Thursday, 15 February 2018

Day 13

Janet is the only person in my inbox this morning and this is what she says:
"Yay Jane!
I did not get behind. My mermaid now has 2 arms!
I will try to be more timely on Day 13.
Janet from GA"

It's no surprise to see that Jenni is first in again with her day 13!!! This is what she says:
"Here we go. Back to taiing in the same old home tatting space. Another delayed dinner! Luckily still summer daylight savings time so not really 'dinner at 6' sort of weather!
Started again and made eyes bigger. Much nicer!"

Sorry for the delay with the next batch but this old woman/git has to eat and shopping has to be done!!! 
Next into the inbox is Maureen who says:
"I thought she was a mermaid - but she is Gladys the Ghost, isn't she? She is very happy to be free and off the shuttles, whoever she is. Dealing with the ends, however, must wait until morning. I never run in ends by artificial light!"

Ilona is next with her day 13 and she says:
"Dear Jane,
I'm ready with the today's homework:) What does T&C mean? Maybe, cut the thread? Is this the end?
Ilona( from Hungary)."

Next is Tim who says:
"It's Jeannie. Spitting image of Barbara Eden. Amazing how you captured the likeness."

Anita has dropped in next and she says:
"Hi Jane,
Now I am curious what the vsp:s on top of her head is going to be used for :-)"
Time will tell, Anita!!!  Next week you'll find out!!

Jolimama has just popped in too with her day 13. She says:
"Drága Jane! Küldöm a 13. napot. Most már hamarosan megtudjuk, mit is készítettünk. Öröm volt csinálni és jó volt várni a következőre. :-) Jolimama

Dear Jane! I will send the 13 days. Now we will soon find out what it is made. It was fun to do and it was good to wait for the next one. Joli Mama :-)"

Jane is still wondering what she's making, I think!!! She says:
"So far, so good. If Milly sprouts legs, I may have to do a rethink!"

Sue (aks Pigmini) is next in with her day 13 and she's got it all worked out - least she thinks she has!!!
"Anyway here's my merman... I think he's your version of Triton, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite in Greek Mythology. The thing is... he's asking what you did with his tail!!

Kathryn is next with her day 13 and she says:
"Here is day 13, just realised most of your pictures are the other way round but I am lefthanded."
Well done trying to do it from a left-handed perspective. Sue (the tatter just before you on the blog) is left-handed too.   I really admire you managing to follow any tatting pattern.

Joanna has now arrived and this is what she has to say:
"Hi, here is my day 13 picture :) Joanna from Poland"

Melanie is next with her day 13.
"The T & C took me by surprise, although it shouldn’t have, as we had run out of vsps to which to join. I guess it won’t be long now!"

Just back from a lovely afternoon walk with a friend and the first in my inbox is from Bageshree who says:
"Hello Jane,
My day 13. Free of its binding."

Well Jacee has managed to do her day 13 in spite of being busy preparing for the Chinese New Year. Thank you, Jacee - I appreciate your effort. This is what she says:
"Dear Jane,
Can't chat for. now - it's that Chinese silly season again.☹️ Anyway, here's my Day 13."

Now Aleksandra has a list of things she thinks the TIAS may be. Here's what she says!
"Hello Jane, My dog Lime is thinking about what a creature is. Mermaid, surfer or Leprechaun elf in the sombrero? 😉
Have a nice day.
Aleksandra from Poland"
If Lime EVER wants a new home in England you can send him to ME.  Lovely picture of him.  Gorgeous dog.  

Ildikó is next in my inbox and she says:
"Hello Jane,
Here is day 13. 
I think my mermaid is getting exhausted on a stone. On the 14th day we will know what it is."
Poor mermaid - perhaps you should find something softer for her to lie on?  I hope you will know on the 14th day!!!

Margaret has now arrived with her day 13 and she says:
"Afternoon Jane, a lovely sunny one but still windy. Not the sort of day you'd be likely to see ghosts but mine has found a ruined church to inhabit! Will day 15 sort the ghosts from the mermaids? Or maybe there is still time for it to become something else no one has thought of! I wouldn't put it past you.
Margaret in Norfolk!"
LOVE the picture, Margaret.  Your TIAS does look kind of spooky!!!

Valerie is in a hurry too today - I think it's something to do with CNY too as I know she lives in Singapore!!! Happy New Year, Valerie.
"Good day, Jane! Here’s day 13. 😊In haste,

Krystyna is next to arrive and I think she's having problems trying to guess what she's making as she's sent in two pictures!! This is what she says:
"TIAS 13. Będzie tak albo tak .Pozdrawiam Krystyna

TIAS 13 will either way .Pozdrawiam Christina"

Judy has got her priorities right!!! Breakfast first!! She's sent in day 12 with this comment:
Going to have breakfast before doing day 13 ! "

Rhyming Sarah (that's my nickname for her!) is back with her day 13 and she says:
"Hello Jane, 
Is it a siren of the sea
that I see waving at me? 
Or will this mythical fish 
turn into the genie who will grant a wish?
Day 14 may make that clear 
when what’s attached at the bottom does appear.
Sarah "

Next in is Shelly who says:
"Pretty day for tatting

Caroline is next in my inbox with her day 13. She says:
As you can see from my picture I think it is a genie. The lamp will now be attached to the bottom. What kind of hair I don't know. I had trouble finding a lamp."
Wonderful picture, Caroline and you could easily be right.  You'll find out with the next part, I think!!!!

Melanie has been spotting my url!!! We've had a pretty miserable winter, but signs of Spring are arriving. Melanie has sent in her day 13 with this comment:
"Hi Jane-
Winter this year hasn't been winter. I'm exhausted! We just didn't get a rest! I relate to the file name!!
I do feel a sense of accomplishment with today's section complete. So, thank you for your game. It still looks like a mermaid to me.
Melanie in CA"

Kay is back now with her day 13. This is what she has to say:
"Dear Jane,
Oh! A Tie and Cut! I think we'll be using our other thread soon. :-) Here's my little creature for Day #13.....looks like she's in VERY blue water here. Anxious to see what we'll add next. It's snowing this a.m., so Iorek and I will be going out for a romp soon. We love that fresh powder, especially when it's warmer.
Kay Lynn in a snowy Tok, Alaska"

Denise W has now arrived with her day 13 and she's left me blushing. She says:
"She’s swimming with the big and little fish. This was so much fun!!!!! thank you for everything you do. You are amazing!!!!!Denise W."

Teresa has sent in a picture of her day 13. Here it is!

Next to arrive is Grażyna who has sent in her day 13. She says:
"Hello Jane. My Day 13 is Ready.
Grażyna "

Bernice is next in my inbox and she says:
I was never so happy to see a ring as I did this week. I looked at the day 13 TIAS and determined that I would not be able to finish with the thread I had even with trying a switch shuttle, so I was able to add at the ring (my favorite place to add thread) and carry on. Now don’t worry you may only see 4 picots but I assure you there are 5 on that ring. T&C done J
Bernice, Calgary AB Canada".
Shame you ran out of thread, Bernice.  That's why I don't like putting thread amounts on patterns as people's tension varies so much.  Onwards and upwards!!

Emily has just dropped in with her mermaids - if that's what they are going to be. She says:
"The mermaids are having an underwater dance party :) "

Next we have Ewa's ghost!!! She says:
"Hello Jane!  My little ghost is ready. Best regards from Poland. Ewa Szylewska"

Judy is back and JUST before I head for bed. Last person today. She says:
After breakfast, laundry, and dusting.."

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