Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Tomorrow will be Day 9 of the TIAS so be ready!!! The next few days will become 'interesting' so read the directions carefully. Not hard - just interesting!!!

First in this morning is from Adrian - good morning!
"Hi Jane 
Here's my Day Eight. That bead was tricky to get onto the picot, but I persuaded it in the end. It looks a bit like a nose, will the next part add an eye or two? :) (And look, I remembered to attach the picture this time!)"

Andrea is next in with her day 8. Good luck today, lass.
"Yeah .. Managed to get this finished Jane, before Day 9! Also, just before I go to bed. 3 days of medical appointments this week will probably mean that, unfortunately the next one may be from hospital 😉 don't worry though as I will only be there for a day xx 
Best Wishes 
Andrea x"

Joanie is back now with her days onward from 3 - 8. She says.
"Here is my TIAS through day 8! After explaining how the TIAS works, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law wanted in also! So two of us guess it is a frog, one is divided between a turtle, could be a scorpion or even a jester hat. And Rick is reserving his right to wait as he knows how tricky Jane is with the TIAS!!! : ) But, we all did agree with Rick! : )"

Nina (least I think it's Nina) is next with her day 8.
"Frog or not frog... ? 
Maybe an alien..."

Finally in this batch is Nikki who says.
"Ok I am sneaking this in like I had been doing it all along.... and not like I just realized there should be a new tias and just checked to find out that yep it started and I missed the start..... but alas here is my frog... lol only cause I decided to use green thread look it so much like a frog. can't wait to see the rest!"
Hee, hee, that's funny, Nikki.  No need to sneak as I wouldn't have noticed with the sheer volume of things coming in.  Good to see you, though.

Home after a busy, busy morning teaching in the library and the first in my inbox is Katie. She says.
"Hi, Jane, 
Remember the pre-school ditty, Five Green and Speckled Frogs? 
Here are Five Colored Tatted Frogs--or, at least that's what they think they are at the moment! 
Katie V in NC"
Yes, remember that one, Katie.  Not sure you've got frogs there, though.  Maybe, just maybe!!!!

Next in is Celine who has sent in her picture and comment.
"Hello Jane. Here is my day 8. Always happy to participate, I think of a baby with a rattle 
Good evening. Céline "

Sonja has arrived next in my inbox. She says.
"Hello Jane 
Here is my day 8. Looked in my box with beads and found some nice black beads in 2 sizes. 
Here rain and rain and rain and cold. 
Cannot wait for next day! 
Sonja from Holland"
Tomorrow, Sonja, tomorrow!!!!

Next in my inbox is Maglina who says.
"Bonjour Jane 
Jour 8. Je sais, c'est une tortue ... 
A bientôt 

Hello Jane 
Day 8. I know, is a turtle ... 
See you soon"

Sylvie has returned now with her day 8. This is what she has to say.
"Hi Jane! 
Busy as a bee at work this week. But fortunately time enough to keep up in the end. No brilliant idea to propose though. Not a bad one either to be honest! Everything I can think of has already been mentioned, and I've got a feeling it must be something else. What an exciting game ^_^ 
xxxx "

Finally today I can show you Sara who says.
"Hi Jane, 
I think I'm the last of the day this time too. Really I don't know what it would be, but I'm having a lot of fun! 
Thank You! 
Sara from Trieste"
Yes you are last today but that's good.  

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