Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday and news of day 8

First of all - tomorrow will be day 8 so keep watching out for the links!!!!

First in my inbox this morning is from Donna who says this.
Having FUN! 
It is an inch worm under a flower pot. LOL 
Thanks for the mystery and fun! 
Donna T."
Interesting that we're back to the inchworm theory!!!

Next to arrive in my inbox is Christine who says.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 7. It is a curious creature! 
I am sending this to you while riding in the car, as we are headed out to do some shopping and have dinner. Technology can be so useful sometimes. :) 
-Christine in Alabama 
(Cold today, but no snow.)"
Agreed - it is curious but only if it's a creature!!!!

Coretta is now in with her day 6 and she says.
"No, of course it's not a race, but I wanted to stay caught up this year. :) Just to make sure I was taking some time for myself on occasion. Today I also had a friend over that has moved away. 
Here is Day six. "
I was talking to Coretta and saying she could send in her TIAS at any time over the next year and that it wasn't a race!!!!  

Finally before I toddle off to have breakfast I'm uploading Bernice's day 7. After my bowl of porridge I'll be back with more.
"No, of course it's not a race, but I wanted to stay caught up this year. :) Just to make sure I was taking some time for myself on occasion. Today I also had a friend over that has moved away. 
Here is Day seven. "

After breakfast and back in TIAS land! Next in is from Melanie who sent in her day 7.
"Hi Jane- It's tea time here. All roses are pruned. Now the rain can Come again. Whew!! I'm not convinced we're tatting a frog, but..... my tatting was jumping around after day 7. At least that's my story why the bottom of the picture isn't strictly in focus and I'm sticking to it. Thanks for the fun, Melanie "

Barbara has sent in her day 7 which looks spot on. That's that little challenge over, Barbara!!!
"Hi Jane 
Thanks for your help - I think I've got it!! 

Patricia apologises for letting the men in her life guess day 7. Look what they came up with - a lobster!!!
"Sorry Jane--I let the men in my family guess today! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb"
Later on this morning and I had this message from Patricia.  Something I really didn't know about but am so glad we don't have them here!
"I hate to point this out....maybe you don't have them in England, that dreadful creature is a poisonous scorpion (I hate them!) not a delicious lobster!"

Anne has now arrived with her day 7 which she calls her 'distraction'!!!! Any help I can give with allowing you some down time is my pleasure, Anne!!!!
"I am enjoying this again this year! I am in school so I do not have much time...but this is a great distraction 😊 
No ideas yet....Anne"

Beverley is next in my inbox with this comment and lovely purple picture.
"Hallo Jane 
My Day 7, a bit late. I still have no clue what it is but I do think if it was a frog you would have given him toes!!! 

Nearly at the top of my inbox and next is Sonya who says.
"Good morning, Jane, 
Attached is my Day 7 offering. I am going to stick with a frog. 
We are home safe and sound now so my lap top was very cooperative! I have not gotten my new phone completely set up. It takes a while to settle in, but at least I will not be fighting with the old one! 
Thank you for all your work on TIAS. Your generosity is appreciatedn 
Thank you, 

Firanghish is next with her day 7. She says.
"Hi ! Jane, 
I am sending you my day 7 puzzle today, as I had friends at home. Day 7 and I am not able to say anything. Thank you for a wonderful game. 
Happy tatting everyone. 

Finally I've caught up with the TIAS. Wonder how long that will last? This is the last one for now and it's from Elsa.
"Hello Jane, 
I don't change my mind, I think it's a baby. If it's not, there is an other solution: why not a monkey ? It's depend what is in his hand... 
Thank you :-) 
Have a nice day :-)"

Irene has just arrived with her day 7 and this comment.
"Hi Jane, 
Here my day 7 but nobody knows what it is :-( next day maybe :-) 

Shelly has just sent in her day 7.  Here it is.

Back from a walk and now working on the inbox again. First in this time is Catherine who says.
"Hello Jane, 
With some delay, here is finally the 2 versions of j. 5-6-7. Maybe a frog or a crab ???? 
Stay tuned for more .... 

Next to arrive is Sarah with a longer rhyme today. Here it is.
"Good morning Jane, this is a bit late because I was distracted by the snow fall yesterday. We did not get as much as they predicted or nearly as much as New York City, but enough to keep us busy moving it out of our way. 

I know others think it is a frog 
but that is not my guess 
I will have to wait a while 
to see how we progress"

Next to arrive is Alba Alicia who has sent in her day 7. She says.
"Thanks Jane. 
I think I got it. 
This is my day 7"
Looks perfect to me.  Upwards and onwards to day 8 tomorrow!

Now I have day 7 sent in by Sylvie who says.
"Hi Jane! 
A very dark picture today because the sun is on strike here. What's the point in living in the south of France really? 
OK. The more our work looks like a frog, the more I am convinced that it is NOT a frog, because, well, it would be too easy. 
You must be having a lot of fun reading our misled comments! 
For today my guess is that it is a screenvorous monster. It's happy to have a brand new arm helping it to climb my keyboard on its way to my screen. 
Unless of course it's just telling me it's nearly 5 o'clock. Time for tea ^_^"
I see a lot of point in living in the south of France and envy you.  Dark here today but that's nearly always the way it is in England at this time of the year.  Days and days of it.  Yes I am having fun and always think I get the best end of the deal!!!!

Dani is next to arrive with her day 7. She's another frog person!!!
"hi Jane! 
it still looks pretty froggy to me... 
dani, the geek 

Next to arrive is Micheline who sent in this comment and picture.
"Hello Jane, 
Here is the photo of my 7 day 
Good night 
Micheline "

SueH has now sent in her day 7 and a predictive drawing too!!! Good guess, SueH - I think!!!
"Well still could be a frog... But for the "Game" I've been doodling again... 
Me after morning exercise LOL"
That's a frightening drawing, Sue.  I'd suggest giving up the morning exercise!!!!!

Rose Anne has now arrived with her day 7. She says.
"Yeppers I'm pretty sure this is knotting up to be a frog, now will it be a natural one or a royal one??? Here's Day 7 of the 2016 TIAS mystery! I'm really enjoying this Jane, hopefully they will continue! 
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 
Twitter: @stitches_lots "

Helene is next into my inbox. Here's what she says about the tiger.  That's if it is a tiger, Helene!!!!
"Hello again Jane, 
My tiger/frog is so happy to have a hand to hold his balloons. Up and away! 

Another frog guess but this time from Berit. She says.
"Dear Jane, 
I do not know yet for sure what it will be, but the colour suits a frog. 
In Oslo"

Next to arrive is Celine with three of the TIAS's. She says.
"Bonsoir Jane. voici mes jours 7. 
J'ai vraiment beacoup de plaisir à participer. Vivement la suite. Très bonne soirée à vous. Céline"

Jane Good evening. here are my seven days. 
I really enjoy participating a lot. Strongly thereafter. Very good evening to you. Céline

Anne-Marie is the next to arrive in my inbox. She says.
"Good evening Jane, 
This day 7 confirms that I think for some days! This beautiful work will take us to a trip,in France we don't know eccentricity of ! 
It's Queen's coach where soon we are going to put jewels. 
Wait and see...Day 7 is dying, hurrah for day 8..... 
Sincerely amused.... 
Read you to-morrow. 
Anne-Marie (France)"

Claire has just arrived in my inbox with her day 7 and the following comment and picture.
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 
Here is my day 7 (and the link to the corresponding blog page). 
I am looking forward to using the beads. 
Have a good week everyone!"

Poor Wendy is sounding quite confused!!!
"6 & 7 together. 
Well I must say, I haven't a clue now what it is!! 
Wendy x" 

Finally today is Adrian who says.
"Hi Jane 
I managed to get around to doing Day Seven on Saturday morning, then completely forgot to take a picture of it until now! 
That looks like an arm. or possibly a claw... :)"

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