Tuesday, 26 January 2016

More results of the TIAS

Good morning, world!! The next day (9) will be available on Thursday. 

First in my inbox this morning is from Celine who says.
"Bonjour Jane 
Je participe à mon tout premier tias. Je suis vraiment très heureuse de participer. 
Je frivole depuis moins d'un an. 
Je participe a la navette en 20 et en 30 et en 20 à l'aiguille. 
Cette nuit, j'ai imaginé que cela pourrait être un pingouin 
Merci pour cet événement qui est déjà très amusant. Céline"

Hello Jane
I attend my first tias. I am very pleased to participate. 
I frivolous for less than a year. 
I participated in the shuttle 20 and 30 and 20 to the needle. 
That night, I imagined that this could be a penguin 
Thank you for this event which is already fun. Céline

Blanche has a very vivid imagination and can draw the strangest things too. What a talent!
"Hey again ! 
It's obvious now : an elephant scratching his back on the floor ! 
It's elephan-TIAS-tic ! 
Good night !! 

Now I have Melanie's comment and picture. She say.
"Hi Jane- 
I snapped this picture using my phone. I plan to scan a better pic when I get my aging printer/scanner back to normal. No guess yet on what we're tatting, but what IS a chimney rattle? 
Enjoying the game, 
 The chimney rattle was an arial hitting the chimney in high winds and keeping us awake!!!  Finally got it sorted.

Jenni is next in the inbox and she has this to say.
"Hi Jane. 
Day 8 
Once again playing catch up. 
Thinking sitting 3D frog.....and hoping because frogs are my Mum's favourite!"

Next on the list in my inbox is Coretta and children. This is what they have to say.
"My children submit these guesses: scorpion, monkey, skeleton dancing, one of those gods with all the arms. 
- Coretta."

Bernice is next in the inbox and she has this to say.
"Morning Jane, 
We have blue sunny skies today.My guess is a smiling Buddha. Well I hope he is smiling. 
Day 8 attached. 
Bernice B 
Calgary. Canada" 

Finally before I go and get dressed and have breakfast I'm adding Grace's day 8. She say.
"Dear Jane 
At this time i have no clue what it is...but i enjoy a lot tatting to see what it will come. 
Thank you for the fun!! 
Here is very very Hot. About 37 degree centígrades is our summer time. 
Kisses from Argentina 
Well, Grace, here it is dull and dreary and we're awaiting MORE rain!!!

Carollyn arrived in my inbox overnight too and she says.
"Running behind and my bead little too big, may change that. I finished my monster so that puppy is out of the way and can stick with this :)"
Congratulations on finishing the monster doily - you'll miss it like I did, probably!!!

Next to arrive is Nancy. Here's her comment and picture.
"Hi Jane 
I am sorry to be so slow with this monkey (I think). I am having an unbirthday party on Saturday and am finding that more time is needed for party preparations than tatting. 

Christine is next with her 'frog' and she says.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 8 of the TIAS. I found a nice pond-like background for my "frog." 
I spent awhile choosing the beads. I hope I found ones that are the right size! 
-Christine in Alabama"
Looks perfect to me, Christine.

The next arrival is from Sonya who says.
"Good morning, Jane, 
Here is my Day 8. I am sticking with a frog. 
Thank you for all the work you do on TIAS. I imagine it is quite time consuming. 
Have a blessed day, 

Now for a sleepy tatter - Caroline. She says.
"I know you are sleeping and I am getting ready to go to bed but wanted to get this sent as tomorrow is a busy day for me. Really have no idea as the monkey seems to have disappeared. 
Wonder where the monkey went?!?!!?

I think this is the last of the overnighters but I'll check after I've uploaded Lyn's. Here's what she says.
"Hi again Jane, 
Here is my day 7 & 8 ! At one stage there after day 6 I thought it was a scorpion but not now ! LOL ! 
We are having beautiful warm weather at the moment, 
Send some of that weather our way, please!!!

No, I was wrong. Elirosa is in my inbox and now she's here too. 
Le invio i due giorni del TIAS e spero di non essere in difetto. Non ho potuto inviarle la foto del 7 giorno perché sono stata, due giorni molto faticosi, nella sua splendida Londra. 
Ancora troppo stanca per pensare cosa possa essere, la saluto cordialmente e le auguro una buona settimana"

I send you two days of TIAS and hope not to be at fault. I could not send the photo of the seven days because I was, two days very tiring, in its beautiful London. 
Still too tired to think about what may be, I cordially greet and wish you a good week 
Thank you, Elirosa and I'm VERY happy to see both 7 and 9 together.

Fiona has just arrived with her days 7 and 8. Here they are.
"Hi Jane, here are my day 7 and 8. We were interstate for the long weekend here, and managed to miss 2 tias days! Day 8 doesn't have a bead. .. the ones I picked are to big! Will search for my bead stash before day 9 :) I wonder if the bead we added today is the nose of something? Hmm... stumped!   

Back home and a few more in my inbox. First is from Micheline.
"Bonjour Jane, 
Voici mon jour 8 
Bonne journée"

Hello Jane, 
Here is my day 8 
Good day 

Next to arrive is Emilia with days 7 and 8.  She says.
"Good morning Jane, 
You made us another nice puzzle. I don't think of a frog anymore. Although there are a lot of suggestions, I have no clue what else it can be. 
Kind regards 

Barbara is the first in my inbox after lunch and a walk. She says.
"Hi Jane 
Eeeeesh! I really struggled with that one- I haven't done much with beads before and couldn't get a size 10 bead onto my thread - maybe my thread is too thick (or my fingers and brain are too thick!) - I wound up figuring out how to get a larger bead on but not sure I can even duplicate that!! 
I really admire work posted by others - so even - so straight! Anyways, here is my guy - I'm learning a lot. Thank you!!"
Perhaps you could try a fine sewing needle, put some sewing thread on then take the needle through the bead, through the picot then back through the bead. The bead can then be slid onto the picot. I also use a fine 0.4mm crochet hook which goes through most sizes of beads down to size 11. Just a thought.
AHA, an addendum from Barbara!!!!
"Ha! I was so excited to have gotten that bead on, I forgot to do the last chain on the pattern when I sent you my photo 15 minutes ago! 
My husband sees it as a Stage Coach - with the horses in front yet to come!!"

Sharon has now arrived with her day 8. She says.
"Hi, Jane 
Watched the new X Files last night so this one-eyed "turtle" is bothering me. Can't wait for the next instalment."

I've just received Joanie's day 2 - here it is!!!  No guesses, though!!!

Leslie is next to arrive with her day 8. She says.
"Hello Jane,
Added my first bead ever and I'm oh so eager to see what comes next.
On the edge of my seat,

Anne-Marie has now arrived in my inbox with her day 8 and the following comment too.
"Here is my day 8. My friends make me laughing with their frog.....for me transformed into ........horse coach for a long time ! 
I quietly wait for days 9 and days 10,and and and..... all this in amusing me reading comments coming around the world ! 
It's extraordinary....just like you... 
Anne-Marie (France)"

The next to arrive is Denise who says.
"Here are my Days 7& 8. I don't know what it is . I will just wait and see. Whatever it is gave me some experience with blocking and I hope my picot isn't too long for that bead. Now to go do that Tat A Long of the doiley . I finally finished row one. I don't know why I was having so much trouble with the joins . It's not like I never did anything with picots and joins before. 
Enjoy you week Jane !"

Doris has now arrived with her day 8. She says.
"I'm guessing a rattle snake. 
Sorry I haven't kept up day by day. 
Doris "

Next to pop in is Christine. She's sent in her day 8.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 8 of the TIAS. I found a nice pond-like background for my "frog." 
I spent awhile choosing the beads. I hope I found ones that are the right size! 
-Christine in Alabama"
The bead looks fine, Christine.

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