Friday, 9 February 2018

More day 10's

Tomorrow will be day 11. 

First in of the overnighters is Erzsebet's day 10 and she says:
"Dear Jane!
Here is my work of day 10.
Sincerely Erzsebet"

Following on is Denise W who has this to say:
"I’m so excited. I have blue water and a bikini top. Imagine swimming with a mermaid!!!! Life doesn’t get better than this . Awaiting more clues!!!!!Hugs,
Denise W"

Ankie is next to arrive and she says:
"day 10 also ready"

Joanna is another overnighter and she says:
"Day 10 picture is ready 🙂 Joanna 🙂"

Next to arrive is Maria who says:
"Greetings June! It's been a busy day today so I'm just now getting around to doing today's installment..... Ali the green Genie is so glad the have both his eyes, and thanks you!"
Love the colours of your genie, Maria!

Now for a lovely picture from Christine. I love it to bits.
"Hello Jane!
My Mermaid Princess is patiently waiting for her left arm..
Meanwhile, she has found a fishy friend to keep her company. :)
-Christine in Alabama"

Krystal has sent in two pictures - one of day 9 and the other of day 10.

Now I have Elizabeth with her day 10 and she says:
"Kedves Jane!
Itt küldöm 10. napi munkám ami ha jól látom a cél egyenesbe érkezett!
De már most sajnálom ,hogy véget ér!
Üdvözlettel Elizabeth

Dear Jane! 
10. Here I send my day is when I see the goal came straight! 
But now I regret it ends! 
Yours Elizabeth"

Now I have a very welcome newcomer to this year's TIAS. Welcome, Rose Anne. This is what she says:
"I can't believe it that I just about forgot to join in on this year's knotting fun! Well it took me 3 hours but I caught up easily! Again thank you Jane for prepping this mystery for us to enjoy!
Rose Anne Burdeny "

Marjorie is next in my inbox and she says:
"Good morning Jane! (You will receive this in the AM, I hope)
Not trying to be first this time. I got up early though and TIAS was my first thought. I tatted my 2 day 10s and had a disaster! Just as I was pulling up SR 33 on the little, err. . . . critter, my thread snarled! The ring was fine, but I had to set aside the snarl until I was awake enough to untangle it. Impatience leads to worse woes.
Once untangled I tatted SR 34 and now I have 2 creatures of undetermined ancestry and origin! They have green hair and green eyes, so they must be starting a trend of some sort.
==Marjorie (California Bay Area)"

Emily is the last in this batch - time for breakfast!!!
"I'm still confident in my guess of mermaid but right now mine are looking a bit like Picasso got hold of them lol! I'm glad I got the eyes on though- I was scared I was going to get the shuttles mixed up then I would really have a Picasso situation! Can't wait until Day 11 :)"

Back again and this time I've found Grazyna in my inbox. She says:
"Witaj Jane. Już wczoraj zrobiłam kółeczka z dnia 10 ale nie zdążyłam wysłać wiadomości i teraz to robię. Wyłania się postać duszka. Pozdrawiam z zimowej Warszawy Grażyna 

Hello, Jane. Already yesterday, I made small circles of 10 but I could not send a message and I do it now. What emerges is the character sprite. Greetings from the winter Warsaw Grazyna "
Well it's good to see you arrived safely today, Grazyna.

Ildiko is next in with her day 10 and a gorgeous picture. This is what she has to say:
"Hello Jane,
Day 10 is finished. If this suppose to be a mermaid then that is the castle of the prince from Andersen’s tale. The little mermaid looks at the castle thinking of the prince and wishing to turn into a beautiful girl.
from Hungary"
Oh, Ildiko that's a lovely story. I'm still waiting for my prince to arrive but I think I'm too old now!!!!  Perhaps I should turn into a mermaid and stay forever young!!! 

Julie has just sent in her days 9 and 10 and she says:
"Here are my photos of day 9 and 10 !
Snowing here, and holidays starting. A great day ^_^"

Bev is next in my inbox and she's got this to say:
"Hi Jane
I like the suggestions of genie or ghost, something a bit different from mermaid. And I wonder about the very small picots across ‘her’ head. Are they for joining or adding to? If they are for decoration, why are they very small? I’m not asking. I know you won’t tell. I’m just wondering.
Yours in puzzlement"
You're right there, Bev.   I'm not going to tell!!!!

Now I have a message from Barbara and Ewa. They say:
"Hi Jane!
Zabawa jest fantastyczna, koniec już ( niestety ) bliski, a dalej nie wiadomo co to będzie...
The fun is fantastic, the end is (unfortunately) close and still do not know what it will be ..
Ewa pisze; Jaki przystojny głowonóg? Już mi się podoba!
What handsome cephalopod? Already I like it!
Greetings from Poland - Ewa and Barbara"

Veronique has just arrived with her day 10 and she says:
"Finalement ce n'est pas un monstre mais plutôt une jolie sirène qui semble sortir de l'eau

Finally it's not a monster but rather a pretty mermaid who seems to come out of the water

Next to drop into my inbox is Barbara with a few guesses!!! She says:
"Dear Jane,
Here are my Day 10’s. I have a few guesses. We could be tatting friendly ghosts where their heads are surrounded by garlands of flowers or curly hair. Or they could be babies swaddled snugly but with their arms free.
Blessings to you,
Barbara from California"
Well yes, you could be, Barbara but I'm still not saying!!!

Celine has just arrived with her day 10 and she says:
"Hello Jane
Here is day 10, the head is complete now. Maybe a hat or crown will come later!!!
Have a nice weekend"

Now the next person in is Annie who says:
"Hi Jane,Here is my Day 10,
And I guess little mermaid
Can’t wait for next pieces
Happy tatting,
Annie - Indonesia"

Wendy is next to arrive with her day 9. She says:
"Well it’s either an animal with a curly bum or a person. Also my packet of no 11 beads look a bit small !

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