Tuesday, 19 January 2016

More days coming in!

First of all - tomorrow will be day 6 so keep watching this space!!!

First in this morning is day 5 from Elizabeth.
"Let's play leapfrog............. Elizabeth USA"

I'm a little concerned over Christine's TIAS. It looks as if it's about to get eaten!!!
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 5 of the TIAS. 
My dragon, Rocky -- newly hatched this weekend :) -- isn't sure what to make of this curious bit of tatting. And neither am I! 
Looking forward to the next development of the mystery on Day 6! 
-Christine in Alabama"

Martha is still sticking to the same theme which is probably a good thing as it saves having to think of anything else!  Here's what she says.
""... I hadn't quite finished my tea when I was sent for." 
The chains do a nice job of matching the shading on the hat, I think."

Barbara is the next person in my inbox and here's her comment and picture.
"Hi Jane 
Well, this was tricky (for me)! - I was confused about which shuttle to use when....so my first try looked awful - I ripped it out and did a second try which looks better. 
Now it's starting to look like a vintage automobile!! 😀 
Awaiting day 6 eagerly!! 
Looks good to me, Barbara.  

Now I'd call this picture sexy!!!!! Truly some people have very clever brains and, of course, it COULD well be this in the end.  Well done, Carollyn - made us both chuckle over here!! 
"Well I realize now this is more of an "ink blot test" and with what I have come up with is ......."

Janet has now arrived with her day 5 and the following.
"Hello Jane, 
Loved working on Day 5, such fun. I did this after a nice long Sunday afternoon nap. I love coming home from church and having a bite to eat and snoozing the afternoon away. Such a difference from yesterday. As you might be able to tell I am wrapped up against the cold. Here in Georgia, USA, it is around 17 degrees and the high tomorrow will be in the 20's!! I am staying inside and keeping warm and deciding that we are tatting a Cinderella carriage. Or since it is the Queen's 90th birthday maybe a royal carriage to give the queen a ride. 
Looking forward to more guessing. 
Perhaps everybody needs a nap before doing the TIAS?  Great suggestions, Janet.

Next we have Linda joining us with her days 1 to 5. Welcome aboard, Linda.
"Hi Jane and tatting family , 
I have finally found time to catch up. This is a fun tat. I found I have to keep reading the instructions. I have stitched this twice for far. Good practice. 
Hugs to all."

Carol has been playing catch up too!!!! Here's her day 5 along with her comment. Well done for persevering, Carol.
"Hi Jane, 
I've had some catching up to do... 
Now I realise I have left a couple of ds out before doing the SLT.. 
Lesson learnt, read the pattern, check your work and read the pattern.."

Lelia is next with her day 4 too. She says.
"Dear Jane: 
Rabbit food ... greens? 
Enjoying the game so far. Just printed off Day Five. 
Thank you. 
Always, Lelia 
blogging at Stitches of Life II 
See you soon with your day 5, Lelia.

Catrin's still working away on her spider!!!! I wonder!!!!
"Here's my incy wincy Day 5 ...."

Patricia is the last in this batch - least I think so and will go back and check my emails again in a moment!!!
"On Day Five.... 
From Jane's brain cell #3 and her tatting shuttle 
This tatted creation of hers only wants to cuddle! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Sorry about the delay in posting but I've had a really busy day. Back home now for the rest of the time, though. 

First in is Fiona who has a new suggestion and she says.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my day 5... done after some promoting on facebook from my friend Carol U. For some reason my first look at day 5 had me flummoxed! After seeing a photo of her work it got me to give it a try. I wonder if perhaps we are thinking about this the "wrong way"- so took my picture from a different angle! Although I now think it is a toaster. ..hmmm.. Looking forward to day 6. 

Love the colour of this thread, Irene. Here's Irene's comment too.
"Hi Jane, 
I took a little late, sorry. 
Maybe a frog ? 
Not seen a frog this colour before but there's always a first time!

Micheline is next in my inbox with her day 5. She says.
Voici mon challenge jour 5 
Merci pour les explications"

Here is my 5 day challenge
thank you for the explanations

Shelley is next and this is her comment followed by her picture.
"Reduced the size and resending. Still no guesses.

Ooooh, I see a GR8 shuttle.

Mary Jane has sent in her day 5 too. Here's her picture.

Caroline has just popped into my inbox with her day 5. She says.
"I just cannot seem to learn my lesson. I keep forgetting to read all of the instructions. Had to use one frog to ribbit the other one. HA! Here is day 5 and still think maybe a lobster or crab. I have not taken the time to see if you have done either before. We got more snow last night and today so it was a good day to tat. Now off to try my hand at making summer sausage. 
Summer sausage?  Sounds interesting. 

I'll shortly be heading for bed so I'm glad Laurence managed to get her day 5 to me before I went!!!
"Good evening Jane. 
Here I'm again with the day 5 which I chained to 4!!! 
In tomorrow for the continuation. 

Final offering of the day comes from Bea who says simply.
"The following... 
Thanks Jane :-) 

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