Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sunday's mermaids

First in this morning has no name and I don't recognise the email address either!! Anyway, perhaps I'll find out later and then I'll add it to this lovely picture.

95. "Dear Jane,  
Thank you for your TIAS2018 pattern. this pattern is very cute to me. I am Jiamrat Supapol from Bangkok,Thailand
Beat regards,
Jiamrat Supapol"

Next to arrive is Clair with her days 12 and 13. This is her comment.
Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here are the pictures for my days 12 and 13. I took the time to hide the ends before taking the last picture, but forgot to turn our character so it's showing the 'wrong' side on it. 
Have a nice Sunday."

Next in today on a bitterly cold Sunday is Wendy with her finished mermaid. She says:
96. "Here she is. Obviously a mermaid with piggy eyes . I did wonder earlier because she had no legs. Good fun, thanks for organising this yet again.
Wendy x"

Ewa is next in to my inbox and she says:
97. "Hallo Jane! Thanks so much for TIAS 2018. My mermaid is tatted using Babylo 20. Best regards from Poland Ewa Szylewska"
Thank you, Ewa.

Anne has now sent in her finished mermaid and this is what she says:
98. "Hello Jane !! 
.thank you very much for this TIAS. M'y daughter is happy of her new friend thé mermaid :) 
Have a good day 
Anne "

Probably the last mermaid of the day is from Karen who has this to say:
99. "Hello again, Jane.
This little lady's name is Mikaela. She just swam in from Europe to make an appearance on the Red Carpet, and wouldn't you know it? Her hem came undone! Ah, but she was a trooper and carried it off with the greatest of elegance by channeling her inner Audrey Hepburn and captivating everyone with her wit and charm. She wears Azalea light and Stardate, and she had her hair dyed Mocha Brown for this appearance. I think she has charmed me as well. What about you?
Thank you for this, Jane. This started my year off on a good note. All the best to you. "

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