Monday, 11 January 2016

More day 2

Tomorrow will be time for Day 3 of the TIAS. Please watch this blog or the other one for links.

The first in my inbox this morning is from Francoise who says.
"Hi Jane ! 
I'm Françoise, a beginner... and I enjoy to participate at your Tias. 
Here is my work.. It's not perfect but I do my best !!! 
I have no idea now of what it will be. I think may be an animal because you tell us to chose 3 beads ?? 
For the moment just wait and see ! !!!! 
Good evening Jane ..."

Deana is next in with her day two as well. 
"Tatting out of the ice and snow today in London Ontario today......Deana"

Christine is next and she says.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my picture of Day 2's bit of tatting. It has been a busy weekend, and I finally had time to sit down to do it. 
It looks like a pair of eyeglasses for a 6-eyed creature. Next we'll be tatting the creature! 
-Christine in Alabama"

Finally in this session I have Patricia's inchworm!!!!
"I can't wait to see my inchworm transform into something bigger! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Sorry, not quite finally - here is Mary's day 2.
At first I thought leprechaun legs but now I have no idea. 

Sorry for keeping you waiting (the people still in my inbox) but I've had a very busy day. 
Welcome now to Adrian - wondered where you were, Adrian!!!
"Hi Jane! 
Finally got started on this year's TIAS. Here's my Day One, Day Two to follow soon. 
Thank you for doing this again!"

Julie (who is busy translating the TIAS into French) has now found time to do her day 2.
"am ready for tomorrow ! Here is my picture of day 2."

Poor Coretta has had to do some cleaning up of her phone before sending in her day 2. I sympathise.
"Completed this last night but my phone was too full to take a picture. Soo had to do some cleaning :) 
-Coretta from Florida"
That's a very clever picture.  I'm trying to work out how you did it!

Adrian is back again (that was quick!) with his day 2 and a clever guess too.
"Hi Jane! 
And here's Day Two! (And I've caught up before Day Three. Hopefully I'll manage to keep up with the rest this year.) 
Is it a bookworm bookmark?"
Not telling, Adrian - sorry!!!

Caroline is next in my inbox and I think she's done REALLY well considering she hasn't been tatting long. Here's her comment and picture.
"Je suis Caroline du groupe FB les frivolités, voici l'image de mon jour 2, je ne l'ai pas très bien réussi, je me suis emmêlé les pédales avec le retourné pas retourné et comme je viens d'apprendre les anneaux fendus, pour les apprendre j'ai utilisé deux couleurs mais pour le TIAS je n'en utilise qu'une alors je m'embrouille, j'ai défait plusieurs fois et ça n'a fait qu'empirer les choses, j'ai fait la première fois de la frivolité le 8 décembre 2015. Je me demande ce que ça va donner, je n'en ai pas la moindre idée , j'ai fini par réussir à faire ceci. 
Bonne journée 

I am Caroline from the FB group frivolities, here is the image of my two days, I did not do very well, I tangled with the pedals returned not returned and as I just learned the split rings, to learn I used two colors but for the TIAS I only uses a so I am confused, I defeated several times and it has made things worse, I made the first time frivolity 8 December 2015. I wonder what it will give, I have no idea, I finally managed to do this.
Good day

Maglina is next in the inbox with her guess too.
"Bonjour Jane. 
Voila mon jour 2. C'est peut être une étoile de mer ? 

Hello Jane . 
Here is my day 2. It may be a starfish ?"

Finally in this batch from my inbox is Sonja who has returned again this year with her days 1 & 2. 
"Hello Jane 
Today I saw you started a new TIAS. So I toke my shuttles and some white-orange thread and started. 
Too early to say about what it will be. Maybe a dromedary? His backsite? 
Sonja from Holland"
Well, there's an idea, Sonja!!!!  Time will tell!!!

Next to arrive is Catherine who has sent in both her comment and picture.
"Bonjour Jane, 
Voici mon jour 2 avec un autre fil, le reste suivra....... 

Hello Jane,
Here is my 2 day with another wire, the rest will follow .......

Here's a name I'm glad to see again this year - yes, I was wondering where you were, Caroline!!!
"Sooooo Looooooooooong story short here are Days 1 & 2. I am using Elizabeth Thread in pink and green since those are my favorite colors. It took me a while to get the pictures loaded and figure out how to send them since it has been a while since I have done that. I thought inch worm and as I read the comments I soon saw others were saying the same thing so we may end up with a family of inch worms. 
Caroline USA - Omaha, Nebraska 
P.S. Bet you thought I wasn't going to join in this year."

Another new arrival to TIAS 2016. Hi, Bev and welcome back.
"Good morning Jane 
Better late than never! I was waiting for the TIAS to start and just as it did, we visited friends who are out of internet range. So here are my Days 1 and 2. Not a clue as yet. You are as devious as usual. 
All the best for this new year, 


Tiggy said...

I absolutely Love seeing all these wonderful pictures and funny comments and guesses. I wanted to comment to cheer on Caroline from France who is also new, and I agree doing a terrific job!

I really love it that us newbies can take part in this and learn so very much - Thank YoU Jane <3

Jane Eborall said...

Thank you, Tiggy. I thoroughly enjoy doing these games - once I've come up with the original idea! That's the hardest part. I too think Caroline is doing a great job - long may she tat.