Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 3 of the TIAS 2014

Here is the link for Day 3 of the TIAS 2014.

First in with days 1, 2 and 3 this morning and before I go and  have breakfast is from Val who says:-
" Ok, the TIAS... have worked up to Day 3, by didn't get to take pics of earlier progressions. No idea what it might be just yet. :-)

Next with days 1 and 2 is Nikki who's comment is below:-
"Days 1 and 2.... size 20 Lizbeth in...ummmm.... hmmm.... what is this colors name????? Spring something..... to early for me to guess but I know it will be something wonderful!"

Another new starter today is Anita who has this to say along with such a pretty drawing/picture of the finished TIAS.  Ummmm, hang on, Anita - this is only day 1 and you know the answer?  I wonder!!!
"Hi Jane, (thought this email had gone out days ago...when the photo didn't show up on your site, decided I'd better check...was still in the "draft folder"...dratted internet!)  Anyway here it is late.
Well, consider it an accomplishment on your part!  I have gotten so "reinvolved" with beading that I have picked up a shuttle very little during the past year (I'm not sure at all, since your last TIAS)  It's not that I lost interest in tatting, as I was still the homework site administrator for the online tatting classes (until just last week, when I turned it over to Melanie) , and admiring everyone's work weekly... .  It was just that I had gotten so busy!
Then along came the email about the TIAS...and all of a sudden, I just HAD to pick up my shuttles again.
But...why'd you make it so easy to tell what it was this time?  It's obviously just the newest variety of flower, a "tatsy"!  They even have blue stems...  These flowers have been known to change shape over night....wonder what they will look like tomorrow????
Next in is from Denise who says:-
"Hello Jane, as you can see I had to start over from Day 1, the split ring thru me for a loop.  I should have practiced the split ring before I attempted my it on my TIAS.  But all is well now I got thru it. :)
Denise Brant"
Well, Denise, by the time you've finished the TIAS you'll be an expert at SR's - just saying!!!

All shuttles from the Etsy shop are now sorted, packed and waiting for me to run down to the Post Office first thing in the morning.  The rest of the day is for this blog!!!
Next in is from Bay who's even got her rabbit involved in modelling her day 2 of the TIAS!!!!!  What a sweet wabbit, Bay.
"Did someone say something about bunnies? Maybe it's a bunny tail connecting to a big bunny foot :)
Next in is from IsDihara who seems to have had a bit of a panic at some point!!!  Here's her message and her photos:-
"Holy Smokes!  I just noticed I sent the TIAS Day 1 image file in PNG format instead of JPG.  I am so sorry.  Resending in proper format, with TIAS Day 2.  All images are resized so as not to be unwieldy downloads.
I am greatly enjoying all the photos and guesses so far -- Nicole's "eye candy" gave me a good chuckle.  But I am sticking with my Day 1 guess -- a robot -- for now.  (A Dalek has been added to the Day 2 photo for fun.)
NOTES from Day 1 email:  I started TIAS 2014 today.  ...As for a guess, the field is wide open so I will throw out this: a robot!

Now with her day 3 is Bettina who's sent in a picture of her tatting and her laptop!!!!  Here is her comment which made me laugh:-
"Good morning Jane
My day 3, no guesses, couldn´t guess it even if you GAVE me what it was... lol
Regards from the south of Sweden

Next in is from Sonja in Holland who must be feeling cold this morning!  She says:-
"Hello Jane
This morning we had to clean the windows of our car. Ice on it. Nice weather, sun, no wind, nice to walk.
Still no idea what it will be, but I love it.
Sonja from Holland"

Now back to the U.K. for Fran's day 3.  I'm being kept very busy this morning which is great.  Here's her comment and her picture:-
"Good morning Jane
Here is Day 3! Still no idea what it could be.
Fran UK"

Isa is in next with two versions of her day 3 and her group of watchers is getting larger!!!  She says:-
"Hi Jane, here is TIAS day 3. My group of little people increase because they want to know what is the finally result of the first TIAS of this year 2014 :)
Have a wonderfull Sunday, my best wishes from the south of Sweden with a beautiful sunshine in this very moment, winter but without snow."

Just back from a cold, miserable and slightly 'damp' walk round the rec to find a few more TIAS's in my inbox!!
First one of this session is from Jo here in the UK.  She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my TIAS day 3.  The guy in the corner looked away from his computer games long enough to say that day 2 was a frog but now he's seen day 3 he says it's not a frog but maybe a cat.  The TIAS has got me back into tatting mood so some more tatting has snuck into the picture.
Jo from the UK"

Now I have Sandra's day 3.  She's kindly waited until today for me to put it up as she was one of those who got the link when my computer was playing up.  It's still a bit flaky but much better than it was.  Here's Sandra's comment:-
"This my day three from Friday, so excited to finally post for real lol happy tatting."

Now I have Ginny's day 3 with her suggestion.  Mind those teeth, Ginny!!!!
"Here is my day three and i think it is a shark!!!

Next in with Day 3 is Lisa who says:-
"Greetings from south central Indiana, where it's either snowing or raining this time of year.  Flood warnings for my area.  Here is my Day 3 picture....I'm thinking maybe a flower watering can?  That's just a guess, I'm sure that's not really it.  I can hardly wait for you to ship the shuttles.  I got one of those beautiful cocobolo rosewood.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it! "
It's packed and ready to go in the morning, Lisa!!!!

Now I have Gea who has just joined us.  She says:-
"Hello Jane,
Thanks a lot for this years Tias. Already having a lot of fun.  I was a bit behind but this lazy Sunday helped a lot. Still I am clueless.

Back from Taiwan with day 3 is Hsing who has now got a problem - she's addicted!!  Here's her comment and picture:-
"Dear Jane,
I am becoming addicted! Can't wait for Day 4.
Hsing Chian"

Now I'm pleased to announce another new joiner who has just arrived in my inbox.  Here are Julie's pictures and her comment:-
"Hello !
I'm Julie, a french new tatter. I'm in love with this art, and very happy to participate to my first TIAS.
I finally received my yarn, lizbeth 20 purple iris fusion, and her are the 3 photos of the 3 days.
You can also see my work (crochet and tatting) on my blog : le Crochet de Pandore.
Thanks for sharing your work ^_^"
Thank, Julie - I'll be visiting your blog shortly!!!

I think Wendy has got a very fertile imagination - I will say no more and will let you read her comment:-
"Mmm,  could be the back of an old car. Gone off the lolly idea.
Wendy x"

Now I've got another new joiner.  My good friend Sharren who often gets me into trouble!!!!  This is her comment and her pictures follow that:-
"I’m caught up now – all three days are done and I’m waiting breathlessly for Day 4!  No guesses just yet – I’ll wait until there’s more to see."

Next to pop in is my mate, Sue.  She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here's my Day 3 entry.  I do love playing this game!!  Now it looks like a daisy in a vase.... maybe the vase will be held by this duck.... LOL
Can't wait for day 4 now!! 
THEN she realised she'd forgotten to attach her picture (think she's caught that habit off me) so back she came with this comment:-
"Oops.... forgot the attach wotsit....  maybe it's an attache case?? (with a duck inside of course.... LOL)

Another of my friends in the UK who I met this year.  This time it's Geraldine who has popped in with her days 1, 2 and 3.  She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Well here we are again T.I.A.S time.  Here's my day's 1,2,&3. Well it's better late than never for me. Mode's of transport we have had Plane, Pram and a train, I notice this one has three part's so I'm going with Boat ,Owl and Pussy Cat. Bring on the fun. Geraldine.x"

Next in is Kelli who is keeping up well!!  She says:-
"Dear Jane,
My day three is attached. I'm inclined to think it is not a gecko today.  It looks rather like a bell now.  Off to work on some new knitting designs.

Before we go any further with the TIAS I want to say something really important.  I'm SOOOOOOO enjoying myself.

Now I have a message (in rhyme) from TallyTatty who says:-
"Dear Jane,
I flew head over heels into Catherine wheels,
I made some split rings,
And that sort of things
To avoid color blips,
I followed wise tips.
But, the result is not  Hawaiian,…
It is a Californian sea lion!!
Wonderful sketch, TallyTatty.  There's a sort of 'smug' look on the sea lion's face as if he knows what you're making!!!!  Wish I did!!!

Now I have Adrian - hi, Adrian and welcome back.  He says:-
"Hi Jane!
Playing catch-up this year, I had too much to do at work last week to be able to concentrate on tatting when I got home.
Having said that, I'm still unable to count up to 6 reliably!
Here are my day 1, 2 & 3. I hope there isn't too much more to do with shuttle 1 as there's almost nothing left on it!
Thank you for running this again. :)

Next to arrive is another of the many tatters I SO admire.  Not only do they tat (which is fantastic) but they manage to do it what is to them a 'foreign language'.  Anne Marie is one of those people and this is her comment followed by her picture:-
"Hello Jane,
Your greetings about my englih pratice feel me, so I have to say you that my last year of learning Englih was for "Baccalauréat" in 1966!
My carrer of midwife (I give birth to 2550 babies, but, as my husband says: I don't perceive family allowance for all this small people!!!) don't needs to speak english except for equipment's technical notices.
It's TATTING three years ago, which brought me to English language, so in France, tat practitioners grow scarce, and then, french books, patterns,and also beautiful threads aren't found easily.
Luckily, UK and US supply blogs and patterns, and books, and threads, and mainly fantastic "bloggeuses" as you which at once, compell us, poor frenchies, to work language at the same time of tatting......
I try to read each comment you say for each photo.  Dictionary is always near at hand!
To-day, I think this work can be a dancer' gown: as we"ll may to switch shuttles, after last chain, it may be the limit between skirt and top?
At any rate, it keeps us in suspense!
Soon for Day 4.
Anne-marie, France"

Next to pop into my inbox is Miranda.  Welcome back, Miranda.  This is what she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's day 3. Right now it looks like a bird. The rings from day 1 are the eye, the split rings are the beak, and the chains are the top of the head. But I know you'll surprise us next time.

Last in my inbox for now is from my good friend Jane.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, here's day 3, done and dusted.
I'm going to be MIA for the TIAS for the next week or so, but I'll catch up when I get back.
Happy tats, Jane"

I always get a smile from Suzanne but this time I think it's more from her husband!!!  This is what she says:-
"Hmmm....Since I'm drawing a blank as to the possible evolution of this design (what further elements join to all those remaining vsps?  Is it a sternwheeler? a wheelbarrow? a sleeping mouse?), I'm going to give you Bill's standard (and always enthusiastic) response as to the possible purpose/identification of any tatting motif: "Undies!""
So, folks, are we making undies for Bill?  Answers to Suzanne on a postage stamp, please!!!

Now Claire has popped in with her day 3.  This is her comment:-
"Hello Jane, 
The wind and rain give us some rest here, and I got to watch a couple of Gold eagles gliding over the cliff this morning. :) I love this island. 
Here is a picture of my day 3 of the TIAS, and the related post on my blog here.  I think I will be a horse and its carriage. 
Have a great Sunday.

Another new starter - my mate Jeff from Canada has now joined us.  Here's what he says:-
"Hi Jane!
I decided to join the TIAS this year, so here is my days 1, 2, and 3 progress. No guesses yet-after day 2, it kinda looked like a leg of some sort of creature, but day three changed that. Looking forward to day four.

Now after Jeff I have Suz who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's day 3. I don't know why, but it seems to be flipped. Doesn't look much like a clown with a balloon now, does it? ;-D)) 
Hugs from Suz"
No, nothing like a clown, Suz but it may just turn out to be one - you never know!!!

Next to pop in is Nicole who says:-
"Dear Jane, 
It might be a fish! More important, I remembered how to do a Catherine Wheel join! Ridiculously proud of myself:-)
Best wishes,
Well I have to look up the Catherine Wheel join each time, Nicole so big congratulations to you for remembering it!!!

Now I'm pleased to see Sarah's day 3 along with her comment which follows:-
"Hi Jane,
Whew!!!... It was a bit of a wrestling match to learn the Catherine Wheel join. I stretched out the vsp in yellow TIAS so it no longer vs. Next was fixing a miscount on split ring#10 in colourful TIAS.  I had to unwind shuttle # 2 and use a needle as a shuttle because I was afraid Id break the thread since the ring wasn't stretching out very easily.  After that, all went smoothly, even my second ever Catherine Wheel join.  Would that join be counted as 1 ds for the second section of the chain so that only 5 additional ds would be made? All this is part of the learning process. I will be dyeing thread for a later section since I only have variations of beige in my inherited stash.  You can see blurry samples in the background. Wooden bowls etc. were all made by my Dad - wood turning
Thanks again Jane, Sarah."
Well some people count the CWJ as the first half of the next double.  I don't as I'm lazy and just tat on!!!

Next to pop in is Anne who has sent her picture of day 3.

Now I have Maria with her suggestion!  Here's what she thinks it may be!!!  I'm getting a bit worried about her gecko fixation - wonder if you can get medication for it?  Anybody know?  Do we have a doctor in the TIAS?
"Howdy Jane  :)
Here is day 3, and it looks like that flower in a box.... well, maybe it's a flower on a hat band on a really nice Panama Hat.... just the right size from Mr. Gecko!

Last person in today (it's my bedtime) is Angela who says:-
Here is my Day 3 pic. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the one I had started in Elderberry Jam because the thread kept twisting and breaking, but I started another in Girly Girl instead. That one is going much more smoothly!
I LOVE Girly Girl, Angela but I think you sent the wrong picture.  I'm putting this on the TIAS blog because it's such a sweet cat and he/she is doing what I'm just going to do - try and get some sleep!!!
First thing this morning is to add Angela's day 3 to this post.  Here it is.

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