Sunday, 17 January 2016

Day 5 now available

Remember to read the instructions carefully!

The top (or actually, it's the bottom) of my inbox brings Martha in first this morning with her day 4. The Alice in Wonderland theme is still with us!!!
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. "

Next in is Deana who says.
"Hi Jane 
Tatting out of London Ontario. 
My shuttles are to fill them up for tomorrow..... 

Janet has had a very busy day but she's still found time for day 4!
"Hi Jane! 
I know you are fast asleep as I write this. I have had a wonderful day of shopping. It is so nice to shop when you have money to spend. I took my sewing machines, yes I have 2, to get cleaned and serviced. And I went and got prices of having 3 photos of lighthouses to be framed and decided to get some ready made ones and put the photos in them myself. I also bought some fabric to make my sister a throw size quilt. I am saying all that to tell you why day four is so late! Tatting day four was the first thing I did when I got home. The question I now have to answer is do I change thread color or not? I will decide after I sew in these ends. 
Hope your dreams were happy ones! 

First in with her day 5 is Jane. That was fast, Jane but thanks for letting me eat breakfast first!!!
"Whale gills??"
Could be, could whale be!!!

The next comment is unbelievable. After almost every year of the TIAS and Maureen insisting we've always been tatting a rabbit - she's CHANGED HER MIND!!!!!
"You have frightened my Rabbit! - since we appear to be tatting a Big Spider now. 
I had so much thread left on my shuttle that I decided to be frugal and so ignored the instruction to use CTM. And with no convenient rings to hide the tails, it was a bit fiddly! - still, I'm quite proud of not having thrown out over 3 yards of leftover thread. "
Aha. I rarely use CTM and have to work it out for this type of pattern and those that do like it. I'd push both ends through the picot - one from the front and one from the back and then tat over the tails. That's how I did all my 'spiders'!!!!

I'm getting a bit worried now - another person who has guessed it's a spider!!! Do you live in Australia too, Bev?  I hope you're both wrong - I'm not fond of spiders!!!!
"Good morning to you Jane, although it is night time here. 
More surprises. How do you do it ?!?!? No it's not a bicycle but it has the potential to be a big hairy spider. Hmmmm. I wonder where those beads are going to go!! 

Jaycee is next with yet another idea - she says.
"Dear Jane, 
Just managed to have internet connection!! Now I guess - It is a FROG!!!! :D 

Now for a splendid drawing from Blanche. I LOVE those eyes!!!
"Hey Jane ! 
Maybe it's the spaghettis plate of Lady and the Tramp... or a frog ^^ 
Here you are my day 5. I absolutely have to learn how to hide the ends ! 
Thanks for all ! 

Next in is Shelly. Glad the thread amounts worked out for you, Shelly. Always worries me whether it always works for most people.
"It is cute so far. No guesses. I get a kick out of seeing the creative folks postings with poses and drawings. Your thread amount per shuttle is right on. Looking forward to part two. 

Now I have days 3 right up to 5 from Julie.
"I send you pictures of my day 4 and 5. It could be a frog ;)"

Now I have Firanghish with her day 5. She says.
"Good Evening Jane, 
I am hopeless in guessing, anyway I should wait and watch till all puzzle pieces are completed. Sending my day 5 puzzle piece. 
Thank you for devoting your time and effort. 
Happy tatting everyone. 

Sue is now back with her day 5. She's grateful for a step on the project for Maureen's rabbit. But, Sue, Maureen's rabbit is now a spider!!!
"Thanks for making a step for Maureen's rabbit to climb into pigminis undercarriage!!

Now we have the Queen of Cats. Well, that's what Grace thinks!! I LOVE your drawing, Grace.
"Good morning 
This time i think is the crown of the cat!! 
Is a king or queen kitty...maybe? 
Thank for translate what i write in my english. 
Thank you for your funny tías..i want a tias every month. 
I think you would get bored with a TIAS every month, Grace!!!

Now I have Melanie's day 5 and her comment. Shame about the roses - better luck next year.
"Hi Jane- 
Here's what I have today. I think we're tatting flowers or a vine in a pot. Maybe that thought is because I've realized I just may have missed the window to prune the 70 rose bushes in our garden (it's a big one). What will tomorrow bring? 
Thanks for the game, 

Sylvie is back and this time with a rhyme - she's giving this TIAS a LOT of thought.
"Hi Jane! 

Day one, hello everyone! 
Day two, my thread is blue. 
Completed Day three, I deserve a cup of tea. 
Day four, I'm as clueless as before. 
Day five: never block-tatted before: my skills thrive ^_^ 

Well, OK, I've nowhere near guessing what we're tatting. Maybe on Day 6???"
I hope you don't guess on day 6 either, Sylvie!!!!!

Now Anita may have the answer - her picture is SO clever she may well be right?
"Hi Jane, 
As you can see I know what it is going to be! :-)"

Arriving next in my inbox is Sharon with her day 5 - two pictures too just to illustrate her thoughts!
"Hi Jane 
I can definitely see the possibility of a frog but you always have surprises up your sleeve so that seems too obvious. 
How about a fancy Viking queen headdress? Or maybe one of the Billy Goats Gruff? 
This is so much fun! Thanks for brightening my many cloudy days."

Emilia has sent in two pictures today - one of her day 4 and the other is her day 5. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
Hereby my contribution. 
I love this years challengs. I think it's a frog with lange hindlegs. Ready to jump. Well it misses high head, so I hope you will come soon with the next part. Kind regards Emilia."

Melanie is next in my inbox with a very thoughtful comment. Here it is along with her picture.
"While trying to control for the bias created by my having selected green thread, I now believe that we are working our way from the legs and crotch to the head of a frog--or perhaps some other jumping creature, such as a grasshopper or cricket. Similarly, it might be a tadpole. 
I am puzzled, however, by the solid nature of the body in contrast with the legs; I don't think you would make such a change without a meaningful reason. 
Also, I was relieved that we were not instructed to add the beads when winding our shuttles for Part Two of the project; I find picot joins more convenient than the other kind. 
By the way, the colors in this photo are quite accurate--unlike those in some of my previous shots."
Don't be puzzled over the different type of tatting you're doing now, Melanie - every design should have contrasts with negative spaces and more solid ones to add interest for the eye and for the person working the piece.  That sounds like clever talk from me - don't take any notice as I'm not really that clever!

Oregon sounds like the place NOT to be at the moment although we've had enough rain to last us a few weeks too. Kelli says.
"Here is my finished Clue 5. I'm calling it a froggy at this point. 
Kelli in rainy (for the next 10 days) Oregon"

Anne-Marie has sent in both her days 4 and 5 with the following comment.
"Ho Jane, 
That is right, this time! I think I found how to reduce my photos, so that they arrive to you at each stage !To-day, we go to see if miracle takes place! 
I think to day, that we can admire bumper and front of Her Majesty Queen of England's Rolls Royce ! It's difficult this year having an idea which lasts 2 days ! 
I hope good trip for the pictures of day 4 and day 5 !!!!!! 
Read you soon Jane. 
Anne-Marie (France)"
Don't worry about picture sizes, Anne-Marie although these were fine. I don't mind playing with any that are too big or too small!!!  Good idea about the Queen - it is her 90th birthday this year so perhaps this is part of the celebration?!?!?!?

Adrian has now sent in his day 5 and he seems to be confused about what this is. It's strange as it's SO obvious to me!!!!
"Here's my Day Five. It's starting to look like a pair of rear legs and the beginning of a body... so probably nothing like that at all."

Next to return is Helene with her day 5.
"Hi Jane, 
I still say tiger .... Tiger frog!"
Now I'm really, really looking forward to meeting a tiger frog!!!!

A new tatter has now joined us - welcome, Gea. Here are her days 1 - 4.
"Hello Jane, 
Finally I am able to send some pictures. I know I am behind and this week will be even worse due to an exam next Friday, but I will stay strong and also do my bit of tatting. Maybe not every day as much as I want to. Today I ended up with a bit of a problem maker on my table. Each time I want to do either homework of some tatting our dog insists on being on the table as well. First he needs some cuddling and then he will lay down and watch every move I make. 
Here are my days 1-4. Thanks a lot for this years TIAS. 
Greetings Gea 
(the Netherlands)"
I would love to see the rest of your dog next time, Gea.  Very, very best wishes with the exam.

Elisabetta is now back with her day 5. She says.
"Buonasera Jane, 
Le invio il mio 5 giorno del TIAS 2016. Le sue ultime istruzioni non mi hanno aiutato a capire cosa potrebbe essere e quindi per scoprirlo sono costretta 😄😄😄😄 ad andare avanti. 
Le auguro una buona serata 

Good evening Jane,
I send my five days of TIAS 2016. His last instructions did not help me to understand what it could be and therefore are forced to find 😄😄😄😄 going.
Have a nice evening

Mary is back with her day 5 and this comment and picture.
Now I'm sure it's a giant spider! RIght????"
Right - or wrong - I'm not sure, Mary!!!!

Now you've just GOT to love this drawing!! SUCH talent - I think!!! This is from Sue Hanson who says.
"My first though was a lobster but you've done one already... 
Then a "Shrug" came to mind... Sooo "Huh!" is today's silly idea... 
Certainly looks like a rib cage but not enough ribs.... 
Bo said Rabbit (?) I said, "Too late Maureen's already been there LOL"
Ah, but Maureen has changed her mind to a spider, Sue so you can be the next rabbit person!!!!  There could be more ribs to come too!!!

Judy has just arrived with her day 5 and the following comment.
Either a frog or a spider.. Judy"
Another frog or spider? Interesting!!!!

Now I think Denise has a very vivid imagination. She says.
"Now I'm thinking it could be a gecko or a frog wearing a girdle . Lol. Or the gecko could be wearing a girdle. 
Denise Brant"
A gecko in a girdle - the mind boggles!!!!

Chris has just popped into my inbox with her day 4. She says.
"hi Jane! I know we've moved on to day 5, but I wanted to share my finished day 4 before I trim my ends - clearly you are just trying to disguise the inchworm that other people already had seen! 
This is the first year I've participated. It's so hard to wait for the next day! But it is quite a bit of fun. 
Glad you've arrived with your day 4, Chris. There's no hurry and now worry on the TIAS. Just do it (or not!) as and when you can. A worm? Hmmmmm.

Orane is now back with her day 5 and this is what she has to say. You are just SO funny, Orane. You eat frogs legs and the English eat roast beef!!!!  That's what is supposed to happen!!!  Thank you for making me laugh.
"Bonsoir Jane 
Hoo mais que vois- je apparaître! Une grenouille prête à bondir. 
Serait-ce une Crazy Frog. 
si c'est bien cela, elle nous colle bien à la peau à nous les français connus pour manger des cuisse de grenouille. 
Tu as du bien rire de nous voir proposer toute sorte d'annimaux."

goodnight Jane
Oh but I seest appear! A frog ready to spring.
Would it be a Crazy Frog.
If that is correct, it sticks well to the skin we to us the French known to eat frog leg.
You got a good laugh to see us propose any kind of annimaux 😄

The next arrival is another day 5 and was sent in by Filofilie who says.
"Hello Jane, 
This is my fifth picture. I still do not know what it is. What suspense ! 
Thank you for this really funny game."

Last one today is Maria - she thinks she's silly but I don't!!!!
"Oh My! Silly me...... I had the purple people eater upside down.... You're so clever Jane! It wasn't his ears we made first.... we're starting at the bottom with his feet and working our way up! :) Makes perfect sense now!"
That is a truly purple purple people eater, Maria!!!!


muskaan said...

A Leaping Frog !!!! Love the Day 5 pattern - makes such a beautiful skeleton .
Sorry for crashing the party - tongue got the better of me ;-P

Tiggy said...

Omg... gasping with Awe... Omg...