Sunday, 10 January 2016

Day 2 continued.

As there are more people starting I'm going to release day 3 on Tuesday. That's a quieter day for me too. I teach computer skills on Monday afternoons to other old people and I would struggle to keep up. So, day 3 on Tuesday.

First in today is from Gita who is doing really, really well.
"Omg Jane, There was much swearing and copious amounts of "untatting" every single element except for the complex ring which is sorta twisty and got stuck but Finally did close (nearly thought I was gonna have to start over) buT I managed to not have to write you and ask for help (despite several attempts to figure out which way was up to begin with... Let's just say today was pretty far from a "genteel art form"... 
BuT despite all the chaos, I did learn that new skill of joining, and improved significantly on my chains being pulled better, and split ring backsides being closer to better tension. 
So I did learn a lot and am deeply grateful to be Done for today - Whew! 
Baby Pearlie here for a little cheer, is quite convinced it's a perfect little caterpillar playmate. 
This really is an amazing opportunity to learn, and I don't mind your taking plenty of time before the next portion - Gita"

Next in this morning is from Janet who has sent in her day 1. She says.
"Hey Jane, 
I had this done two days ago, but I have a monstrous chest cold and just haven't had the energy to find a place in my house to take a good picture. Here is day one and now I am getting back under the covers and tat day two. By the way these are my first split rings off a shuttle. I started with needle tatting and picking up the shuttle. 
Hope your weather is better than mine it is a dreary day in Georgia, USA. 
Janet VanLandingham"

Sad news from the next participant - she's sending in her day 2 from hospital. First TIAS I think from a hospital bed. Not good. Hope you're fully recovered soon, Andrea.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is day 2. As you can see they are in hospital! Been a bit poorly, but only in for the day. On our way home now, thank goodness. At least I had something to keep me busyūüėĄ. 
Best Wishes 
Andrea xx"

With thanks to Shirley for helping out - I now have Mary Anna's day 2. That's what I call team work. AND a learning curve on computers too for Mary Anna so double well done.
"Hi Jane! 
Here is my work for Day 2. It must be a dragon, I think. Thankie! 
Mary Anna"

Next in my inbox is from Carol in Australia - or 'down under' as we say. Still wondering if the Australians call us 'down under' or 'up there'!!!!!
"I had to restart when I hit a burr closing the next ring. Still no clue as to what it is."
That's so annoying when that happens, Carol. A good start again, though.

Next in is from Sharon with her day 2 and the following comment.
"No idea yet but I'm reminded of an inchworm."

Denise is next in my inbox with her picture and comment.
"This is so much fun! Even if it isn't a pink dragon, it might be a pink bunny. I might have to start a second one in chocolate! See you soon. 

Another new arrival with both days 1 and 2 is Claire. She's got a good idea for her blog posts too.
"Hello Jane, 
For the third year in a row, I am thrilled to participate in your TIAS. Thank you very much for creating a new pattern each year and running the game. 
This year again, I will blog about it, but I created a specific page this time, in order to put all the pictures together in a gallery and see how the design unveils. 
Since we will be using two medium beads and a smaller one, I think it might be an animal. Of course, my first guess has to be a horse! Yes, I know, I usually guess that it will be a horse on the first few days, but maybe one day it will actually be one. ;) 
On the second day, I think it might be a monkey, in order to get ready for the Chinese New Year. 
Well, we'll see. 
Claire (BC, Canada) 

Finally in the overnight batch of emails in my inbox is a beautiful model showing off Anita's day 2.
"Hi Jane 
You certainly have well over 50 co-tatters, I am sure. I am normally a silent follower of your TIAS , and I guess there are more of us out there. I have no idea so far as to what this will become. Greetings from Switzerland, Anita"
I'm so glad you decided to show yourself and your lovely cat this year, Anita.

Sorry - that wasn't the final one in my inbox! Sometimes the attachment paperclip doesn't show up! Here is Elirosa (I think that's her name) and she says.
"Buongiorno Jane, 
Sono riuscita a completare il 2 giorno non senza difficolt√†. Ancora non sono in grado di dire che cosa potrebbe essere, ma mi permetto di farle una domanda. Cosa si intende per "switch shuttles"? 
La ringrazio e le auguro una buona domenica"

Hello Jane,
I was able to complete the two days is not without difficulties. I'm still not able to say what could be, but I would ask you a question. What is meant by "switch shuttles"?
Thank you and I wish you a good Sunday.

La mia risposta. Navette Interruttore significa semplicemente modificare le navette. Cada quello che si stava utilizzando e prendere l'altro. Spero che abbia un senso?

My answer. Switch shuttles simply means change shuttles. Drop the one you were using and pick up the other one. Hope that makes sense?

Thanks to Riet (and Gerretje) I can now show you another of our tatters from The Netherlands.  Here are days 1 and 2 from Gerretje who is a very busy lady.

Next in is from Janet who says she's caught up at the moment - which is true!!
"Hey Jane, 
I am getting up to date! My guess is an inch worm! But we have a long way to go yet 
Thanks for doing this. 

Next to appear is Irene who has sent in her days 1 and 2. She has this to say!
"Hi Jane, 
Thanks a lot for your nieuw TIAS, here are my days 1 and 2 :) 
Sincerely yours"

Now my next person is managing to keep up with the TIAS in spite of life (and bushfires) trying to stop her. Thank you SO much, Lyn and I do hope the fires don't get any closer to you. We heard about that township over this side of the world. So sad.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my day 2. 
We have a full campground at the moment,so we are very busy especially with our major highways closed due to huge bushfires. So our campers are travelling an extra 250 Klms to get here. Our firies have done a tremendous job over the last week and they're not finished yet ! The whole township of Yarloop was destroyed except for 18 houses including a steam museum. Very sad 
Thanks again"

Katie has just caught up with all of her FIVE day 2's!!! AND she's had time to send in a rhyme too. Now there's talent for you.
"Hi, Jane, Day 2 makes the cutest little dickens! 

Five little humpa-humpas 
Are swirling round and round, 
Each of them a-wondering-- 
When it lands a-ground, 
Where will be its head? 
Will its heart be sound? 
Its bunch of fancy parts 
Will certainly astound. 

Sure looking forward, as they are, to the next fancy part! 
Katie V in NC"

Next to pop into my inbox is Virginia who sent in her picture and comment.
"Bonjour Jane, 
Voici ma photo du Tias. 

Hello Jane,
Here is my picture of Tias.
Thank you

Laurence is now back with day 2 as well. Here's her comment and picture.
"Hello Jane. 
Here is the day 2. 
Always no idea!!! 
See you soon for the continuation."

Cassie has now arrived with a change of mind on the answer to the mystery!!!
"Ok mushroom was a bad guess. Now I'm going to say Camel!" 

Next to arrive is Ankie who sent in her comment and picture.
"and here is my first result!. I do not know what it will be, hahaha"

Denise is next into my inbox with her day 2.
"No idea yet."

Kelli has just joined us and has sent in her days 1 and 2. Welcome aboard, Kelli.
"Joining in a bit late this year, but now I'm off and running. 
Kelli in Banks, OR"

Another new arrival to the TIAS 2016 is M@dinin who has sent in her days 1 & 2. She says.
"Bonsoir Jane, je frivole depuis 6 mois. C'est la premi√®re fois que je participe √† un TIAS. Voici mes 2 premiers jours. Frivolit√© √† l'aiguille #7 et coton c√Ębl√© #8. 

Hi Jane, I tatte for 6 months. It's the 1rst time I participate to TIAS. These are my first days (needle tatting #7 and thread #8)"

Chantal has just arrived in my inbox.  Welcome to TIAS 2016.
"for the tias blog

Sue has found the solution to snow days. A lesson we should all listen to whether it snows, rains, suns, hails, winds or whatever.  Here are her days 1 & 2 in abundance.
"I'm finally getting started. With a fresh foot of snow outside there's nothing better to do than stay inside and tat. 
Sue. "

Marla is now back with her day 2.  She says.
"Here's my day 2 ...... not quite sure what part this is of my Purple-People-Eater.......  but I know you'll sort it out in the end.  :)"
Not sure what a purple people eater looks like but it could well be that I'm lying and that this is what the TIAS really is!!!!

Wendy is the next to arrive and she simply says.
"Could be an ear."

Now some TIAS pictures are just too darn cute and this is one of them. Thanks Marie for your day 2.
"Here's your TIAS 
facebook: West Pine Creations"

Celine is next in my inbox. She says.
"Bonsoir Jane 
J'attends avec impatience chaque nouvelle √©tape. Je ne sais pas ce que cela sera, mais je me r√©jouis de le d√©couvrir. 
Tr√®s bonne soir√©e √† vous. 
goodnight Jane

I look forward to each new step. I do not know what that will be, but I rejoice to find out.
Very good evening to you.

Beverley has joined us again this year. Welcome aboard.
"Hi Jane 
So glad you are doing this again! 
Last year was my first and it was great. 
I took a break from tatting for a good 6 months because I was working on a crochet project that wasn't behaving, so I wanted to force myself to finish that first. When I saw you had started your 2016 TIAS, I was re-inspired to begin tatting again. Thank you! It really is fun, and I have no idea whatsoever, what it will become! 
Looking forward to your next post! 
Regards, Barbara"

Final offering in today is from Michele and her daughter. She says.
"Hi Jane here are mine and Meaghan's day 2 picks. 
Michele "

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