Thursday, 21 January 2016

More of day 6 and others!

First in this morning is from Bernice who says.
"I have attached day 6 and see that I could use some additional practice doing block tatting , so will we be doing more? 
Bernice B 

Next in is from Bev who says.
"Good morning Jane 
Here is my Day 6. All I can see is a dancing skeleton. I think the next element in Day 7 will be another ring, to keep the symmetry, which then leaves places for two arms and a head. But as usual, I also think I am wrong. The suspense is starting to become a health hazard!!!!! 

Arlene is next with days 4 and 5 and two thoughts on the TIAS!!!
"Day 4 & 5 
After finishing day 4, I thought, fancy egg cup, the sort used to hold a Faberge egg. 
After finishing day 5, I'm thinking a Queen Anne chair. Okay, a frog is more likely, but I like the thought of a tatted Queen Anne chair."

You're going to LOVE this next picture. Wonderful. Thank you Cheryl.
"I’ve got it, I’ve got it. It’s an old lady’s hat. 
Hubby and I went to a neighboring town today. I’d been told someone had some tatting in the antique shop. I went in and looked in the obvious place. Not there. So I asked. I was told it was already sold. That people did like to purchase tatted items. I said “oh really, I tat.” Well she said the last 
doily sold for $12.00. That would work out to 12 cents an hour. Well I sell other tats at market for better than that. I would have enjoyed seeing them though. Oh well. We had a nice day anyway. 
Hope you’ll have a great day. 
Ta ta for now."

Janet has sent in her day 6 now and this is what she says.
"Hello Jane, 
Well here in Georgia we just missed the snow by about 30 miles. I personally am happy about this. Snow and hills do not mix. I am still holding out for the carriage . 
I am wrapped up against the cold and now have a dog that needs to be attended to by letting him out in that cold! 
Happy tatting to you! 
Having only been to Georgia when it's HOT I find it hard to believe it gets so cold!!!  Thanks for your picture and comment.

Finally in this batch is Christine who sent this in.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 6 of the TIAS. 
My only guess at the moment is that Day 7 will include a small ring and perhaps some chains, too! 
I hope you are having a great day! 
-Christine in Alabama"
I wonder, Christine, I wonder!!!!

The next person in the inbox (it's now the afternoon here!) is Sharon who says.
"Hi, Jane 
5 inches of snow yesterday and temps on the 20's so DAY 6 came at the perfect time. 
The more I tat the less I know the ending. So much like life----the more I learn the more I realize how little I know. Too bad I'm not as smart as I thought I was when I was 20."

Orane has now sent in her day 6 with the following picture and comment.
"Hello Jane 
Voici mon jour 6 cela ressemble toujours à une grenouille. Mais je m'attend à tout , après tout nous n'avons fait que la moitié. 
Bonne journée "

Hello Jane
Here is my day 6 it still looks like a frog. But I expect everything, after all we have only half.
Good day

Next in is SueH who is deliberating between two ideas. Not sure which I'd choose either, Sue!!!
"No fancy drawing today LOL 
I'm still split between it gonna be a person this way up or a frog if it is the other way... 
Thanks for more ribs or are they a corset???"

Martha is still working on her hat!!! I must say the tatting is fitting in well here, Martha!!!
"Still a hat, but the chain work now appears to be making the label."

Dani has arrived now with her day 6. This is what she says.
"hi Jane! 
i'm still thinking frog, but our university knitting group suggested owl or spider! 
dani, the geek %-)"
WOW, I'm impressed that another group is involved with guessing too. That's awesome.

Now I have Sylvie in my inbox and she says.
"Hi Jane! 
Ok, I also think Day 7 will start with a ring with a vsp, for symmetry. Then? Well. Perhaps. Or Maybe. Hemmmm. One join on the lateral rings and several on the middle one, hence a bigger picot. Unless of course this one will be left to be decorative, to make a ...... 
As you can see, I dutifully didn't solve the mystery on Day 6 either! 

Helene has now arrived with her tiger and day 6. She says.
"Well, here it is, my tiger frog!

Another arrival in my inbox this evening is Denise who also asks an interesting question.
"Good afternoon Jane, 
Do you have tea ? I was wondering since it is a favorite activity there. Well my guess today is an owl riding on a frogs back ! Lol. 
Looking forward to Day 7 
Denise Brant"
We eat an evening meal which we call 'tea' but I drink cups of tea all day, Denise. I'm a teaoholic!!!  Interesting thought - an owl on a frog's back!!!  

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