Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wednesday - the day after Tuesday!!!

Tomorrow it will be day 9.  You are now over halfway through - JUST!!!!

First this morning is from Jeff in Canada who says:-
"Hi Jane!
Here is my day 8 progress pic. Still no ideas about what we are making.

Poor Cheryl is SOOO tired she's having a job to remember which day she's done.  Don't worry, Cheryl, when you get to my age you'll have a job remembering your own name!!!!  Here's what she says with her day 8.
"I’ve been gone to my mom’s for 11 days. We shopped till we dropped, trapped mice and played lots of crib. The mice are finally gone Confused smile. And I’m not getting on a scale for a few days. Sad smile. I’ve been doing my TIAS from my cell phone. I can’t remember if we just did day 7. But I’m caught up anyway.  Yours tired out...Cheryl"

Now I have Mary Beth's days 7 & 8.  She says:-
"Dear Jane,
After day 7, I agree with many others in that it looks a little like a windmill.
But after tatting day 8, it's starting to look a little more like a face. The two flowers on top are eyes, and the triangle on the bottom is the beard. Maybe a gnome??? Or maybe, just maybe it's one of the goofballs from Duck Dynasty. Here in America, Duck Dynasty is a reality TV show where the main characters have long, shaggy beards, similar to ZZ Top. (Most Americans over 40 will remember the popular band from the 1970's and 80's. They had very long beards). So those are my guesses: A gnome, a Duck Dynasty character or a member of the band ZZ Top.
Mary Beth in Fort Worth TX."

Good afternoon and it's raining AGAIN!!!

First in this afternoon is Gea who is trying to catch up with her TIAS.  Don't panic, Gea - it will be here for another year or more!!!
"Hello Jane,
I went away for a training so it took me a while to finish my days!
But here  they are..
Just need to make later this day a picture of day eight!
It still makes me wonder...what will it going to be.

Next to arrive is umintsuru who says:-
"Dear Jane,
Here is Day 8. Will be out of action for a few days but I will catch up soon enough.

The next to arrive is Szilvia.  She seems to be having a few problems. Not tatting ones, though!!!
"Dear Jane,
After the 8. day I have no idea. Maybe a space rockets?
They were adventurous days. 6. day the dog jumped up and everything was hairy. 7. day I did not find the glasses, working at random. 8. day shoveling snow, and then tatting.
What's next? :D
Best regards, 
Tomorrow, Szilvia it will be day 9 and sunshine and a truly wonderful day.  Well, I hope!!!!!

Now it's time to add Tove's day 8 along with her comment which is as follows:-
"Dear Jane!
Here is my day 8.
From a very snowy southern Sweden.
Tove Karlsson"

Whoopppeeee another new arrival to the TIAS 2014.  Here are Miriam's days right up til day 9 comes out tomorrow!!
"This is my first time sending pictures of one of your TIAS. Hope this works! Sending from my phone. Miriam in Utah US"

Next in is from Anne Marie who says this:-
"Hello Jane,
It must be hard to cheer your sorrowing friend up and, in the same time, to go on with us with funny things and futilities!  So it is.....Life must go on....
Here is my Day 8.It does'nt see very well from its back-drop, but it is a pull-over which I must complete incessantly.  It'ld be more  useful by this present cold weather that some lace, even if pretty and funny.....I always have same idea of dancer in a beautiful gown?
Good evening Jane,and much courage to your friend.

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