Saturday, 23 January 2016

Day 7

Remember that after day 6 you switched shuttles so the one you are starting off with today is the one closest to ring 15 or the one you weren't using yesterday!!!! Also you do not need to SS after SR16. Happy tatting and I'll be waiting for the pictures and comments!!! As always - please email me if you need help.

First in my inbox this morning is Kelli who has sent in her day 6.
She says.
"I've been busy with final edits for my book, but managed to sneak in clue 6 today. 
Kelli in (sunny, finally!) Oregon"
Ooooh, is that a tatting book, Kelli?

Coretta is now in the inbox with her day 5. Don't worry - it's not a race!!!
"I'm going to catch up! I promise. :) 
I think a frog is a good guess but it might also be a crab. It looks a bit like the ghost crabs we catch on the beach here. "

Finally of the overnight messages this one comes from Mary who says.
Musta been really busy this morning I missed day six but here it is quite late at night. I think it still might be a spider. 

First in with day 7 is Anita. Sorry to keep you waiting but I had to go and get milk!
"Hi Jane, 
Yes! We are all correct: now the frog has an arm! 
I think I confused myself and reversed work when I shouldn’t or didn’t when I should. 
So I am not 100% sure that the last ring is correct. 
Keeping my fingers crossed I did it right. 
Looking forward to the next part! 

Jacee has followed Anita in with her day 7 too. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
No doubt about it - It's a FROG!!! The next few steps will have chains going back to the centre of its body and then a head and another arm to be followed on. :D 

Next to arrive is Blanche. She has this to say.
"Hey Jane, 
Another Tias day - another clue... 
is it a spaghetti plate ? (the beads are for the meal balls ?) 
is it a frog ? 
or is it E.T. ??? and the first bead is for the lighten finger ????? 
Thanks again. 
Looking forward to day 8 !!! 

Last in this session is Jane who doesn't like frogs!!! She says.
"Hi Jane. Hmmm. I’m resisting the frog idea because I have a frog phobia. Mind you, I did tat Ninetta’s frog without screaming, so it may be ok."

Back again and this time with a 'local lady' from here in the UK who has just joined in. Frances says.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 7. I almost forgot about the new year TIAS. Thank you for running it again! I have no idea what it can be at the moment. 
Frances Burgess (UK)"
Welcome back, Frances.

Next to arrive is Margaret who has been looking at the url addresses of each day. 
"Hello again Jane, well here I am again with day 7 and I've been having a chuckle at you ! You like to chuckle at our pictures etc. I wonder if anyone else has looked at the headings of each day, as I just have? To me it looks as though you have been copying your daily appointments out!!! 
Happy tatting! 
Margaret (Norfolk)"
Actually, Margaret, I do get stuck for ideas for the url's.  I can't afford for them to be similar or one of you clever tatters will guess ahead!!!!  So pleased it's amused you!!!

This is so, so sad. Maureen, after many years, has given up on the rabbit she's been dreaming about. Maybe 2017, Maureen or maybe you really are making a rabbit now? Who knows!!!!!
"My poor rabbit - not a whisker of him today - since we now appear to be tatting a monkey, he has gone to sulk on the lovely rabbit step Pigmini tatted for him....... I think we have seen the last of him until 2017.Maybe the spider's there too, under the step."

Next to arrive is Mary Jane who has a very cold frog!!!
"Jane , my frog turned blue in the ice and snow 
Mary Jane"
Don't put him too close to the fire, Mary Jane - he might turn into a soggy mess.

Back from my walk and sitting with a large cup of tea I am now dealing once more with the inbox! First in this batch is Orane with a few more thoughts. She says.
"Hello Jane 
Voici ma grenouille qui ne ressemble plus vraiment à une grenouille car un bras a poussé ce matin... La théorie du bébé les jambes écartées est valable, ou peut être une fourmie 
Bonne journée "

Hello Jane
Here's my frog that does not really look like a frog because one arm pushed this morning ... The baby's legs apart theory is valid, or can be an ant 😄
Good day

Oh dear. I think Sue's got a very, very big imagination. BUT could she be right? She could be.
"Yep!! That's definitely a root... Got it!! A Triffid!!! Lol" 

Marina is next to arrive with days 5, 6 and 7. You've caught up now, Marina.
"Bonjour Jane, j'ai eu quelques difficultés pour le Day 5. J'ai rattrapé mon petit retard. Voici les 3 jours."
Hi Jane, I had some trouble on Day 5. I caught my little delay. Here are three days.
Well it's all looking good now. 

Next to arrive is Melanie who has this to say.
"Despite my best efforts, I ended up with a small, unwanted space between R17 and SR18. As I expected, several others did as well. I should be able to correct for it when I block my goodness-knows-what (no longer predicting a frog, since we're still so far from finishing)."

Andrea has just popped into my inbox with her day 6. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is day 6. Very intriguing, wondering what we are making;) thanks. On to day 7 now 
Andrea xx"

Every time I pick up my shuttles somebody else pops in which is great. This time it's Phyllis who says.
"Looks like a frog doing the backstroke. The bottom threads have not been hidden yet. 
Phyllis from GA USA"
Just seen pictures of your snow from Sandra, Phyllis.  Please don't send any over our way!

Alva Alicia is next to arrive with her day 6. She says.
"Good morning Jane. 
I saw day 7 before day 6, so I am tatting two days. I will try day 7 now. 
Alva Alicia Burrola 
Tijuana Baja California México"
See you later!!!!

Arlene thinks that I'm being tricky but I think she's trying to trick ME into saying what it is!!!  Here are her days 6 and 7.
"I'm thinking you're being tricky and it's another frog."

Nancy has just sent in her day 7 with this comment and picture.
"It is no longer a carriage but the frog image is still there. From snowy Niagara, Nancy Moore"

Leslie is next in and she too thinks it's going to be a frog!
"Snowy day here in Connecticut - perfect for tatting! 
If it's a frog, won't I be pleased with my green thread! 
I've never tatted with beads before, so I am REALLY looking forward to the next steps! 
Should I use green, some other color, or a random assortment? Decisions, decisions! 
I LOVE looking at all the photos - such creativity! Thanks again for all the fun, Jane and everyone!"

Judy is still sticking to other ideas and she says.
A carriage, monkey or frog....Judy"

Stephanie has sent in this comment but she doesn't have a working scanner at the moment so we'll have to guess what her TIAS looks like!
"HI Jane! 
I'm afraid I'm a day behind, but will try to catch up over the weekend. Just printed today's pattern, but need to tat Day 6 before I can tat today's. :-) Still not able to scan....I'm thinking it's leaning towards being a frog, except mine is BRIGHT red. Kind of a strange color for a frog. ;-) 
pair of matched-size beads are the eyes? single bead is a bug on his tongue? 
I'm having fun, even if I CAN'T show you a picture. :-)"

Next in is Sonja who says.
"Hello Jane 
Here my tias day 7. It’s cold here, but not too bad. Better than the blizzard in the USA. Have we tatters there? I wish them good luck this days. 
Greetings from Sonja 
from Holland"

Maglina is back now with her day 7. She says.
"Bonjour Jane. 
Jour 7. Tu sais maintenir le suspens !!!! Plus ça va moins je sais... lol 
A bientôt. 

Hello Jane. 
Day 7. You know maintain the suspense !!!! The more things ahead less I know 
See you soon."

Sharon is in a snowy place like so many in the USA. She says.
"What, oh what? 

Oh, what can it be? 
A newly hatched turtle 
On his way to the sea. 

Fun way to spend a cold winter day. Snowed in with 10 inches of snow here in 
central KY."

Marla is next in the inbox. She says.
"Well here I am playing catch-up again! I know, I know.... it's only a few stitches every few days.... but I just can't seem to get it together! 
Anyway, it seems my little purple people eater now has an arm! And two little fingers! :) I think he's happy with that!"

Joanne has arrived with her day 6 and this is what she says.
"From Joanne from Santa Claus Indiana...I think it is monster trying to climb a wall." 

Catrin is next sending in her day 6. She says.
"I love seeing all the pictures and drawings every year. I can just about keep up with the tatting !"

Next to arrive and probably the last today is Claire. She says.
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here is my day 6 (and the link to the corresponding blog page). 
I still think it is a frog. I am wondering how and when the beads will be added. 
Have a nice weekend."

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