Monday, 25 January 2016

Day 8

I'll be waiting for the inbox to fill up!!!

First in this morning is from Martha who has sent in her day 7 with the following picture and comment. Still on an Alice theme!!
"`I should like to have it explained,’ said the Mock Turtle. Those early parts have had me in mind of the Mock Turtle's flippers, and now we approach the face just in time for the upcoming beads. We would have to come back around for the lower body, but all will come clear in time."

Next is Denise with her days 6 and 7. Here's what she says.
"For some reason I did not get the day 6 email so they both got done today. 
Still think frog."

Mary is next with her day 7. She says.
I think it now looks like a crab but I also think there are too many days remaining for it to be a crab! What a great puzzle you have put together! 
Of all the pictures I've sent this is the best one for color. I'm just realizing the previous ones looked really orange. 

Coretta sounds puzzled about day 8 - well, it's ready for you to find out now, Coretta!!!!
I'm interested to see where day 8 takes this.

Now I have Linda's days 6 and 7. This is what she says.
"Hi Jane. and Tatters. 
Stitching is moving along. We had a good snow storm this week end. The Mountains love it and we love the water. 
Enjoying stitching along with all of you. 
Linda "

Now the first day 8 has arrived from Julie - my translator from English to French. She says.
"Well I am having trouble with emails this morning ! 
I think you send me messages, but I can't see them. Grrrrr ! 
So, I was asking you when you will release day 9 and 10, and I join you my picture of day 8. 
Sorry if you answered me already!"
I will let you know privately about those two days but I think day 9 should be on Thursday as a lot of people are trying to catch up.

The next in with her day 8 and without a 'head start' like Julie had, is Jaycee who says this.
"Dear Jane, 
Here's my day 8 - not a crawling baby in your personal view, now from what it appears, not mine either! :) 

Jaycee is followed hot on her heels by Maureen who has this to say.
"That bead has confused me - I was quite sure it was going to be a monkey, in fact, the legs and hand still look ape-like; but if the bead is his nose, then his head my be resting on his chest. Perhaps he's puzzled too."

Jane has now arrived with this comment and picture.
"Hi Jane. Well, I have only 9 beads to the inch, but I figured that was near enough."
Perfect, Jane. That's how I measured my beads too.

Claire has just arrived with her days 7 and 8. This is what she has to say.
"Hi Jane ! 
Catching up, finally ! I had a lot of work after the holidays and I couldn’t start immediately your TIAS 2016. 
Please find attached hereto pictures for days 7 and 8. I don’t have the slightest idea as to what this can be. You’re keeping us on our toes! J 
Have a nice day. Cheers, 

Next to pop into my inbox is Bev who says.
"Hi Jane 
Tonight my Day 8 is pink. In daylight it looks purple?? 
Curiouser and curiouser, to use Martha's inspiration. If it's not a dancing skeleton then it might be a dancing jelly monster, with two tickle fingers. 
Oooooh, I like the idea of two tickle fingers!!!!

Andrea is now in my inbox with her day 7 and another frog guess!!!
"Hi Jane, 
Day 7 here. It has been a really miserable weekend here, but our grandson came to visit to brighten things up and he had lots of guesses, including: frog, spider and crab. His favourite guess is frog because he loves them. We have a pond, usually brimming with them and all the grandchildren love trying to spot them. 
Best Wishes 
Andrea x"

AHA, a new guess - goodie!!! This is from Patricia who has also illustrated her idea too.
"Hopping on in for today's guess!! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 
That's a hoppingly good guess, Patricia!!!!

Just got back home to find a full inbox so here we go!!!
Next in is from Anita who says.
"Hi Jane! 
I thought I had the right size of the bead, but when I checked I noticed that the one I had was too small. 
So I had to start measuring again to find the correct size. And you know pearls: They have the remarkable ability to end up everywhere except where you want them to be! 
And disappear! So after measuring, dropping on the floor, searching, I finally found some in the right size. I had to make do with the color that it had :-) I suppose it should have been black (being an eye of course)! 
Now who told you it was an eye, Anita?  Well, maybe it is!!!

Margaret is the next to be found in the inbox. She says.
"Hello Jane, it has taken four attempts to get a decent photo today, and now I see that the shuttle is almost in the way! "Please Miss, I didn't do it on purpose to hide the fact that there's no bead, honest." Apart from the fact that I haven't dug my beads out yet, I prefer to put them on when we get to joining on there. I get too tangled up with safty pins hanging about! Hope I'm forgiven. 
Margaret (Norfolk) 
P.S. Don't know why I keep putting Norfolk because I seem to be the only Margaret. Must be habit, there are usually several of us around."
You're definitely forgiven, Margaret.  Just as long as the picot is long enough for the bead but there again - you could use a smaller bead!!!!

Frances has involved her family but I'm not sure that they're right!!! 
"Hi Jane 
Here is my day 8. A suggestion from a male family member was that it could be road-kill! That would cover everything wouldn't it? Sorry if the ladies don't find that amusing."

Next in the inbox is Orane - rhyming too. This is what she has to say.
"Hi Jane 

I confuse the brain with all these twists. 
I imagine an arm that we just add biceps
Good day Jane"

Blanche has now arrived and this is what she has to say.
"Hey Jane 
Here you are my Day 8. 
I think I'll change the color of the bead in a more funny one. 
Thanks for this wonderful TIAS ! 
So glad you're enjoying it, Blanche.

Sue (Pigmini Sue) is back again and she's still deliberating the TIAS!!!
"Definitely a Triffid!!! Feet and tops!! Remember... Flories from My Little Pony in the 80's??? I had to sit through them when my daughter was little!!!"

Love the red bead in the next picture from Alva Alicia. Here's what she says.
"Good morning Jane 
The most difficult part is to keep it flat for the picture. 
My grandson has not seen it. I want to see his face when he does. 
Alva Alicia Burrola 
Tijuana Baja California"

Next in is from Melanie who says.
"I got confused about which shuttle to use, but I think this is right. Without the usual continuity of just sitting and tatting for an extended period, I would find it very helpful if you could begin each day with an indication of whether we are to pick up Shuttle 1 or Shuttle 2."
Noted, Melanie.

Lyn is back now with her days 5 and 6 - wondered where you'd got to, Lyn!!!!
"Hi Jane, 
Well here are my days 5 & 6 not overly happy with it ! I think I left my brain somewhere today because for the life of me I couldn't read the pattern lol ! Finally got it happening. 
I think more tatting is needed to keep up my skills ! Thanks again." 
Well if I have given you an excuse to get those shuttles out more often, Lyn, then I've succeeded!!!!

Back now with her day 8 is Sarah with her latest rhyme!
"Now onto my daily rhyme.

Is this added bead a cute little nose?
We'll find out as the pattern grows.

I've finally reached the top of my inbox with Denise's day 8. Here it is.

Kelli is next in with her day 7 and the following comment.
"Here is Clue 7. I'll try to work Clue 8 yet this morning. Not sure I have a size 10 bead though, so I may have to use an 11. 
Off to look at Clue 8. 
Kelli in cloudy, but not rainy yet, Oregon."

The next to arrive is Catrin with days 7 and 8. She says.
"I'm not sure if I'm working with the correct shuttle but I'm sure our deadly little Scorpio isn't that fussy; or is he ? A scorpion that is ! 
Perfect, Catrin, perfect although I'm not sure it's a scorpion.

Judy has sent in her day 8 next. This is what she has to say.
Well I am thinking I didn't get free right size for this one. But it works for the moment. The next bead measured right. No clue what it is. "
It looks fine, Judy. Just fine.

Helene is next with her day 8 and her tiger too!!! Oh, perhaps it's a frog?!?!?
Still think it's a tiger-frog, but he seems to wonder what landed on the tip of his nose. 
Am really enjoying your TIAS! 

SueH is now back with her day 8. Her imagination is wild, wild, wild!!!!!
"Well here's my day 8... 
One armed bandit doing Tai-chi... 
Very badly...."

Elsa has now arrived with her day 8. She seems to be enjoying it a lot!!!
"Hello Jane ! 
I send you the photo 8. Today, I'm not sure it is a baby or a monkey... 
Your game is realy funny :-) 
Thank you :-)"

Next in my inbox is Marina who says.
"Goodnight Jane, 
Day 8 is my ... I was thinking ... a chicken!"
Now, that's a different idea, Marina!!!

Elizabeth is next with her day 8 and a crab!!! Now this is a lonely crab!
"Maybe this hermit crab needs a companion. Elizabeth"

Caroline has sent in her day 7 now with a report on the weather as well. Keep it over there, Caroline - we don't want it!!!
"Well it is snowing again. The truck with a plow went by a little while ago with the tanks of brine on it. It was spraying it so hope it will keep the streets clear. Several school buses go by here so they try to keep the streets here by the school clear. It is suppose to quit by 6:00 so we will see. I have a meeting I need to go to tomorrow so hope the streets are OK by then. At least I can stay in and tat. As I looked at day 7 I thought of a monkey swinging through the forest. I saw another person thought of a monkey also. Well of to do Day 8. 

Mary is my final entry today as I'm on the way to bed.
And here's Day 8. I getting more and more convinced it's a crab. Maybe I'm just trying to convince myself! 

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