Thursday, 28 January 2016

Day 9

Day 9 can now be found here. Looking forward to hearing more guesses as I think you'll know what it is today!!!! Well, if not then when you get day 10!!!!

Jacee is first in again with her day 9!!! I think she must be sleeping on her keyboard with an 'alert' set for each new part!!!
"Dear Jane, 
"Snoopy" is the name!!! :D 

Oh, dear. O thought today would reveal it all but Bev is still puzzled!!!!
"Dear Jane 
So much for maybe being able to guess today!!!!! Now I am completely baffled. Never been more puzzled in my life!!! I hope there are some clever clogs out there who can come to our rescue. Please!!!!! 

Orane is next with her day 9 and the following comment.
"Bonjour Jane 
Ce matin je pense plus à ma petite fourmi ou bien peu être une pieuvre. 
Je pense surtout que nous ne trouverons pas la réponse car cela doit être une bestiole sortie de ton imagination. 
Have a good day"

Hello Jane
This morning I think more of my little ant or just be an octopus.
Above all, I think we will not find the answer as this must be a bug out of your imagination. 
Have a good day.

Sylvie has sent in her day 9.
"Hi Jane! 
Morning off today, so I rushed to my needle and computer to tat day 9. Well, now I can call him Jiminy Cricket, can't I? 
Have a nice day, 

Jane is next with her day 9.
"Oh yay, it’s looking less froggy!! My daughter Penny thinks it’s a scorpion."
It certainly seems to be a beastie of some sort!!!!

Catherine has just arrived with her two day 8's and this comment.
"Bonjour Jane, 
Et voilà mon jour 8...... 

Next in is Elirosa with her day 9. She says.
"Buongiorno da Torino, 
Le invio il mio 9 giorno. Potrebbe essere un draghetto o un coccodrillo? Forse lo immagino per il colore che sto usando? 
Le auguro una buona giornata e tantissime e-mail 😜😜😜😜😜"

Good morning from Turin, 
I send my nine days. It could be a dragon or a crocodile? Maybe I imagine the color I'm using? 
Have a nice day and lots of e-mail 😜😜😜😜😜 

Blanche is good at saying what she thinks it isn't but she also says what she thinks it IS too!!!!
"Hey Jane, 
Always difficult to keep my mind focus on the previous guess. 
It's not a frog, nor a spaghetti plate, neither an elephant scratching his back on the floor... 
I try another guess : I think it should be Jiminy Cricket ! 
Looking forward for Day 10 !!!! 
Thanks again"

Come ON, people. It's so OBVIOUS what it is now. I must be losing my touch as a designer - time to retire. Irene is has given up guessing.
"Hi Jane, 
I was thinking a crab, but no ...... I still don't know... :-\ But I still love it :-) 

Next in is Maureen who is still pondering the result of this year's TIAS!!
"It's a One- Armed two -legged orange jumping monkey - or something.  Funny place to put his tail, though, right opposite his arm?? I had no size 10 beads handy, so I went on an Expedition and lo and behold, there is a bead shop about 5 kms down the road which I had never known about. So exciting - but they are closing down next week."
What rotten luck that it's closing next week but I bet they're having a sale on so go and buy, buy, buy!!!!!

Sue has just arrived with her day 9 and she says.
"And this is supposed to show us the answer???? I still stick with a Triffid!! A tomato soup one according to Maureen!"

Katie is back with one of her day 9's finished!! Love the idea, Katie!!!! I see the goat there who was another TIAS a few years ago!!!!
""Who's that tramping over my bridge?" roared the troll. 
Katie V in NC"

Poor Andrea is back at the hospital again. I hope they get you sorted soon, lass.
"Hi Jane, here is day 9 (sorry from hospital again, but only here for the day). Upside is I now have a car park permit as am here twice a week for the time being and day 9 gave me something positive to do😄😄😄"

Back from a lovely chat with a friend in a local tea shop. 
First in this batch is Rose Anne with her day 9 and who says.
"Ok I messed up in the pattern and just too tired to try undo these knots this time. Hope it still works out? So here's Day 8 of 2016 TIAS and we're adding in the beads! Hmmm a friend says it's looking like a Scorpion? 
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 
Actually I can't see where you've 'messed up'.  Looks fine to me.

Sonja is next in with day 9 and she says.
"Hello Jane 
I’m very confused about what it will be now. Don’t know. We will see and wait, maybe next day. 
Good news too: a very sunny day with blue sky, we enjoy it.Looking for day 10. 
Happy tatting 
Sonja from Holland"

Margaret has now sent in her day 8 with the following comment and picture.
"Hello Jane, well after day 9 I dare't make a guess, just stick with the frogs. 
Margaret in Norfolk!"

Now I've got Melanie's comment and picture to show you.  
"Because I experienced the horror of finding one in my entryway this morning, I'm going to guess that it's a cockroach. Ick!"
YIKES - not a cockroach.  Horrid.  That's the best sort, though - dead!!

Judy has a good idea about the TIAS!! She says.
I see it now! A court jester! Judy"

Sharon has just arrived and still hasn't any idea what it is either!
"Hi Jane, 
Don't have a clue yet. Loving the experience. Sharon in Va"

Celine has just arrived in my inbox with her day 9. She says.
"Bonsoir Jane. Aujourd'hui en voyant le schéma, Je me suis dit que nous faisons un lapin. Mais après avoir réalisé mes ouvrages j'ai aperçu arlequin... 
Bonne soirée, Céline"

Jane Good evening. Today saw the pattern, I thought we make a rabbit. But after realizing my works I saw bluegill ... 
Good evening, Celine 

The inbox is filling as fast as I post!!! Now I have Carollyn who says.
"here is the next day and I know my beads are way too big will see what happens, I found my other one and so I am going to catch up with that one and maybe use the correct size beads."

Bernice has now arrived with her day 9. She says.
"That is either a floppy ear or a tail to be revealed.
Bernice B
Calgary Canada"
Well it could easily be one or the other, Bernice.

Leslie has been giving her TIAS a lot of thought. She says.
"Another day, another bead. I see now that my first bead isn't size 10 - it's also size 6. I hope that doesn't throw proportions off too much. 
Perhaps I can swap it out before joining it on the other side. We'll see. 
The critter and shuttles are back in their protective tin - for safekeeping from two kittens that regularly ransack the place. 
Eagerly awaiting further instruction, 

Next to arrive is Barbara. This is what she says.
"Hi Jane 
Your tip on how to get the bead onto the thread worked like a charm ! Thank you! 
I'm still following but am getting all twisted up. One day I'll figure out how to do this! 
So now we have a strange looking frog with a mask!! 
Great mystery here!! 
Regards, Barbara"

Iliclaire has just dropped into my inbox with her comment and picture. Here's what she says.
"Hello Jane ! 
It’s my first TIAS and it is so funny ! With Julie and the french Facebook group Frivolité we all wonder what il will be… 
Frog ? No. Euh… a cricket ? a rabbit ? Ahhh, I know, of course : un Chépakoi (a kind a tatting alien :p) 
Thank you for this tatting game. 
Here is my picture for day 9. 
Welcome to the TIAS blog too, Iliclaire.  I'm glad you are enjoying it.  Hope to see you next year too.

Kelli has just arrived now. She sounds puzzled too!!!
"Here is my Clue 9 completed. Thought I had ideas. First I thought frog. Then maybe a crab. Now? I'm scratching my head and twisting it all around. Not sure I tatted it correctly either, but I'm gong with it. 
Kelli in SUNNY Oregon. Whoo!"
It looks fine, Kelli.  Keep going - onwards and upwards!!

Not even Wendy has guessed yet!!! This is what she says.
"Hello Jane, 
Could see a frog but now it doesn't fit. You have done well. !! 
Wendy x"

Oh, oh, OH. I must apologise to Julie. As you know Julie is translating the TIAS into French and she sent me her day 9 on Tuesday to check that it was OK. I kept it in my downloads and meant to put it on the blog this morning. Sorry, Julie. Here it is now.

Next to arrive is Catrin who says.
"Even less sure what I've got myself into :-)"
Well you're not in a mess that's for sure!!!

Now the final person in today (I'm off to bed) is Christine who has her own theory. Any other comments on this?
"Hi Jane 
Here is my TIAS, Day 9. 
That new bit looks like a horn or a long ear... so now I am wondering: Are we tatting a rabbit for Maureen after all? 
Thanks :) 
-Christine in Alabama"

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