Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Day 6

Today it's time to get back to the shuttles because here is day 6 of the Tat It And See.

First in this morning with her day 5 is Andrea with a very cheerful picture on a DULL, COLD day here in England.
"Hi Jane, 
Seemed like a lovely spring day today so my tatting is sitting on a lily pad in the pond ..;). You are still keeping us all guessing. Thank you so much for the fun xx Best Wishes as always, Andrea x"

Next in my inbox is Dani with this comment and picture.
"hi Jane! 
when i saw the diagram for day 5, i thought maybe a comfy chair with a big cushion... but the 'frog' contingent swayed me... 
dani, the geek"

Denise is next with her day 5 and she has guessed and has sent in a picture. THANKS.
"A frog"

Starlene's picture is next - here it is.

Glad to hear that somebody lives in a warm place while I'm freezing 'up here'. This is from Jenni who lives 'down there'!!!!
"Hi Jane. 
Better late than never! 
Been flat out since Christmas but doing a St John Ambulance shift today that is quiet so thought I would play catch up!! 
However I think perhaps I needed to use white? A swan perhaps? 
Hope you are well and happy. 
Jenni (sweltering in uniform at a cow show!!) "

Coretta is next with her day 4. This is what she says.
"I got behind since this last week and weekend we emptied our living room. I painted the walls, we pulled up the carpet and installed new flooring and then put all the furniture back, I'm still in process of putting all the art back on the wall. But here is day 4. Noe to wind shuttles for day 5. Are we supposed to switch colors? 
I'm tired just reading about your weekend!!!!  Glad it wasn't me!

I'm off to have breakfast after this one from Deana.
"Hi Jane 
Taking off my mittens to get day 5 done before day 6 comes along. I even fixed the mistake that I found after sending my last piece..... 
Now off to bed I go...have a good night everyone 
Tatting in London Ontario Canada Deana."
That's clever - fixing the boo boo.  

No, not off until I've done Maglina's day 5!! Here it is.
"Bonjour Jane. 
Jour 5 fini juste a temps pour commencer le jour 6. 
Je n'est plus beaucoup d’idées pour l'instant. 
Bonne journée. 

Hello Jane . 
Day 5 ended just in time to start the day 6 . 
I no longer many ideas for now. 
Good day."

Back after a very busy morning and first in is Severine who has just set out on the TIAS journey.
"Hey Jane 
First, I want to thank you for your amazing patterns. I might spend hours on your website wondering which models I might realize. So, thank you et congratulations for your talent. 
Then, you can find my day 1 and 4 of the TIAS. I am late but I try to decrease my delay. 
Again thank you very much 
Have a nice day 

First in with her day 6 is Jane again. Here's her comment but no suggestion this time!!!
"Hi Jane, hmmm, the whale would be rather large if those were its gills, so I’m retracting on that one."

Next in is Jacee who says.
"Dear Jane, 
Well… could be a FROG if not for the two tiny top rings!!! Beats me again!! :( 

Firanghish is next and she's not guessed yet either!!!
"Hi Jane, 
I am sending you my day 6 puzzle . I am not able to figure out at day 6 sooo..... Thank you for the wonderful game. 
Happy tatting everyone. 

Now I have Maureen with her day 6 and it's come from her ancient bronze age computer!!!! 
"After a very slow start with Day 6 - because the computer is on it's very last toe, never mind legs - we're feeling a little better about things, Rabbit and I - the spider is Off the Page! We feel sure the two rings are his furry paws. Now - on to Day 7!" 

Fiona is next in the inbox with her day 6. Here it is.
"Hmmm, BC3 is devious! This is now a bit long (and has rings) to be toast popping out of a toaster... I am inclined to think it may be a frog. .. looking forward to day 7 

Now I have Emilia's day 6 too. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
This is Day 6, I still think it's a frog. As many others. Love to read what others have to say. And all the nice pictures there making. 
Kind regards, Emilia"

Ah, my oh my, Patricia's pictures just get better. LOVE this one too - thanks.
Thank you so much for doing this--it is really fun! 
It is probably a frog, but I'm not ready to "go along with the crowd" just yet--I have to stay bamboozled and say I really don't know yet! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

It sounds as if Irene is going to have a meeting with her family tonight to try and work out what she's making!!!!
"Hi Jane 
So attached to a frog that I don't find anything, so tonight : family council :-P 
I love, thanks Jane for this wonderful adventure. 

Next in is CoCo. She's sent in day 5 with the following comment.
"Bonjour je suis CoCo 
Je vous envoie mon jour 5, 
Merci beaucoup d'avoir eu l'idée de partager votre patron avec Julie Portela pour la traduction française grâce à vous 2 j'apprends beaucoup de choses car je suis novice en frivolité. 
Excellente journée à vous et encore merci pour ce partage de toutes vos connaissances. 

Hello I am CoCu 😊
I send you my day 5
Thank you very much for having had the idea of sharing your boss with Julie Portela for the French translation thanks to you two I learn many things because I am new frivolity.
Good day to you and thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

Sonya is next with her day 6. Love the colours.
"Good morning, Jane, 
or at least it is still morning here, and a very grey one at that. 
Attached is my Day 6. I am going to stay with frog. He will eat those nasty spiders that are hanging around for us! 
Ummmm, Sonya - I think there's something gone a bit askew with yours!!!  Can you email me, please?

The next comment came in with this wonderful drawing too.
"Hello Jane 
I continue to think the TIAS could be a spaghettis plate... but if you look carefully at the photo, you can see a froggy detail ^^ 
Thanks for this brilliant adventure ! 
Thank you, Blanche.

Adrian's reasoning is funny but true too.
"Hi Jane 
Here's my Day Six. 
At last! Something other than chains! :) 
I think I mucked up the early chains on the right. Too late now! 
It's starting to look a little crabby, but maybe that's because I chose a red thread. Maybe if I'd picked green it'd look froggy..."
The chains look fine to me, Adrian.

Carol seems to want to go along with the rest of you!!!
"All I can say is glump went the little pink jumping on the bandwagon "

Now for Anita's day 6 and this comment.
"Hi Jane, 
After seeing the sixth part of the pattern I have to join the others; it is a frog! 
I so look forward to the next part, on Friday?"
Day 7 will be on Saturday, Anita. I'm struggling to keep up at the moment!!!

Sue is next with her - well, here's her reasoning!!!
"If you turn it down side up its a tree with a stubby trunk, not a 'ribbit'!! Lol 
So there!!! 

Margaret knows me too well!!! I'll say no more!!!
"Hello Jane, just finished day 6 and shown it to hubby, he has stated very adamantly that it can't be anything but a frog! Maybe he is right but I know you of old and wouldn't be at all surprised to find you still have a trick up you sleeve. I must admit that it does look very much like a frog though! Roll on day 7! 
Margaret (Norfolk)"

Elirosa seems to be thinking it's a frog too!!! Here's her comment.
"Carissima Jane, 
Questo è il mio 6 giorno. Sarà una rana?, mi sembra che un'altra chiacchierina ne abbia parlato nei giorni scorsi. 
Boh vedremo 
Carissimi saluti"

Dearest Jane,
This is my six days. It will be a frog ?, it seems to me that another chatterbox he has spoken in recent days.
but we see
Dear greetings

Another frog guess from Melanie is next in the inbox!!!
"Froggy's about to get another 3 vsp 3 ring, I think, before we add the little bead to the picot in the middle for his nose. Then his eyes will bulge out farther?! That's odd. I'm having trouble getting him to lie flat as his body width has decreased. I had been expecting more chains today, but those floating rings were a surprise. You trickster, you!" 

Next in is Catherine with days 4 and 5 and who says.
"Bonjour Jane, 
Voici mes jours 4 et 5, ça ressemble de plus en plus à une grenouille ????? 
A bientôt. 

Hello Jane,
Here are my days 4 and 5, it looks more and more like a frog ?????
See you soon.

Finally I have Sarah with her rhyme and day 6.
"Clue number 6 you have just introduced 
but what we are tatting I still can't deduce. 

Denise has just arrived with her day 5 and she says.
"It seems I am having a problem getting the photo to you. Please let me know if you got this one. Day 5 and it must be the Queens thrown, or maybe her prince turned to a frog? 
Arrived safe and sound, Denise.  I always acknowledge a message unless I'm asleep!!!

Virginie is next in my inbox with her days 4 and 5 all rolled into one.
"bonjour jane, 
Voici mon day 4 et 5 
bonne journée 

Shelly is next to pop into my inbox. She says.
"I have no idea where you are taking us but I am enjoying the journey. Very clever construction. 

Welcome next to a newcomer to this year's TIAS. Hi, Robin, welcome aboard. Here's her comment and picture.
"Hi Jane, 
I had a late start but I'm in the game now. At first I was thinking this might be a cricket, but now I'm leaning towards a toad with the little rings being warts. Not sure how the three beads would fit into that though. I think it's fair to say that you have me stumped! 

Judy has sent in her day 6 with her idea of what it will eventually be - a - well, I'll let her tell you.
Rough drawing of a carriage!"

Elsa is now the next person in my inbox. She says this.
"Hello Jane !
May be I know... Is it a baby sit on the floor ?
See you soon :-)
Oh, I'm not telling - but it could be!!!!

Now Nancy is another tatter who thinks this is going to be a carriage. I think it's a great idea.
"Hi Jane, 
It is looking more like an old carriage! 

Now we find out the reason for Sonya's problem earlier with her day 6. Here's what she says.
"Hello again, Jane, 
My cell phone is on its last leg. Its replacement arrives today so it decided to play one last trick on me - it downloaded the wrong file! The touch screen is bad and it freezes up. I am taking my daughter to her training institute today, so I am at its mercy. 
Anyway, I ripped out the mistake and here is my correct Day 6. I still think it is a frog though, but who really knows what you have up your sleeve? 

Barbara has now returned with her day 6 and this is what she says.
"Hi Jane 
Sure looks like l'escargot to me !!! 
Great exercise! Having fun. 
Regards, Barbara"

Melanie has now arrived in my inbox. She says.
"Good morning! 
The day dawned bright and sunny so I went for a walk. Now that I've accomplished Day 6, see photo attached, it's time to head to the store for rose spray. While hiking, I decided my creme version of this year's game reminds me of a cake!"

Next to arrive is Sonja. She says this.
"Hello Jane Here is my day 6, still looking more and more a frog, I think. Greetings from a cold Holland Sonja from Holland"
Cold over here too, Sonja. Hope Spring comes soon but I don't think it will! 

Monique has sent in her day 6 next. Here's what she says.
"bonjour jane, 
voici le jour 6,mais c'est pas trés beau, j"ai du mal a suivre! 

hi jane,
6 is the day, but it's not very nice, I "ve hurt to follow!
Best regards

Next comes Caroline. She's sent her comment and picture both of which are here.
"Well, I am not venturing out again today. My daughter or her husband will come and scoop the driveway and walks when they get off of work. Which ever one gets off first. Suppose to get more snow so I think it may be a frugal task. 
Had better luck with this section as I made sure I kept reading the instructions. Jane, I think you have the eyes a little off center so maybe it is just a monster from your BC3. Have a great day. 

Now I have a bi-tatter. That's my name for somebody who can read both English and French patterns. That's VERY clever, I think. Here's what Anne-Marie says.
"Coucou Jane, 
Perhaps we are in the middle of this funny Tias.Someone sees a frog, but i ‘m staying in my rolls’s idea ? Still little patience to know THE truth !.. 
In spite of french translation, I continue with english “day”.So I better understand abbreviations in english than in french...Ssssh ! Don’t entrust that to Julie !!!! 
Now,I’m used to english tatting..... 
Soon for continuation..... 
Anne-Marie (France)"

Carollyn is next to arrive with her day 6. She says.
"Another day no clues yet but the frog thing is interesting!"

Next I have Celine who says.
"Bonsoir Jane 
Voici mes jours 5 et 6. Celà pourrait être une tête de mouton si on met le haut en bas, avec ces 2 oreilles :) ou une grenouille. 
Vivement la suite. très bonne soirée et salutations de suisse. Céline"

goodnight Jane
Here are my days 5 and 6. This could be a sheep's head if you put the top down, with these two ears :) or a frog.
Strongly thereafter. good evening greetings and Switzerland. Céline

Sara has now joined us from Italy. Welcome to the TIAS 2016. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
I'm Sara from Trieste in Italy. 
I follow your posts of tias day 2016 from the first day, but due I was very busy, I starded only this Sutarday. I send You my day 5, it was very funny to work it. It's my first block tatting with shuttle. 
If I can guess... it would be a crab!?! 
Thank you very much for yours explenations and efforts. 
Best regads 
Well it may be a crab, Sara but you're going to have to wait and see!!!!!

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