Saturday, 16 January 2016

Day 4 continued

Don't forget - tomorrow will be day 5.

First in this morning is Catrin who says.
"Interesting to see there is a slight difference in my tension from one side to the other. My poor moggy cat will have slightly lopsided ears.... or will it ? 
Shuttles ready to go for Sunday. 

Next to arrive is Christine who is being VERY kind to her inchworm!!!!
"Hi Jane 
Attached is a picture of my TIAS, Day 4. 
My husband says it is an inchworm, and that we are done! 
I know those 3 little picots must attach to something... but so far, I haven't a clue. 
I thought the inchworm would like to visit some pretty flowers. :) 
(The photo is Spiderwort by Willard Clay.) 
-Christine in Alabama"
Tell your husband he's wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!

Finally before breakfast is Mary. She's sent in this comment and picture.
Here is Day 4. Now looking like clown feet. 
shuttles are wound and ready for Sunday!"

Now back again and the next one is from Melanie who says.
"Hi Jane- 
I know you've already fallen fast asleep. This is the first chance I've had to tat up the day 4 section and snap a picture. What will this be???? 
I asked the tatting students I worked with today. One person saw an ocean wave. Another thought something English. 
I can't wait for day 5. 
Melanie (picotsnkeys)"

Rose Anne is now back with her day 4 and the following comment and picture.
"Here is Day 4 of the 2016 TIAS mystery with a cut and tie off at the end. Still no idea what this could be. The next part has double the thread wound on the shuttles - can't wait to see what direction this goes next. 
Rose Anne "
Hmmmm - direction is all important, isn't it?!?!?!

Gita has now sent in her day 3 and 4 combined. Good to see your progress, Gita.
"Well Jane, after being too afraid to face it for a couple of days I suddenly took the LeaP and did Both 3&4 - Now that I have more confidence, this side is much tighter and neater overall but I am not sure what sort of knot to tie - just a half or a square knot or something else? TiGGy here is convinced that whatever this is - she's gonna wear it, after attempting to stretch it a bit to even out my copious improvement :) 
Thanks So Much for helping me learn so Very Much! Wow I did 3&4 in One Hour!!! (1&2 took me 6 hours each - no kidding!) 
Many Thanks, Gita"
I would tie a square knot, Gita and if you feel like it - sew in the two ends.  If not then put a small dab of glue on to stop it undoing itself.  Treat the TIAS as a learning tool - never expect to get a so called 'perfect' piece when you're learning new skills and don't even know what you're making!!!!!  This game is for fun and to learn.

Finally (next job is the ironing!) I have Grace who says.
to Jane 
Good Morning,Jane! 
Hope this time you can received it. Is very funny try to discover what is the new tias. 
Arrived safe and sound, Grace. Thanks.  Another cat guess.  I wonder if it really IS going to be a cat?  I'm almost convinced myself!!!!

Adrian has just arrived with his day 4. He says.
"Hi Jane
Here's my Day Four.
It looks like we're going to add the second piece to the picots on the top of this, but I have no clue what it could be!
BC3 is very sneaky. :)"
I think you're right about BC3, Adrian - long may he remain sneaky too!!!!

Sylvie is in next with her day 4. She's trying hard to work it all out!!!
"Hi Jane! 
Well, day 4, and still clueless. Let's see... 3 picots to join the next part on the horizontal bar and none one the lateral parts. The piece looks like a some comfy sort of craddle, like an egg cup or something. Unless of course it has to be used the other way round, in which case something is dangling from it, and then I go back to clueless! Thanks for this thrilling game :) My needle, thread, and I are quite ready for day 5! 
Sylvie xxxx"

Micheline has arrived now with her day 4 and the following. 
Voici un apercu de mon challenge jour 4 
Bonne soirée"

Here is an overview of my 4 day challenge
Good night

Carol is the next person in my inbox. She's changed her mind now!!!
"Now I think it's a jump rope. Perhaps for rabbits. ( My last guess was Nessie & jr. By the time I had found fabrics , ironed them, & took a photo that was in focus, I forgot to sign my name. ) 
Carol in Boulder"

Next in my inbox is Denise who has this to say.
"The head of a animal."
Well I guess it could be, Denise but what are those small picots for on the middle SR's?

Leslie is next with a new thought on the TIAS. Nobody else has thought of this idea!
"Day four has me thinking: Golden Gate Bridge. 
I'm working in green and not orange, so my tatting may be "inappropriately attired". 
But it wants to turn up a bit more, at the outer ends than in this pic, and we're not done yet!" 

Now here's a new suggestion from Brenda. One I've not seen before!!!
"Hi Jane, 
You have me hooked on doing your TIAS again this year. Thank you. 
Are we making a goldfish? 
Brenda ( Ontario)"

Maria has now sent in her day 4. A brilliant guess too but I'm not telling if she's right or not!!!
"I finally got caught up with days 3&4 and I have to say the Purple People eater is coming along nicely! :) and you even have the vsp's on top to connect his horn!"

Next to arrive is Katie with all five of her day 4's!!!
"Hi, Jane, 
Here's Day 4 times 5. Even pressed the little buggers a bit. 
Shuttles loaded and ready for Day 5 tomorrow! 
Such a fun gig, sweet Jane, such a fun gig, this TIAS. 
tatty hugs, 
Katie V in NC"

Geraldine is next to arrive with her days 3 and 4 combined. She says.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my day's 3 & 4 . I feel like we are going like a silvery snake backwards and forwards and back again. It also look's like hump's of a camel. But only the end will tell ???
Happy tatting
That's true, Geraldine - only the end will tell!!!

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