Wednesday, 6 January 2016

We're OFF

Day 1 of the Tat It And See 2016 is now available on this link.

Any comments or photos you want to send in then please send them to this email address - love to tat (take out the spaces)!!!

All links will be available at the top left of this page and on my regular blog (Tatting and not a lot else) which is here.

Later today I will be adding the French links to the sidebar of this blog so keep watching!!!

First one in on Day 1 is Kristen - welcome back, lass! Here is her comment and her picture.
"Hey Jane! 
Thanks for another exciting TIAS puzzle!! 
Here is my day 1: 
Since I'm Down Under for this one, my brain goes to Australia things, so I'm going to guess we're making a duck-billed platypus. Because why not?! 
I'll do my best to keep up with the TIAS but I'm going on vacation starting Friday so may get a little behind. Happily I am able to at least start it on time. 
Hope all is well with you and yours. 

Second person in is Jaycee who says.
"Dear Jane, 
Chose this colour as red is auspicious to the Chinese and CNY is just round the corner. Thanks for another wonderful Tias of the year! Love you!!! 

Next in is Jane who has sent in her picture and comment.
"Hi Jane, I’m maintaining my tradition of using my silver shuttle for the TIAS. I don’t use it a lot because it’s a bit heavy, but it needs an airing now and then. xxx"
Good to see the shuttle again, Jane!

Now we have Sophie who is next in with her day 1.
"Hi Jane,
I'm happy to do your TIAS this year and here is my first part.  
Have a wonderfull year !

Uh, oh, she's back. Who? Well that Pigmini - that's who. Here's her comment and picture.
"Morning Miss. Well, you've listened to me this year.... TIAS day one and its definitely an Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand!! See??? 

Another trouble maker is back too - Maureen with her insistence each year that we're tatting a rabbit!!  I mean - who would want a tatted rabbit?
"And NOW it's Happy New Year! - it never starts properly until Day 1. So here are the first three rings, watched over by the Sentinel Rabbit who is hopeful as always!"

Now I have two pictures from Laurence and a comment too.
"Bonjour Jane.
J'ai découvert la frivolité il y a moins d'un an (je ne savais même pas que ça existait!!) et j'adore!!!
Je fais donc cette année le TIAS.
Voici mes photos.
Je l'ai fait en travaillant endroit sur endroit (en utilisant la ligne rouge).
Pour le moment je ne vois pas trop ce que cela pourrait être!!!
A bientôt pour la suite

Hello Jane.
I discovered the frivolity there is less than year (I did not even know that that existed!!) and I love!!!
I make this year the TIAS.
Here are my photos.
I made it by working place on place (by using the red line).
For the moment I don't see too much that it could be!!!
See you soon for the continuation.

Next to appear in my inbox is Firanghish who says.

"Thanks Jane for starting fun game.
Happy tatting everyone.
Sending an photo of today's puzzle pice.

Welcome aboard, Carol on your first TIAS.  Wish I was in Australia at the moment - darn cold 'up here'.

"Hi Jane,
 I'm a newbie and this is my first Tias. I have no idea yet as to what this could be.
Carol from Australia."

Next to arrive is Adeline who says.
"Hi Jane !
Thanks for your TIAS :-) 
This is my day 1 :-)"
Welcome to the TIAS 2016.  Long may you tat!

Carolyn has just sent in her day 1 with this comment.
"I sure hope I can stick with this, I didn't use plain colors so it will be interesting, had to do something other than my brown Monster Doily :)"
This is Carollyn from Carollyn's tatting blog

Just had time to make a cup of tea and now I have two more pictures and comments - yippeeee.  First is from Lyn.
"Hi Jane,
Happy New Year!
Thank you for another TIAS ! Will wait for a few more days of tatting before I start guessing.
Lyn ( Busselton WA)"

Now I have Helene who has played this game before!!!
"Hello Jane,
My favourite time of the year is back! Thank you.
Here is my day 1, I chose this colour thread because I am hoping we are tatting a tiger. Is it a tiger?
Hélène from Laval, Québec."

Another newcomer to the TIAS is next to arrive in my inbox.  Welcome to the world of the TIAS, Melanie.  She says.
"Dear Jane,
I was going to put off my participation in the TIAS until I saw that pictures were posted in real time (I had thought that would be cheating) and that you even provided a drawing and that only a tiny bit was put up today. So my question is whether it will be such a small about each day or today is exceptional.
I don't typically use size 20 but was excited to find a gorgeous green in that size that I purchased a year or two ago for a project I decided not to do after all. It's lovely to tat with (smooth) and will finally get some use! Yay! I just don't know where to find a place where I can buy individual beads. I'll see if anything I have on hand fits the size requirements.
Happy to play along,
To answer your question - each section is only a small number of elements but towards the end when people have guessed what they're tatting it does become a little longer.  For further information please take a look at the introduction which can be found via links on either this blog or the regular one.

Another of my friends is back again this year.  Hi, Judy.  Welcome back.
I am back! No clue.. Judy..Phoenix, Arizona"

Next in (and thanks to Shirley) is Mary Anna's day 1.  There isn't a comment but I'd like to thank Shirley for her help.  Well done, Mary Anna in Ohio too.

Annemarie has now popped in with her day 1.  She says.

"Dear Jane,
What a pleasure to revive TIAS and contact you. Finish my dictionary's holidays.  We have to start working English again....and tatting !.
First  stage in double copy. Is it a leg of ????  Thread Altin basak 50 ( between 20 and 30 of Lizbeth Collection)
Anne-Marie (France)"
Good to see you back, Annemarie.  Let the fun begin!!!

Next to arrive is Melanie who says this.
"Hi Jane-
Here's my day 1. I hope to be back in my study by the time we need beads.
Thank you for the game,

Next in is from a much warmer climate than I'm in at the moment!!!  Here is day 1 from Alva Alicia
"Good morning Jane and happy new year.
Here is my day 1 for this year.
Thanks for sharing and spreading this beautiful art all over the world, hoping that more and more people gets interested in learning about it.
Best wishes for all tatters
Alva Alicia Burrola 
Tijuana Baja California 

The next arrival in my inbox is Mary who has this to say.

I woke up early (for me) this morning and saw that there were already a bunch of day one postings and I immediately felt like I was behind. Us folks here on the US west coast have no chance at being early!
Anyway, here's day one.

Maglina has just sent in her day 1 which I'm going to translate to English using Google translate.  Hope it works out properly.
"Bonsoir Jane.
Je suis ravi de faire ce 1 er TIAS avec vous toutes. 
Je n'ai pas encore d'idée sur l'objet frivolé ;) 

Jane Good evening.
I am delighted to be with you this first TIAS all.
I have no idea about the frivolous object)"

Orane has now sent her TIAS day 1 in and here it is.
"Bonsoir Jane voici ma 1er partie. Je trouve ça drôle à faire j'ai hâté d'avancer.
Pour le moment dur dur de deviner. Une antenne d'insecte peu être.

Goodnight Jane is my first game. I find it funny to do I hastened forward.
For hard hard time guessing. A little insect antenna be 😜"

Katie's back!!!  As usual she's working multiple TIAS's.  What a lot of work, Katie!
"Hi, Jane!
So good to be back in the TIAS game, 2016 style.  Thanks immensely for devising the game for us.  Who knows what we're in for this time?!!  Whatever it is, I'll have five when the game is played out.  My grandson has claimed the blue one--whatever it turns out to be.  He understands the "whatever" part!  Besides, why am I making 5?  Five grands, five items, but the blue is his.  His logic preceded mine.  These kids are always ahead of me. 
Katie V in NC"
LOVE those shuttles.

Elsa has just arrived with what I think is an amazing suggestion for the TIAS!!!!  Where did she get this idea from?!?!?!!?  So funny.
"Hello Jane,
This is my first photo. I think it's left leg of Mary Poppins. I hope it's not too difficult to tat her umbrella.
Thank you very much for your TIAS :-)"


Maureen said...

Katie has RABBIT shuttles!! - and aren't they gorgeous, perhaps it's a clue?

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you Jane!!! I love when these show up!!!

I thought of you last week but forgot to go check your TIAS blog and then I saw the message on NSAN and off I went to print off the pages and hopefully get mine started soon. I've got to find the beads which will be the hardest for me - LOL!

Looking forward to another awesome session.

Nancy Dionne said...

Hi Jane,
I look forward to a fun TIAS! I cannot seem to find the Day 1 pattern in English but I managed to make it from the French directions. This might be a fun way for me to work on my French and do the 2016 TIAS at the same time.
About four months ago I found your past TIAS'. I printed one of them off and worked my way through it for tatting practice. The end result was a very cute baby carriage. :-) Thank you for leaving the past ones on your blog!
Idaho, USA

Jane Eborall said...

Glad you enjoyed the baby carriage, Nancy. I will make sure the English pattern links are on the site tomorrow for Day 2.

Unknown said...

I have tried to send an email with my photo of day 3 of 2016 tat along
I must be using the wrong email address.
Doris Kennedy.

Jane Eborall said...

Try Looking forward to hearing from you in my inbox.