Thursday, 7 January 2016

Day 1 continued!

First in this morning is Gita who has obviously had a good tatting day!!

"OmG Jane ThanK YoU So Much for all your Help and Time and Loads of Encouragement! Hopefully each section will only take me the 6 or so hours of untatting I managed to work in today LOL!!! ;)~ 
As an Absolute newbie I am tickled to pieces my husband encouraged me to try my first ever TIAS - Actually my first ever Official Tatting ProjecT! (Having only made a Butterfly or two and some seriously scarily uneven basic edgings) 
I am TicKled To BiTs I made my FirsT EveR Split Rings!!! Other firsts today include but are not limited to; 
- making a chain 
- reading a pattern 
- loading continuous thread shuttles 
- making stitches backwards on purpose 
I am So Excited to share my picture from across the pond 
I always dreamed of making a Heliosaurus so I am Thrilled with my first LeG of this Journey! 
Thank YoU So Very Much Jane!!! <3 span="">

I think this one is from Deana but please correct me if I'm wrong. Here's the comment and picture.
"Tatting in from London Ontario. I can't remember how to get the pic in comments...grrrrr"
The picture came through perfectly - thanks.

Arlene is next and she says.
"I think it's an ear of corn. Cause why not?"
Why not, indeed!!!!

Must go and have breakfast so Denise's will be the last for a while. I'll be back, though!!!
Denise says.
"Day one. No clue yet."

I'm back but have to go grocery shopping soon. Time for a few more, though!!
Next is from Marla who has joined in a few times before!!!
"Jane, I'm HERE! And still in time for day one...... I think...... at least it's still day one here in the west. :) 
I believe we are tatting Ted, a Purple-People-Eater...... but I'm not a fan of purple, actually it's probably my least favorite color! 
So I am tatting mine in lavender.... a kinder, gentler version of the color purple."

Sharon is the next in my inbox and she says.
"I've no idea what this might be 
But if the beads are eyes and a cute little nose 
This might be a leg with some cute little toes 
(who is happily back to tatting after moving to KY, USA)"
Welcome back to Tat Land.

Next to arrive is Bernice who says.
"This is an opera thread size 20, so happy to be a part of the Tias 2016. Just waiting for more snow tonight. 
Bernice B 
Calgary Ab Canada"

Denise has now arrived with her day 1. She says.
"Dear Jane, 
Thank you so much for the TIAS in 2016. It is my first one. I feel behind already. A pink dragon? 
Everything looks better in pink. Looking forward to keeping up. 

Sonya nearly missed doing her day 1 on day 1 of the game. Not that it matters, of course!!!!
"Hi Jane, 
I cannot believe I almost went to bed without tatting my first day of TIAS 2016! I did not stay up late last night, and the covers were too warm and cozy this morning to get up early. Then I failed to take my shuttles to work with me today! Well here it is now. The game is on! 
Thank you Jane for all your hard work on TIAS. 
LizBeth dark purple (I am at the end of the ball and have lost the card so I cannot give you the number). 
Thank you, 
Sonya Loyd"

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture. Thanks Patricia.
"Jane--Thank you for doing another year's TIAS! 
Enjoying Tatting in Muskogee OK USA 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Another brilliant idea from Martha!!! Thanks for another giggle!
"I'm late, I'm late! I didn't expect to work a double Tuesday night. I'll get caught up soon,I keep telling myself, and wonder how long I'm going to keep falling for that line. 

This is from Celine and again I'm going to use Google translate to help us poor English only people. Sadly I've forgotten most of the French I learned at school.
"Bonjour Jane 
Je participe pour la première fois au tias. Je suis très heureuse de participer à cet événement. Je frivole depuis moins d'un an. 
Je participe aux navette en 20 et en 30 et à l'aiguille en 20. 
Merci pour cet événement déjà très amusant. J'ai imaginé que celà pourrait être un pingouin 
Très bonne journée à vous et à bientôt pour la suite 

Hello Jane
I participate for the first time in tias. I am very pleased to participate in this event. I frivolous for less than a year.
I participate in the shuttle 20 and 30 and the needle 20.
Thank you for this already very fun event. I imagined that this could be a penguin 😉😊
Good day to you and soon for the next

Final one before I go out shopping. 
Next I have a day 1 from Elisibetta who says.
"Buongiorno signora Jane, è la prima volta che partecipo al TIAS. Spero di essere all'altezza di tante maestre del chiacchierino. La saluto caramente e le auguro un buon TIAS 2016. 
Elisabetta da Torino Italia"

Hello Mrs. Jane, is the first time that I participate in the TIAS. I hope to live for so many teachers of tatting. I greet you dearly and I wish a good TIAS 2016.
Elizabeth from Turin Italy

Back from the dreaded grocery shopping to find Nicole in my inbox. Here's her comment and picture.
"Dear Jane, 
So glad to be back for my fourth TIAS (my fourth? Time flies!). It really brightens up my days, thank you so much for organising this again. Love to read all the comments. And I see I can practice my French reading skills on your blog now. Bonjour à tous, hi everyone! 
Best wishes, 
(The Netherlands)"

This next picture and comment come from Shelly who says.
"So glad to start up a new year with TIAS 
Shelly in Georgia USA"

Anne is next in with her day 1 and the following comment. Here are her pictures too.
"Hi Jane, 
Here's my first day's work. Should I call this work when it's so fun? 
I don't have enough imagination to guess what it is yet, but I'm looking forward to Day 2."

Next in is SueH from 'down there' in London, England!!! Here is her comment and picture.
"Is it a foot and bottom part of a leg? 
Hockey stick?"
Love the shuttle, Sue.

It's been 'one of those days' here in my corner of Tat Land so I apologise for keeping you waiting if you have been in my inbox for a while.
Next in is Coretta with her comment and picture.
I'm excited for this year's TIAS. I start looking forward to it as soon as Christmas is over. :) I chose a grey Lizbeth size 20."

Another returning TIASer (I know that's not a real word!) is Sarah who says.
"Hi Jane, Somehow opening day slipped by me ... don't know how that happened as I have been looking forward to your game for months. Ah well, I am back on track and will try to keep up with the rhymes as well as the tatting. 
Happy New Year to all in Tatland. 
The first installment of TIAS 2016 
What it will be I have yet to glean."

I don't have a name for the next person but her email address is monbabylucas which I love. Here's her comment and picture.
Voici la 1ere partie ;-)"
Welcome to monbabylucas. Good to see you.

Wanda has just arrived in my inbox. Welcome back, Wanda. Here's her comment and picture.
"Hello, Jane! 
Here is my day one. I have no idea but my husband says it's a ladybug. 
Glad the TIAS has started! 
from Kansas, USA"
A ladybug? Interesting!!!

Next in is Michelle and this is what she says.
"Hi Jane. I'm using size 20 variegated thread in rainbow and my daughter Meaghan is using peacock blues variegated. She's learning magic thread to hide ends. I found an easy way to do that with floss threaders . Here are our day 1 pictures . I'm gonna wait a bit before guessing what this maybe."
Well done to both of you - particularly Meaghan who may well be the youngest taking part in the TIAS. 

Shirley has just arrived in my inbox with her day 1. She says.
I think it will be a garden gnome, Jane. For luck. 
Shirley McKee"
Now that's a new idea, Shirley. I wonder if it is?!?!?!?

Final person of the day is Rose Anne who has just caught me on the way to bed!!! She says.
"OK Jane Eborall's "Tat It And See" for 2016 is off and knotting once again!!! Once again thank you Jane for this motivation to keep tatting fun and interesting while keeping our skills polished! Here is my Day 1 using Lizabeth colour 168 in size 20, this is a very slight variegated thread and I'm hoping will be very close to one colour as possible and not mess up the finished mystery! Now as for a guess of what it will grow up to be - Nada, Zippo, None At All!!!
Rose Anne"

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