Friday, 15 January 2016

Day 4

Day 5 will be available on Sunday morning.

The first person in my inbox this morning is Catherine with her day 3. Two of them!! She says.
"Bonjour Jane, 
Voici mes deux jour 3 dans les deux versions différentes. Peut-être un escargot ou une tortue ????? 
A bientôt. 

Next in is Andrea with another fantastic picture of Nessie!
"Hi Jane, 
Here is day 3. As you can see we are all well again and having fun with a guess! No other ideas yet, but as always, enjoying the mystery xxx 
Best wishes 
I'm now wondering if you could be right, Andrea!!!

Within a VERY short space of time (around half an hour) I have the first day 4 from Jacee.
"Busy.. busy... 

Between breakfast and popping into town I have two more I can upload. First from Jane who says.
"HI Jane. Your diagram looks like a smile. My version? Not so much."

Did I say two more? Another has just popped in so after Maureen's (the rabbit lady as I think of her during a TIAS) I will deal with that before going out!!!
"Quite obviously we have been tatting the ears of a stunted rabbit - (or maybe a mouse). I'm glad the next part des not yet require the beads, because I still can't find my big box of mixed sizes. That's what comes of "tidying up". No good ever comes of tidying things away."
No, Maureen - those ears are far too small for a rabbit!!!!

Fiona is next and after hers I WILL go out shopping!!! Here are her thoughts in rhyme and on beads too.
"Hi Jane... 

Trying to think what this could become. 
A cat or a crown are thoughts from my Son. 
Perhaps those points will become legs, 
We'll have a different thought for day 5, sure as eggs! 

Hmmm... best stick to my day job lol. 
Wondering if we add the beads to the new thread for day 5? 

Shopping done, hoovering sort of done and now back to fun time.

First in this batch is Marina who also thinks it's ears!!!
"Hi Jane, this is my Day 4. I think animal's ears." 

I was amused to see a comment on Facebook a while ago from somebody who noticed the url for today's part. She thinks that's going to give you a clue - but, as I said, I'm quite devious so it may not be!! Or it maybe!!!!! I'll leave you to work that out.

Now, next in the inbox is Bev who has another idea which I think means she's right - she's devious too!!!!
"Hi Jane 
If you turn this up the other way it looks like the beginnings of a bicycle. And......I can't find a pattern for a bicycle anywhere in your blog. See how BC3 is teaching me to be devious too!?!?! 
Ah, Bev, again - am I devious or not?!?!?!?  Would I turn the whole thing round?  Hmmmmm.  Good idea, though!!!

Next in is SueD who needs to do some cleaning - don't worry, it's not the dreaded housework!
"Ok, so I can't draw for toffee and I must clean the lens on the phone camera.... 
However that's my proof its the undercarriage on a bubble shaped 'Pigmini' lol"

Home again and back to the inbox. Next in is from Lyn who says.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my day 4, I have no idea what it is but I do enjoy doing TIAS. I have an elderly lady friend who is fascinated with TIAS but can't get her to tat ! She is a beautiful knitter doing lots for our local hospital shop. Thanks Jane"

Now I have Patricia's day 4 and her comment which is.
Do they play "Slug Bug" there? Growing up, anytime you saw a VW Bug, you got to pinch, poke or punch (depending on who you were with!) the person you wanted to irritate the most in the car...for me it was usually my sister! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 
I've never heard of the game, Patricia but then that's probably me.  Come on those in the UK - have you heard of it?  LOVE the picture.

Next in my inbox is Firanghish who says.
"Hi Jane, 
Very confused , I think it's not a tree , but some animal. Sending you a puzzle pice of day 4. 
Thank you very much for a wonderful game. 
Happy Tatting everyone, 

Now for the cutest of cute pictures from Carollyn who says.
"Okay I changed my mind :)"
Glad you did - LOVE your picture. 

Obviously Melanie has been thinking hard about this TIAS!!!! Here's what she says.
"Squiggle One complete! That was a surprise, in that I wasn't expecting it to end up symmetrical. It was also a surprise ending when I saw that I was to end off today. I wonder if we're already halfway done?! I now think I was mistaken in thinking (based on the beads) that it would be an animal; it seems more like a garland! Of course, my working it in green may have a lot to do with that. On the other hand, this could be the top of a dog's head! It's still much too soon to tell."

Next to arrive is Orane who says.
"hello Jane 
J'hesite cette foi entRe les oreilles d'un chat ou meme Batman , ou une vache dont les petits picots représentent les pis 
Je pense que tu fais exprès de nous donner des morceaux qui ressemble à rien pour garder le suspens 
Bonne journée 
Orane "

hello Jane
I hesitate faith betWeen the ears of a cat or even Batman 😄, or a cow whose udders are small spikes 😜
I think you do it on purpose to give us songs that sound like anything to keep the suspense 😄
Good day

Oh, Orane - you are just too funny.  Poor cow having such small udders!!!!!

Next to arrive is Alva Alicia. Her grandson is now involved with the TIAS too!
"Good morning Jane. 
This is my day 4. 
My grandson says it looks like intestines lol. 
Hugs from México 
Alva Alicia Burrola"
I'm not sure I know what intestines look like, Alva Alicia!!!! He's got a great imagination, though!!!!

Another of the day 4's has now arrived and this time from Phyllis who says.
"I am one of the silent lurkers. I post from time to time but definitely submit my finished project. Anyway, here is my Day 4. It looks like ears for a critter of some sort. 
Phyllis in GA"
Ears? Hmmmmmm.

Helene is back again with her tiger theory!
"Well here we are on day 4 and I am still convinced I am tatting a tiger, but Jane, what are the picots on his head for? 
See you on Sunday 
I'll tell you what they're for, Helene. They're there to make you ask questions!!!! Perhaps it's a tiger wearing a hat?  See you on Sunday!!

Keli is next with her day 4 and the following comment and picture.
"I've not cut and tied yet, but here is Clue 4! 

I'm just going to pop in one suggestion which came in anonymously as I think it's fantastic. Made me laugh.
"This is a well-endowed lady's view of her feet!"
Thank you, Anonymous.

Finally in this batch, I think, is Wanda. She says.
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 4. I've looked at this from different angles and still don't know where we are going. It does look like we'll have to start joining in the middle sometime, some way. Looking forward to Sunday when you drop us another bread crumb.
Wanda in Kansas USA"

Back again with another rhyme is Sarah. How does she do it?

"Could it be the Cat in the Hat we tat? 
I rather doubt that! 
I am sure with this magic thread 
it will turn into something else instead. 

Nancy has sent in her day 4 too. It's amazing how many think this is a cat and yet Nancy is having help from hers!!!! 
"Too much help from the cat. There is black hair in my last ring. You got me stumped with the cut and tie, I have no idea where we are going. Thank you for the practice in joining from the 'split' side of a split ring. It is coming more naturally now. 
Nancy, Ontario, Canada & Tim (as in Tim Horton, my son named the cat)"

Next to arrive is Nanalou who says.
"bonjour jane, 
et voila jour 4;merci de nous faire partager cette expérience; 

hi jane,
and voila day 4; thank you for sharing this experience;
Best regards

Caroline is next with her day 3. She says.
"Here is day 3 . I think it is a whole bunch of little inch worms holding hands and snuggling up to stay warm since it has been so cold here. It is to be -7 for the high Sunday. 
Ah, bless their little cotton socks - that's if inch worms wear cotton socks.  In your neck of the woods I think woollen socks would be better!

Elisabetta has just arrived with her day 4 and she's not thinking of cow's udders  like Orane but - well she'll tell you!!!!
"Buonasera Jane, 
Le invio il mio giorno 4. É il naso di una mucca? Ahahah 
Una curiosità per me che non ho mai studiato l'inglese e che non ho nessuna dimestichezza con le vostre misure, ho azzeccato la conversione da Yard a cm che le mostro nella seconda foto? 
La ringrazio tanto per la pazienza è la cortesia e le auguro un buon fine settimana 

Good evening Jane,
I send my day 4. It is the nose of a cow? hahaha
A curiosity to me that I have never studied English and that I have no experience with your measurements, I guessed the conversion Yard cm that monster in the second picture?
Thank you so much for your patience and very polite and I wish you a good weekend
I apologise, Elizabeth.  I should have thought about putting in the other measurements.  Next year I hope I remember.  The measurements for shuttle 1 will be 297.18 cms and for shuttle 2 it will be 365.76 cms.  I hope that's right as I've used a conversion site online!!!

Andrea knows how to deal with cold horrid weather and here's how she does it.
"Hi Jane, 
It feels great to be on top of day 4. A lovely sunny afternoon quickly turned horrible with wind, rain and hail, so a lovely excuse to curl up with my tatting shuttles. Just the ends to sew in after tea. xx 

Axa is back now with her day 4 and this comment.
"Dear Jane! 
First of all I would like to thank you all of your work with TIAS, it gives so many joy every January. Here is my first 4 days: www.csipke-csoda.
Today I see cat ears in it, but we will see :) "
So many cats mentioned today but I'm wondering if anybody's right!!!! 

Another new idea from Barbara!!!! I like it. Particularly the picot!!!
"Hi Jane 
Hmmmm - maybe it's a bed 😃!!! 
Princess and the Picot :+> 
Love it!! 

LOVE this idea - and the drawing. Well thought out, Sonya. BUT is it really a bear taking a snooze?  Maybe Maureen's rabbit but after all these years it would be a shame to steal her rabbit and make it real, wouldn't it?
"Hi Jane, 
To brighten our cold, deary winter days and give us warm thoughts it is a bear taking a nap in a hammock on a not too sunny summer day. Or maybe it is Mareen's rabbit taking that nap. 

I'm so pleased to see another new person joining in the TIAS. Welcome Carine with your days 1 to 3. Here's Carine's comment and picture.
"Dear Jane, 
I just found time to begin this wonderful project you have organized! 
I made the 3 first days in one yesterday! I am very exciting to discover what we will get 
Thanks for this we learn so much also! 
Greetings from Belgium"

Bernice is back with her day 4. Hmmm, I suppose it could be, Bernice.
"I am thinking of summer so my guess today is a koala bear. So far we have tatted the top of his head and ears. I still have my beads ready, waiting for Sunday and new instructions. 
Bernice B 
Snowy Canada"

SueH (and Bo - her husband) are back with their guesses. Hmmmm.
"Here yer go... 
Is is a frog? 
Other way up a hat to something or other? 
Bo had no input except, "Is that it? What's it supposed to be?" 
DUH!!! Men..."
Could be a frog, Sue. Not sure, though!!!  GREAT drawing.

Claire is next in with her day 4 and the following comment and picture.
"Hello Jane, 
Here is my picture of day 4 (and the link to the corresponding blog page). 
Hélène might be right when she said it will be a tiger as it certainly looks like the ears and top of the head of a big cat, although I am wondering what will attach later to the picots... 
Could it be that this piece will be turned upside down in the end? 
Have good night. 
Claire (BC, Canada) 
Hmmmmm, maybe I designed it standing on my head, Claire?

Following next is Margaret who has two suggestions. Here they are!
"Hello Jane, here is my day 4 offering. I think it could be part of a Chinese building. But then again it looks very much like the object being held in the other picture. I found this while surfing. The artical was saying something about a 13th zodiac sign with some strange name. Well, strange to me who has absolutely no interest in star signs! Thought I'd show you anyway. 
Margaret (Norfolk)"
That's clever finding the 'probable' answer in Pam Palmer's picture.  Not sure about the star sign, though!!!

Wendy has now arrived and she thinks - well, let I'll let her tell you.
"I can see 2 ears ..... 
Wendy x"

Judy has had problems sending today's part of the TIAS but when she finally got through she said.
"Koala so glad this ended with a R instead of SR :) Judy"


Fiona T said...

In reference to 'slug bug'- we (in Victoria Australia) had a similar "punch buggy" game- with the exception you would get a punch in the arm if someone else spotted the VW Beetle car first.

Lline said...

I've have never tatted before but have at least tried most other forms of needlework. Do you have a suggestion on where to look for some good instructions for absolute beginners?