Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tuesday 28th

Guess what?  It's raining again!!!  Not in Tat Land though.

First of the 'over nighters' is Fox who has sent in her lovely picture with this comment:-
"Curiouser and curiouser..."

Following shortly after I found Lori who asks:-
"Day8 :) oh question how many days are there going to be?? Just wondering.
Lori  ;~)"
You're 'just over' halfway, Lori - the best is yet to come!!!!

Arriving shortly after Lori is Hélène who sounds a little bit disappointed!!!!
"Hi Jane,
I am totally without a clue, and here, I was so sure it would be a windmill. 
Well, my guess for today is ..... it's a what you may call it!
see you soon

Another of my rhymers is in next - it's Sarah who has sent this in:-
"A sailing ship is what I’d hoped to see
But I’m not sure that will be
This clever tat that Jane disguises
Daily shows us new surprises.

Sarah : )"

Lisa's day 8 is next with this comment:-
"Here it is, no crashes or bangs, just cold weather!"

Next is Angela's day 8 with the following comment:-
Here are my Day 8s. Still have no clue as to what they will be, but I'm having so much fun tatting them! :)"

Barbara has just sent in her day 7.  Hi, Barbara - thought I'd lost you!!!
"Hi Jane,
Finished Day 7 a few days ago and forgot to send it off to you.  Okay, I can see it's not going to be a star constellation.  It has repeating spoke-like objects so I think it's something that moves.
Looking forward to tackling Day 8 right after sending this off to you.
All the best,

Nearly at the top of my inbox and now I have Bernice who is struggling to keep up, I think!!
"Jane, l brought my tatting to the office today but barely had time for lunch so here I am at 9 PM doing day 8. I see my little anteater is coming along. BTW only -12c cool in Canada.

Nearly there - one more after Claire's and I can go and get dressed and have breakfast!!!
"Hello Jane, 
I hope the rain will stop long enough for you to have a 'drier' walk. I feel particularly lucky to be living in Victoria (BC, Canada) when I am reading the different weathers out there. 
Here is a picture of my TIAS day 8 (and the link to my blog post); I think it could still be a boat.  
Have a great week everyone.

Finally I have Martha's days seven and eight with this comment:-
"Well, here's 2 day's worth again. Once again, I had done a day, but not sent it in before the next one came out.  Sigh, I must try to do better."

Back again and this time the first one is Emilia with her days 7 and 8 and who says:-
"Good morning Jane,
Attached another contribution. I love  to see the work and words that others send in. so I learn  a little  more about tatting but also how to express myself in English.
So I copy a sentence from ( I think it was Margareth) who says: you get better and better at keeping us in suspense. I thought that many times in Dutch but didn’t how to say it in English.
I still have no clue what you have hatched for us. So looking forward to day 9.
Greetings from Emilia, Netherlands"

With the best possible 'excuse' for getting behind is Maureen with her days 7 & 8.  She says:-
"It's going to be a Garden Gnome, isn't it! - it looks just like a gnome. I fell behind again, but I have the prefect excuse - my 22-month-old grandson has been visiting, and he doesn't leave any time at all for tatting!"

Now I have Helen's day 8 with the following comment:-
"Hello Jane,
 It can be anything, cannot it? Well, just  a wild guess: a teapot, perhaps?
Looking forward to the next day.
Bye for now, Helen"

Following on next is Julie who says:-
"Hello Jane !
I enjoy participating to this TIAS ^_^
Could it be a Lady?
Or a sailing boat..."

Good news - Marco who usually joins in the TIAS has just sent in her days 1 - 8.  Welcome, Marco.
"Hello Jane,
 Here  is a  photo  from the Tias!!
 Greetings Marco"

Now I have Mouse back again but this time with her day 8.  She says:-
"Hope the rain doesn't spoil any tatting for you. I know how the damp rainy and cold weather affects me having Rhuematoid Arthritist myself.
Happy Tatting. Can't wait to see what this is :)

Next to arrive is Firanghish with her day 8.  She says:-
"Hi!  Jane,
Here's  my day 8 assignment.  There are some personal problem so was little late.
Sorry, I am clueless .....
Thanks ,

Susan's now back with another rhyme and her day 8.
"Hi Jane,
Glad it's not raining where you are today.
Here, it's still cold and the wind blows away.
It's Tuesday and day 8 is finally done,
But I haven't a clue what your tat will become!
I'm still having fun though, and thanks I must say
For each piece of the puzzle that travels my way!
Looking forward to day 9.

Hugs from Suz"

Next to arrive is Sarah who has this to say:-
"Life is crazy right now, and I almost forgot all about my TIAS!  I recovered thiugh and as you can see, this little alligator is coming along quite nicely.
LOVE your alligator, Sarah.  

Now I have Fran's day 8 and she seems to be suffering the same weather in her part of the country as we are.
"Hi Jane
Here is my Day 8. I can't get my head round the asymmetry - I have no idea what we are making! But it is lovely to see the other gals' thread colours especially in the UK, land of unremitting rain.
Hugs Fran UK"

Back in my inbox is Beelizabeth who says:-
Here are days 7 and 8.  As promised, the first section of the brown recluse has been re-tatted and properly restrained.  I'm beginning to think Bernice's anteater decided to try a change of diet and got my first 2 tries at the brown recluse.
Oh, NO, not critters falling out on the TIAS blog?  HEEEEEELP!!!

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