Saturday, 9 January 2016

Day 2

We have just over 50 people now taking part in this year's Tat It And See. Of course there's always time to start so if you haven't then just follow the links at the top, left of this page.

First in this morning is Cassie's day 1. No, Cassie, that vsp is just fine. 
"Guessing mushroom 
Should I start over and make a smaller first vsp?"
Not sure about the mushroom idea, though!!!!

Next to arrive is Andrea. She arrived along with this picture and comment.
"Hi Jane, 
Happy New Year. I can't believe how the time has flown! Your TIAS is always fun and a welcome focus after Christmas. I am excited to see the pattern develop. Here are my 2 attempts (i am afraid I just used what thread I picked up first, so thickness varies), but am sure you won't chastise me for that .. Heehee! 
Love Andrea xx"
Sounds very normal to me - to pick up whatever's available!!!

First in with her Day 2 finished is Maureen who sadly appears to be focussed yet again on it being a RABBIT!!! Poor lass wishes for a rabbit every year and is always disappointed. Who knows - maybe next year, Maureen.
"Shuttles at the ready, haring off to the computer - and Day 2 was late! Time enough for the Sentinel Rabbit to bring in reinforcements, positive thinking works wonders."
Oh, sorry about being a bit late but that must've been down to blogger as I'd scheduled it for eight thirty (GMT) but decided to have a few more lazy minutes in bed!!!

Shortly after Maureen I had Jane's day 2 arrive in the inbox. Her comment is simple but says it all!!!!
"This way and that!"

Jaycee seems to be like Maureen and Jane - waiting earnestly for day 2!!! Here's her comment and picture.
"Hi Jane, 
Have been waiting to catch the first glimpse of Day 2. So here it is - 

I've just had a message/comment from Riet who is translating the TIAS into Dutch. She's said that 19 people in The Netherlands are now taking part. WHOOOOPPPPPEEEEEEE.

Next in is from Firanghish who says.
"Dear Jane, 
Sending my day 2 puzzle pice, I have no clue may be some idea I can get after day 3, but I love to play the game. Thank you for all the trouble you take to make are BC 3 work . 
Happy tatting puzzle pics. 
Lots of thank you. 

Next I have Mary Jane's day 2 along with her comment too.
Happy to see you, Mary Jane and thanks for joining us.

Anita is now back with her day 2 and this comment.
"Hi Jane, 
This is my result from Day 2. I had to start over again as I closed the last ring too tight, so the vsp wasn't that small anymore. 
But this is fun! 
Kind regards, Anita"
What a shame, Anita. I think I'm an expert on undoing tatting!!!! Join my club!!!

Shelly is next with her day 2 along with her comment.
"Here is day 2. Very fun, 
Glad you're enjoying it, Shelly!!

You're just going to LOVE this next comment and picture from Martha Ess (the famous designer). I had to laugh at the idea she has for the TIAS.  She says.
"Well, I spent the night at work yet again. I decided my best bet at getting this done in the near future was to do it before going to bed. Though the lack of sleep leaves me feeling, if not beside myself, at least a bit dum."

It seems as if poor Julie has forgotten to send in her day 1 so, as she's doing such good work on translating to French and helping, I've 'stolen' her picture off her blog to put on here.  

The next arrival in my inbox is from Orane who says.
"Jour 2 
Haha je me régale. J'attend les jours suivants avec impatience. 
Je pense aujourd'hui au museau d'un chien ou cheval ... 
Certaines ont des idées farfelues. J'adore 
Merci Jane 
Ps: je met ma progression sur mon blog. 
Orane "

day 2
Haha I really enjoy. I expected the following day forward.
I think today the muzzle of a dog or horse ...
Some have crazy ideas. I love
Jane thank you
PS: I put my progress on my blog.

Pigmini - also known as Sue has just arrived with her day 2 and her guess too. Some people have some strange ideas!!!
"Here you go miss!!! Still an elephants foot umbrella stand!!"

Next in is Alva Alicia who says.
"Good morning everybody. This is my day 2/2016 
Alva Alicia Burrola 
Tijuana Baja California 

Elizabeth has just sent in her day 1 and 2. She says.
Here is my TIAS. Since I had this color on my shuttles I decided to use it for the TIAS. That way I don't have to agonize over which color to use. 
Semmes, Al. USA"
That's a very good idea, Elizabeth.  Makes life a lot simpler!

Next to arrive is Melanie who says.
"Here's my long-awaited Day 2. I'm glad to see that many others found their second and penulitimate rings touching, too (although in the pattern they don't do so)."

Another new addition to the blog from Philo. She has sent in days 1 and 2. Thank you.
"Hello Jane 
This is my contribution of day 2 for you blog. 
Looking forward to day 3 
Kind regards Philo Mertens"

Nicole has now arrived in my inbox with her day 2 and some more news on how many are taking part!! 
"Dear Jane, 
This is my Day 2. Sorry for the bad picture, it's already getting dark here. Besides, there are at least 20 Dutch participants - I am one of them, though I don't know Riet and use your own instructions in English :) 
Best wishes, 

Next to arrive is Judy with her - well, she's not sure about the beads fitting in with her idea!!! 
Lovely day..I think it is a caterpillar on a tree limb. Now where the beads play into that is not my problem :) Judy"

Sonya's back with her day 2 - comment and picture!
"Good morning, Jane, 
At least it is still morning on this side of the pond. 
Is it a star fish? 
Sonya Loyd 
Oklahoma City, OK USA 
Always an exciting place to live - ice, snow, thunder snow, tornados, and earthquakes all on the same day. I woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. Then sat down to TIAS and heard the rumble of an earthquake. This one was too weak to feel. OK has had more earthquakes this year than California. 
Not sure I'd want to live in your neck of the woods, Sonya!!! I'll stick to cold and rain, thanks!!

Rose Anne is the next to arrive in my inbox and she says.
"OK Jane here is the next day's work: 
"Here is my Day 2 using Lizabeth colour 168 in size 20, this is a very slight variegated thread. So far all's good! Unless this is some wheel shaped object I still am not sure what it should be, unless these are legs for some human or mammal. 
Rose Anne""

Carollyn has decided to start another of the ?!?!?!?!? thingamijigs as it's early in the game.
"I think while it is early in the game I will start another (worried about my color choice) Hope you are having a wonderful New Year with lots of projects :) Oh yea got to attach picture. 
take care from Carollyn"

My friend 'rhyming Sarah' is back. I've no idea how she comes up with a rhyme every time but she does!!!! Some talent.

"I'm tatting along enjoying this game 
It is fun to see others doing the same 


Margaret from Norfolk is next. Must explain to those who don't live in England that the county of Norfolk is very flat. Here's a link about Norfolk. There are a LOT of windmills in Norfolk too. Here is Margaret's comment and picture.
"Hello Jane, back again for another year's Tias, hooray! After day 2 I think it looks like a little Dutch girl's bonnet. Mind you I've never seen a pink one before. Don't think I've ever guessed right before so I'll wait to see what comes next! I'm using Flora no. 224 size 20, just because I like the colour. 
Happy tias from Margaret here in Norfolk."

Elsa is back again with her day 2 and she has changed her mind about what you're all tatting. No longer the legs of Mary Poppins!!! She now says.
"Hello Jane ! 
This is my second photo of TIAS. I'm afraid it's not the legs of Mary Poppins... 
but it's seem to be the decoration of the sombrero of Pépito ! 
Thank you Jane for your great game :-) 
Elsa Schneider-Manuch"

Nanalou is next in my inbox with her days 1 and 2.
voici ma photo du jour 1 et 2.j'espère que je pourrai continuer jusqu'au bout ce tias car je suis gauchère et c'est pas évident de suivre le shéma pour moi; 

here is my photo of the day 1 and 2.j'espère I can continue through this because I am left-handed tias and it's not easy to follow the schematic for me;
Best regards

Melanie has now arrived but she's not guessing - yet!!! 
"Here's my little.....well. I've decided I don't need to know what it is yet. I enjoy seeing what comes each day. 
Thank you for the game!"

Next in is Shirley who says this.
"Hi, Jane … 
So many good ideas popping up with the tatting. Here is my work for Day 2. It looks less like a gnome today, but I’m sticking with that guess. Shirley"

Dani has just arrived in my inbox with her days 1 and 2. She says.
"hi Jane! 
my days one and two... i'm seeing a mustache, so far! 
dani, the geek"
LOVE your picture, Dani and welcome back to TIAS 2016.

Now Maria is getting closer to what she thinks the TIAS is. Last time she thought it was a Martian but now she thinks ........
"hi Jane! 
my days one and two... i'm seeing a mustache, so far! 
dani, the geek"

It sounds as if Wanda and her husband are going to fall out over the TIAS!!!!! 
"Hello, Jane 
Here is my day 2. I'm pretty sure my husband is wrong - I don't think it's a ladybug! 
from Kansas USA"

Well here's another wonderful idea and this time it's from Helene. She says.
"Hi Jane 
Here it is, proof that we are tatting a tiger! 
Thank you so much, I needed one. 

Next in is SueH AND her husband too. Wonder how many husbands are 'helping' with the TIAS. Sue says.
"I thought some crawly critter but when I asked Bo he said, "Part of the British coastline or Swindon's Magic Roundabout"... 
You can see the problem I have - not even a lateral thinker that man of mine LOL"

Another new arrival to this year's TIAS is Carol who has joined in before. Welcome aboard. She says.
"Hi Jane, here are day 1 and day 2. Could this be a tale of a tail? A dinosaur, perhaps? 
The only plain I have in size 20 is white and mostly variegated threads in other sizes. Being tired of white because of making so many snowflakes, I am also making it in size 10. I have the scissor from last year in my sewing box. It makes me smile each time I see it. 
Carol from Boulder, CO, USA."

I just LOVE the drawings that people come up with and the ideas too. This is from Cheryl.
"It’s an inch worm, see...."

Geraldine is the first person in this year's TIAS to find her way into my spam folder!!!! Now, Geraldine, why did you think that was a good place to hide? I found you!!! Here's what she says.
"Hi Jane, 
Another year has past us by. Happy New Year to you and Nick. 
Could not miss the T.I.A.S. it keep's me sane in this weather. You mentioned in the introduction 2 small beads and one larger one so I'm thinking it's an animal. For this reason I'm also using white thread, animals come in many colours and if this one has a special colour then mine will be albino. 
Happy Tatting 

Another new arrival and just as I'm heading to bed. I don't have a name for this person but here's what she or he said.
"Bonsoir Jane 
Voici le début, je ne sais pas si je pourrais aller très loin car je suis débutante et je frivole à l aiguille mais je voulais essayer. Merci pour cette excellente idée !"

goodnight Jane
Here is the beginning, I do not know if I could go very far because I am a beginner and I frivolous to needle but I wanted to try. Thank you for this great idea!

Finally tonight (I think!) is Bernice who says.
"We were cold last night -25°C but warming up and by Tuesday all this snow should be gone. Big blue skies today. Yeah I know I can keep the snow and cold. Whatever we are tatting this is the tail....I think. 
Bernice B 
Calgary Ab Canada"

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