Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wednesday's offerings

I MAY get the next day out tomorrow but can't decide until the end of the day - have to check with my two wonderful translators (Riet and Julie) to see if they're ready.

First in this morning is Sharon who says.
"It would be too easy if this were "Nessie" but it would be cute. 😉 
I'm curious, Jane, about how many countries are represented in this latest tatting adventure. 
Must shuttle on, 
Don't worry, Sharon, I usually call for this information on the last day of the TIAS.

Elsa is back now with her day 3 and she's changing her mind again!!
"Hello Jane ! 
Oh .... That's not the sombrero of Pepito , and not Mary Poppins either ... That's not the right shape... And these four little picots advertise joins... 
It's really difficult to have an idea, even a joke ! 
See you soon :-) 

A really pretty picture next from Christine.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 3. I am beginning to agree with other commenters that it looks like an inchworm. 
No clue what it will turn into! 
-Christine in Alabama"

Grace has arrived next with her days 1, 2 and 3. 
"Hi jane!! 
Happy new year!!! Im glad to participate in other funny tat it and see! It's so nice to begin the year like this! 
Love and peace from Argentina 

Rhyming Sarah is next with her day 3. I'm hurrying now as my stomach tells me it's breakfast time!!!
"Do I love this TIAS? 
but I don't yet have a guess."

Shannon is next in my inbox with her day 3 and this comment.
"also am participating in TIAS. Thank you for putting it out. I look forward to doing it all year. Literally. 
My guesses are either a shoe, a rubber duck...or a pair of glasses."

Finally before I get my breakfast is Doris. I'll try and get more loaded after I've eaten and before I go out to teach!!
I can't guess as to what the end item will be but I''m enjoying the process.  I find that the biggest problem I have is the tension on the second half of my split rings being the same as the first half.  I know that I'm a tight tatter and in order to not have the stitches flip in the second half I can't seem to keep the tension the same. 
Doris Kennedy"
Well, Doris, the split rings look perfect to me so carry on what you're doing.

A few more before I have to go out!!
This time I have Sonya who says.
"Good evening, Jane, 
Attached is my Day 3. I really have no idea what this is. 
I appreciate all you do with TIAS. I enjoy reading all the comments people send. This year I am getting to brush up on my French! I am learning that I can read it a lot better than I thought I could. 
Thank you, 

Carollyn has had to start again. She's done what so many of us do regularly.
"I started another, and as I did, I think I made a mistake on the green one any way. so this is much better. I must to cross the finish line with this one :) for real this time :) I still cant find the scissors! 
Well I think it is a plumbers wrench I will find a picture of that next time :) I am sure of it :)"

Right - back from a very busy morning's teaching and having lunch before going to the dentist. Another 'unscheduled' appointment!
The next person to arrive is Janet.
"Hey Jane,
Here is Day 3! I am getting pretty good at split rings. I only had to take 3 or 4 knots for flipping on the second half. I think could still be an inch worm

Starlene is a friend from other TIAS's and she has just joined us in the 2016 version!
"A snake?"
Maybe, Starlene, maybe!!!! 

Bev has a suggestion for the TIAS and I'm wondering if she's right? You can never have too many patterns for this critter, can you?
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 3. It looks like it could become a cat because I see a tail that doesn't connect to anything on the left. But then again you have several cats in your menagerie of patterns so it probably isn't a cat. 

Caroline is next with her day 3 and the following comment and picture.
"Bonjour Jane, 
Tout d’abord merci pour le plaisir que vous nous procurez grâce à votre travail. Voici mon jour 3 qui me fait penser à la queue d’un dragon, un dragon blanc en ce qui me concerne, ou peut être une chenille ? 
Bonne journée et gros bisous 

Hello Jane,
First of all thank you for the pleasure you provide us with your work. Here are my 3 day which reminds me of the tail of a dragon, a white dragon in my case, or can be a caterpillar?
Good day and big kisses

A dragon - now there's a good idea.  I wonder!!!!

Another very funny picture from Martha. What an imagination she's got!!!
"Alice soon came to the conclusion that the TIAS was a very difficult game indeed."

Nicole has now sent in her day 3 with this comment and picture.
"Dear Jane, 
This is my Day 3. My split ring technique still isn't flawless, at least I get a lot of practice with this pattern! And I need to go looking for beads, every day I am glad they aren't needed yet, but I am sure we'll need them in the near future! 
Best wishes, 

Sophie is now back with her day 3 and the following.
"Hi Jane,
Here's my third part but I still dont know what it is.
Have a good day

Next in is Australia's favourite rabbit admirer. Maureen!!! Every year Maureen decides that the TIAS is a rabbit. 
"Thought I'd better hop to it! - since I am late with Day 3. The supervising rabbit claimed it as a tippet - or is that a lappit - although as they tended to be made from rabbit fur, perhaps he won't be so enthusiastic about Day 4!"

Another new arrival and regular TIAS addict is Fiona who has just dropped into my inbox. Welcome. Here are her days 1, 2 and 3.
"Hi Jane 
Have actually had summer holidays this year, and so just starting TIAS now a little late. Here are my days 1 to 3. I wonder if it is a caterpillar. .. or perhaps a face profile? You've once again got us wondering. Thanks for all he work you put into this game Jane. 

Another new arrival and another old friend from other TIAS's. Here's Emilia now with her days 1, 2 and 3.
"Hallo Jane, 
The best wishes for 2016. 
Thank you for running another Tias this year. Hereby my contribution for the first days. Because I had a busy start of the year I had to catch up. 
Kind regards 

Back from the dentist and two repairs done!!! 
In this next batch the first person I have is Lyn who was uncomfortably close to bush fires last time she wrote. Here's what she says.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my day 3 ! 
It hasn't got any quieter here at the campsite. But the weather has been a bit cooler and the fires are under control. So much devastation. I feel for the older folk who can't rebuild. On a brighter note our highway is open again 
Thanks again. Lyn Western Australia"
Let's hope all the fires are soon put out and that you get a good dose of rain too.

Next to arrive is Laurence who has sent in her day 3. Here's her comment and picture.
"Hello Jane. 
My day 3. 
See you soon!!!"

Helene is also back once more - this time with her day 3! 
"Hello again, 
Here is my day3. I agree with Bev, it is a cat, a big cat! There is even picots for the "moustaches" . 
See you soon Jane! 
You're not the only one to think of a cat, Helene. I wonder if it is?!?!?!?

Sonja is the next and possibly last in this batch in the inbox. She says.
"Hello Jane Here my day 3. Maybe it will be a camel? with 2 hills on his back? I hope so. Sonja from Holland"
That's a good idea - a camel.  Hmmmmmmm.

Not quite sure who sent this day 3 in but here's the comment and a totally convincing picture.
"I second Nessie. And Nessie jr. The village is unaware of them because they all tatting the TIAs. 
Actually I'm convinced it's Nessie junior!!!  Well only since seeing this brilliant picture.

Now I have Maglina's day 3. She says.
"Bonjour Jane. 
J'ai trouvé !!! C'est un trèfle à 4 feuilles ... 

Hello Jane . 
I found !!! This is not 4-leaf clover ..."
No, Maglina, it isn't. But what is it?!?!?!

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