Friday, 8 January 2016

More Day 1

I will be putting Day 2 out tomorrow morning. That's when I'm up and about, of course!!!!

First of all my apologies to Christine who's picture I seem to have missed when she first sent it in. Thankfully she realised and has sent it again!!! Here it is along with her comment.
"Hi Jane! 
I am excited to participate in this year's TIAS. Recently, I have tatted a couple from past years, as the outcome was still a mystery to me. Thanks for keeping the links available! 
This time I am guessing that we are tatting a human figure or a vegetable (as you don't see many tatted veggies!). 
One question -- what is the "S" on the diagram for? I didn't see "S" in the Abbreviations section. 
Thanks for the fun :) 
-Christine in Alabama"
Since then Christine has realised that the S stands for 'start'. My bad for not putting it in the abbreviations.

Next to arrive is Anita and this makes 49 now taking part in this year's TIAS. Here's what Anita says.
"Hi Jane, 
I haven't participated in a TIAS before, but thought it would be such fun to do so now. 
This is my result from part 1, I am so curious to see what is next! 
Kind regards, Anita 

Welcome next to Catherine who has sent in her day 1 and her photo too. She says.
Je vous envoie ci-joint la photo du jour 1 comme convenu. 
J'ai vu sur votre site des navettes avec canettes et crochet à vendre, j'aimerai m'en procurer une, mais je ne les ai pas trouvé sur votre page Esty ? Pouvez-vous me dire comment faire pour m'en procurer une sachant que je ne peux plus faire de règlement par paypal. 
Merci d'avance. 

I send you attached the photo of the day 1 as agreed.
I saw on your site shuttles with cans and hook for sale, I'd get one myself, but I have not found on your page Esty? Can you tell me how to procure me knowing that I can not make payment by paypal.
Thank you beforehand.

Je ne ai pas navettes pour le moment, mais quand je le fais, je vais dire aux gens dans mon blog habituelle qui est ici. Je accepte les cartes de crédit dans la boutique Etsy de sorte que peut vous aider. Merci d'avoir pris part à la TIAS - je l'espère vous plaira.

I don't have any shuttles at the moment but when I do I will tell people in my usual blog which is here.  I accept credit cards in the Etsy shop so that may help you.  Thank you for taking part in the TIAS - I hope you enjoy it.

Maria has just joined us with her day 1 and comment. She could be right, of course, but I'll leave the rest of you to decide!!!!
Dear Jane,
thank you for this TIAS.
Here is my little green thing, a Martian?
Can't wait until tomorrow.....

Wendy is back again this year along with her Pop A Bobbin Shuttles!!! Here's her comment and also her picture.
"Hello Jane, 
Phew, I made it. 
Because there are 3 beads, 2 eyes and a nose, it must be a dog. 
So glad you have done this again ."


Mary Bartko said...

Hi Jane,
I'm doing the tias again this year, but I don't know how to add a photo! Sorry. I'm using a dark blue thread. You can count me as participating.

Jane Eborall said...

Can you send me an email and I'll see if I can help.
Just send a picture with just your name in the subject line and I'll be able to match you up!!!

Tiggy said...

LOL I just searched madly through all your blogs - having missed that one tiny sentence "when I have the shuttles back in stock" Oh My!
Am having a blast seeing all the pictures and am Sooo Relieved there was a day or so to practice split rings - having the feeling quite a few more are coming...

Am seriously beginning to think you may have finally caved and this may indeed be leapin to Lapin () ()
• •