Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday and a bit of a late start.

First of all - day 8 will be available tomorrow morning!!!

I'm normally up and about a bit before this but as it's raining as usual there seemed no point in getting up too early and a good book 'called' me!!!

So, first in this morning is from Margaret who says:-
"Hello Jane,
Sorry It has taken me so long to post you a picture of my TIAS.  I've not been at all well for several weeks but your tias has provided some relief.  As usual it has been very entertaining reading all the remarks and guesses.  I'm going to guess it's a fair ground ride!   It is lovely to see so many new participants this year.  Thanks for another great tias, you get better and better at keeping us in suspense! 
I'm just now beginning to feel like dealing with camera and computer at last.  Sorry the picture is so large  (and fuzzy) I'm afraid I haven't a clue as to making it smaller, I think it would be clearer if it were smaller.  Hope you can deal with it, I know you can usually.
Margaret in Norfolk."
No problem at all, Margaret.  Re-sizing the photo is part of 'what I do'!!!!  Sorry you've been ill - hope the rain isn't affecting you up there in Norfolk.

Next to arrive is Connie who's now changed her mind about the TIAS!!!  She says:-
"Good Afternoon Jane,
Hope you are staying dry there.  We are above freezing today!!
Here is day 7 - I don't see my Lion now - so we have left the zoo ;(
Could it be a landscape view - row of flowers and a tree ?
This is fun - thanks Jane - your the best!"
Dry, Connie?  What's 'dry'?!?!?!?  Raining again and miserable but better than being cold!!!
My next arrival is from Denise who says:-
"Hello Jane from SNOWY VERY MUCH New York.
I actually got this finished yesterday but I didn't have time to photo it because I was taking care of a sick baby, my grandson, and even though I believe I'm coming down with the same thing
I was able to finally take a pic and here it is.  As far as the shuttles go I'm on a fixed income, disability, arthritis, but I do want to buy one or two but I get paid on the first of the month.  I need to start making stuff and selling it on ETSY but I will probably sell sewed items like quilted wall art.  Well for now happy tatting.
Denise Brant"

Fox too has changed her mind on what this year's TIAS is!!!  This is what she has to say:-
"I may have been a tad hasty in being so absolute in my choice of windmill. There is the slimmest of possibilities that I might have overlooked the Empire State Building. Just another twist on the King Kong suggestion after Day. 2. There you have it from Fox, on Day 7. : )"

The next person into my inbox is Deana who says:-
"digging out of snow drifts in London Ontario  Canada today after day 7 I'm thinking so spring and a wheelbarrow of flowers ready to plant..well at -15 Celsius that is a way off yet.  Bring ON DAY 8 JANE!!!!!!!!

Final picture and comment in my inbox this morning is from Jennifer who says:-
"Perhaps it's an animal, and the first part is its tail and this new part is its legs?"

I'm back again with Tove's days 6 and 7.  She says:-
"Dear Jane!
Here comes my dag 6 and 7.
I still think it is some 3D.
Tove Karlsson"

Next in to cheer me up is Roelien with her day 7.  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 7. A little bit late but here it is.
Here has fallen  some snow , about 5 cm. Everything is white now. But the sun has not come out for 6 days, which I don't like. I want spring to come.
But what cam we do?.... nothing.
Have a nice sundag.
I think we all want Spring to come, Roelien!

Sarah has now popped into my inbox with her day 7.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Now I realize that is is a deer with antlers.  Thanks :)

Next to arrive is my friend Sharren (and her husband too!!!) who says:-
"More days done...I think I’m caught up now (for the moment)!
D says to tell you his guess is that it’s Siamese sunflowers! "

Just arrived is Bettina and I'm going to show you both the pictures she sent.
"Hello Jane
Finally caught up on my tatting, day 7 done after yesterdays furniture shopping and esambly (spelling?).
Regards from a snowy Vellinge, South of Sweden.

I just love the pictures people send in and this one is a classic.  Thanks, Chantal (Tally Tatty).  Love the rhyme too.
"Dear Jane,

I am tatting, but I can’t see
In fact, I don’t have any idea
A field full of daisies is not your style,
So, I’ll have to be patient for a while


Now I have Mouse who has sent in her picture and comment:-
"Hi Jane . Hope you are having a wonderful day. I truely can't wait to see what this turns out to be!!! Even my 3 older daughters want to
know :)  Happy Tatting !

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