaan"

Just back from my afternoon walk which was a different route and well away from the river!!!  First in now is Esta who has this to say:-
"Hello Jane,
Here's my Day 4. Definitely looks like a jaunty hat to me! Looking forward to seeing how this grows.

Now here's something to celebrate.  A new young tatter who may well be able to take part in the TIAS next year.  Her first little motif has come in alongside her mum Michele's days 4.  Well DONE young lady.
"Good morning Jane! I have scanned in my 2 tias motifs still have no clue as to what's it gonna be but with them is my 12 years first motif of rings :) just wanted to share it with you as we have a young tatter in training. I had to break out all of my teaching instructions as this will go for her art class while we homeschool this year.
Michele Waite

Andrea has just popped in with her day 4 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Just a brief note to say here is my Day 4 and many thanks for keeping me amused in the evenings!  Not sure what my next guess will be ... working on a couple of ideas!! ;)
Best wishes
Andrea "

Now I have Monica who has popped in with her day 4 but who may have a problem starting day 5!!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Hi Jane,
A little later than usual but here is my day 4. I put the ball of thread away after I loaded the first set of shuttles, so I hope I can find it again. :-)   I might just have to start another one with a different thread.
Still no guess. Maybe a sailboat?
Happy Tatting
Monica Braxton"

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