Monday, 18 January 2016

More day 5 and others!

Good morning - another grey day here in England.

First in today is from RoseAnne who says.
"Here's Day 5 of the 2016 TIAS mystery today. This I started off the opposite way so had to "rippit" back to Day 4's tatting. Now I'm guessing this might become a lobster or the back end of a frog?

Claire is next in with her day 5 and the following picture and comment.
"Hello Jane, 
Hope you had a good night sleep. 
Here is my picture of day 5 (and the link to the corresponding blog page). 
I think that Adeline, from the French Facebook tatting group is right when she suggested a frog. So I chose a different color of thread for the second part of this TIAS. ;) 
Cheers from BC, Canada. 

Next in is Sarah with today's rhyme!
"Hi Jane, 

It might yet be Maureen's bunny 
but I shan't bet my money. "

Caroline has sent in her day 4 with this comment.  Love the drawing.
"Suppose you are asleep by now. You would think as much as I tat I would pay attention to the instructions. Spent time retro tatting last evening and today. 
From looking at some of the day 5 photos it can be a frog or how about a crab or a lobster. It will be fun when we find out which one it is. 
Don't we all hate days like that?!?!?

Nancy has now sent in her day 5 with the following comment and picture.
"Day 5 finally completed and no guesses as to what it will be. I side with those who say frog. 

Sonya is back now with her day 5 - in two colours too!
"Hello Jane, 
Here is my day five TIAS. I was almost finished with today's segment when I realized I had miss read the instructions. So the picking out started which is not at all fun when there are lock joins! 
I am thinking it is a frog, or maybe Little Miss Mufett's tuffet. If the spider comes I may run away though! 

Next in is Bernice. She's sent in her day 5 too.
"It does appear to be something squatting or perhaps the roots of a tree. Thanks for the break from split rings. 
Bernice B 
Roots of a tree? Interesting as it could easily be that!

Even on vacation Sharon is continuing with her TIAS. I'm SOOOOO jealous, Sharon.  Here's her day 5.
"Hi Jane, 
I did the scissors last year and struggled a bit. Over the past year, I have improved and I am finding this years TIAS s much fun. I have no idea what it is. 
Sharon from Va, but on vacation in Hawaii"

Back again but this time with her day 5 is Alva Alicia who says.
"Good night Jane. 
My 6 year old grandson is out of imagination now. We have no idea what it may be. He enjoyed all of the drawings bug disagrees everyone. 
Ok. Let's see, maybe after day 6 our imagination turns on again. 
Alva Alicia Burrola 
Tijuana Baja California México"
So sweet of your little grandson to take part with the guesses. I could do with him helping me to guess too right now!!!!

Next to arrive today is Katie. If you remember - she's making five of the TIAS!!! That's a lot of tatting!
"Hi, Jane, 
Who am I? Who am I? 
It's TIAS times 5! 
Katie V in NC"
LOVE the picture, Katie.  Very - ummmmmmm - artistic!!!

Another frog has arrived in the inbox!!! This time from Sonja who has sent in her day 4 and says.
"Hello Jane. When I saw day 4 I think it must be a frog. I have to do day 5 now.  Greetings from Sonja from Holland"

Back a bit later and now I can show you Sonja's day 5. That was fast, Sonja.
"Hello Jane Here my day 5. This looks more and more a frog. We will see. I love to do this. I like surprises.  Greeting from Sonja from Holland"

Next to arrive with days 4 and 5 is Wanda. She has a clever idea as to what this may be.  A skeleton - then she changed her mind.  This is what she has to say.
"Hello, Jane. 
Interesting, very interesting. This makes me think of ribs in a skeleton but I don't see where you've left places to attach the skull and it had no fingers - and any skeleton of yours would have fingers. And don't you have one already? Then I thought of a turtle but can't see how that would work out, either. So I'll just have to wait for another clue - or someone else to guess it first. 
Wanda in Kansas, USA"

Wendy has now sent in her day 5 with the following comment and picture. She says.
"Cat or dog with a hat."

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Tiggy said...

Oh My am giggling over Caroline's term "Retro Tatting" - Now I am a Very Accomplished "Retro Tatter" loVe It! :)

All these examples are Awesome! Loving this So Much <3