Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday 1st February

Tomorrow will be day 10 for those who are still keeping with me!!!!!

First in this morning is from Wendy with her day 9.  She says:-
"You have been very clever with this one.  I have absolutely no idea what it is."

Second in my inbox is Bernice O who has this to say:-
"TIAS day 9 from Bernice O"

Now I have Coretta's day 8.  She's been playing other games while tatting - multi tasking!!!!
"I lagged a bit behind on day 8 since things are crazy busy when my husband is out of town. Day 8 I finished tatting up while playing stacking cups with my two year old son. He'll only be that young for 4 more days."

Another busy TIAS'er has now arrived with her day 9.  Michelle says:-
"Had to play catch-up!!!  I've had some very busy past 2 days.  Unfortunately,  i'm afraid that the stress has just began! Anyways, I still have no guesses as to what we are constructing.  Happy tatting from knotty Michelle! !!"

Finally in my inbox this morning is Lelia who has also been catching up!!  She says:-
"Dear Jane:
I am enjoying TIAS....   Pictures attached.
Days 5-8
Lelia blogging at Stitches of Life II"

Good afternoon and the first in on this session is Bettina who has sent in her days 8 and 9.  She says:-
My TIAS, finally caught up last night.
Regards from South of Sweden"

Next in is Helen who is still convinced it's going to be a teapot!!!  Well, of course, it could be!!!!
"Hello Jane,
I keep seeing a teapot. My last chain isn't perfect because I had to add new thread and I made a little mess of that, but it looks like your pattern so all is well, I think...
Bye Helen"

Sharren's just sent in her days 8 and 9 along with this comment:-
"I’ve gotten caught up again on TIAS – Days 8 and 9!  You’re really keeping us guessing on this game!"

Now I have Beelizabeth who has arrived in my inbox.  This is an amazing rhyme and must've taken a lot longer than the tatting.  Woweeeee.

"Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear--
This has not been my year!
A simple tatting game to play,
But little spiders skitter away.

The tatting bag fell on the floor-
When I picked it up, my pretty TIAS was no more.
I searched and searched and searched some more
But days 5 through 8 were not on that floor.

What to do I knew so well
As the nature of my brown recluse does tell.
When little critters skitter away,
And do not like the game to play.

So two more shuttles were rewound,
For a remake I was bound.
Each stitch was carefully remade
And to the scanner to be laid.

And what to my surprise was there,
And not in some reclusive lair?
Days 5 through 8 were lying there,
And now this lady has a pair!!

And in my search, I found one of the first sections I did that had skittered away.

Oh, that's what I do - lose things and days and days later find them under the scanner.  I've recently developed the habit of leaving things there deliberately to 'train my brain' that the place to look immediately for 'lost tatting' is under the scanner lid!!!

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