Friday, 29 January 2016


Let's do day 10 tomorrow, shall we? Saturday!

First person in on today's blog post is Shelly who sent in her day 9 with the following comment and picture.
"What?! I have no guesses. Looking forward to the next installment. I love a good mystery. 

Another guess at a rabbit from Adrian. I wonder!!!
"Hi Jane 
Here's my Day Nine. It's a wabbit! :-) (This bead was much easier to attach, with a much larger hole.)"

Melanie is next with her day 9 and the following.
"Good morning- 
Well, it was morning when I started this. I got sidetracked baking bread and enjoying the garden. After a bite, I got back to work. I know you're in bed now, but..... 
I think I just tatted a beak! 
Could we have an escapee from Jurassic Park????? 
Thanks for the game, 
Melanie in CA"
Well you could ask the owners of Jurassic Park if anybody is missing!!!

Next in strict order of arrival is Margaret who says.
"Your remarks on my last email had me puzzled, I couldn't figure out what you meant. Then I realised I sent you the picture for day 8 instead of day 9. Here is my day 9. I see I'm not the only one who is baffled, I just knew there would be a twist (or three) before we were finished. 
Margaret in Norfolk."

Looks to me as if Sarah's hopped onto the rabbit idea too.
"From Sarah 

This game is such fun to play ! 
This little guy hopped by to say..."

Back after breakfast!!!!!
Janet is next in the inbox with her day 7. This is what she says.
"Hello Jane, 
I had a busy weekend with a birthday party for Mom-in-law and a date Sunday with my Honey ;). 
So I am behind. Here is day 7 and all bets are off! I am completely befuddled. I have non idea what we are making. I am struggling with spaces between the rings tonight. I cut off and started over with the first ring and the last is marginal. I will accept this and try to tighten when the chains are added. 
Oh north Georgia got enough snow in the valley to make the grass look like it had dandruff. 
More than we've had in snow this year, Janet!!!

Now for Nancy who says.
"Hi Jane 
My poor jester does not want to lay flat for his picture. I don't know how you do it but each day I seem to be working on something different! 
Heeee, heeee, Nancy!!!!

Sonya is next with her day 9 and the following comment.
"Good morning Jane, 
Here is my Day 9 which certainly was surprising to say the least! My frog has grown a very strange appendage, at least for a strange appendage for a frog. Or, may be it is a toad with a very large wart? It looks more like Maureen's long awaited rabbit than a frog now. 
I have a confession to make. I am not exactly following the directions. I reverse work before doing the shoe lace trick. The knot falls falls right into place without any fuss. In fact, I do not even have to release the thread. 
Thank you, 
Sonya Loyd"
Well it doesn't matter which way you do it as long as the two are done together.  I devised this lazy way some years ago.  Put it down to old age and pure laziness!!!!

Frances has popped in with her day 9 next. She says.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 9. You are making it very interesting with block tatting, beads, shoelace trick and split rings in such a small item! Thank you!"

Caroline sounds a bit unsure of her days 9 but there's nothing wrong with them as far as I can see.
"Well, I am not sure I got these correct. Let me know if they do not look right. I hope you are in dream land by now. I'm going to listen to the news and hopefully join you. It sounds like we are in for a big snow storm next week. They cannot predict it accurately yet but they are warning us. My guess is its a court jester. The bell at the ends on his hat are missing but after looking on the Internet they do not all have bells. Some have little puff balls and some nothing at all. 
Hope the snow misses you!!!

Finally in this batch I have M@dinin who says this.
"Hello Jane, 
Here's my Day 9. 
I thought of a chicken last time but today it still has a funny shape. A rabbit ? An alien? "

Off out to shop - back later!!!
Now I've got Mary Jane with her days 8 and 9. She says.
"Good morning Jane 
My little guy got up early this morning wants to see the sun come out , hope he is right 
Jasper Indiana USA"

Ah, look at Anita's idea. Like a few others she thinks it's going to be a rabbit!!! There's a novel idea!
"Hi Jane! 
I do believe it is going to be a small bunny :-)"
Your idea would fit in well with Martha's theme too, Anita.

Micheline is next with her day 9. She says.
"Hello Jane, 
this is my day 9 I hope there are not too many mistakes 
Good day 
Micheline "
From what I can see, Micheline, it looks fine to me.

Another rabbit person has now arrived. This is what Helene has to say.
"Really Jane? 
Now you have gone and done it! My tiger-frog is changing into a tiger-rabbit!! 
I am really confused but happily tatting along. 
See you tomorrow 
Well, tiger or rabbit - it's looking good!

Claire has arrived next in the overworked inbox!!! She says.
"Hello Jane !
Here’s my day 9… Seems to me this could be a rabbit, after all. Or a whatchamacallit! Yes, definitely, a whatchamacallit!!
Have a nice weekend.J"

I'm not quite sure who this next day 9 comes from but I'm guessing from the email address that it's Nina. I LOVE this picture - I think she's almost given up trying to guess the answer!!!

Sharon is back now with her day 9. She says.
"Hi, Jane 
Hope you are well. I think my turtle is morphing into a lop-eared bunny."

Robin has just arrived in my inbox with this comment and picture.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my progress for this year's TIAS. After the latest twists and turns I have no idea what this is going to be! 

Anne-Marie is the next to arrive with her day 9. She says.
"Hello Jane, 
Here is my day 9.  I’m very very disappointed, because my beautiful coach was flied away with day 9 !!! 
It seems more a sort of cartoon’s animal I don’t remind the name of it. May be Snoopy? 
I had to undo some knots, so I had turned them for give shape of roof’s coach ! 
“Do and undo, it’s always working”, my granmother would have to say.... 
Good evening Jane... 
Read you soon. 
Anne-Marie (France)"

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