Thursday, 14 January 2016


First of all - tomorrow will be day 4 followed by day 5 on Sunday!!!

The top of my inbox this morning is from Lelia who says.
"Dear Jane: 
... outline of a roof top ... 
... or, maybe a caterpillar ... 
Funness. Always, Lelia 
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Next to arrive is Starlene with her day 2. Don't forget - anybody can join in at any time.
"I'm a little behind, but I think it might be an inch worm"

Now I have Deana who has sent in her day 3. She says.
"Hi Jane 
So far tatting right is my day 3 coming from London Ontario... 
Good night all 

Annemarie is next in the inbox. She says.
"Hello Jane, 
Do you finally received my Day 2? It was gone away from here! Perhaps it got lost......... 
Here is my Day 3 .It could be a matter of Father Christmas's sleigh, at the moment on long and deserved holidays ! 
We'ld say a piece of THE old man' old car. And if it seems large in relation to reindeers which pull it, it's because he was so laden  during his journey !!!!! 
I am going to dream about father Christmas..... 
Read you soon... 
Anne -Marie (France)"
Sadly I didn't get your day 2 but I'm pleased that day 3 has arrived safely.

I'm going to have to leave the others in my inbox - got to get breakfast and then take the cat to the vet.

Next to arrive is Celine with her day 3. She says.
"Bonsoir Jane. 
J'ai enfin pu prendre du temps pour le 3ème jour. Vivement la suite. Toujours pas d'idée de ce que c'est, mais lire les idées des autres est vraiment très amusant. 
Bonne soirée. Céline"

Jane Good evening.
I could finally take time for the 3rd day. Strongly thereafter. Still no idea what it is, but read the ideas of others is really fun.
Good night. Céline

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