Friday, 22 January 2016

Another day and more coming in.

First of all - Day 7 will be available tomorrow so find your shuttles and tatting which by now, if you're like me, you've put away 'tidily'. In other words - lost!!!!

First in this morning is from Micheline. Her comment and picture follow.
6 is my day job but not very regular needle I start?"

There are times when this game really makes me laugh. This is another of those occasions. This is from Carine who says this.
"Hi Jane , 
this is my day 6 
I found this so funny , I decide to make a second one J 
Thank you, Carine - that's so funny that you're making two and I love the second picture!!!!

Snow just does encourage tatting if you can get it. Katie's got snow so here she is with all her day 6's.
"Hi, Jane, 
swirling round and round, wondering what we'll be! 
Katie V in NC where we have snow and ice today. Love snow days. The world stops and we all stay home. Birds are very active at the bird feeder though!"

Rose Anne has just sent her day 6 in with this comment.
"OK I really do think this will be a frog soon. Yep here is Day 6 of the current TIAS mystery. 
Rose Anne"

Just checked my inbox and I've found another day 6 has arrived. Here is the comment and picture.
"Hello, voici mon jour 6 et 
je pense que c'est une grenouille :)"

Hello, this is my day and 6
I think it's a frog :)

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