Wednesday, 28 February 2018

28th February

I have a new mermaid in this morning from The Netherlands. This has been sent to me by Riet who translated the TIAS 2018 into Dutch for the tatters in her country. This is what Riet says:
101. "Hi Jane,
a mermaid for you from Marian de leng
She said I am so glad that this year I can mail the mermaid It is not without a mistake but 
I mail it she also is feeling sad that this is the last one I told her to become a member of your blog and she can find all kind of patterns.
Riet the B-engel"
Thank you, Marian and thank you, Riet too.

I also have two gorgeous mermaids from Janet who says:
102. "I did manage your mermaids, I need to block them but I hopefully shall try and attach them, to this email. Really enjoying getting back to my favourite hobby. (I was quite a sickly child so I used to do lots of handicrafts. In Sheffield hospital when I was 7 yrs, A patient Ann Overend used to tat round handkerchief it was beautiful, I could crochet but never got the hang of tatting. Couldn’t flip the thread. I was at work before I met Alice and we sat in a cafe and she taught me to flip the knot.)"

Mary is next to arrive with her mermaid and she says:
103. "Thanks for another TIAS. Here's my mermaid she swam up the Grand Union Canal to you."

Next to arrive is Claire who tells us of others doing the TIAS too. She says:
104. "I think there have been quite a number of us who have done your TIAS this year and past years who don't take pictures on a daily basis, but who enjoy doing it. This was the first one my friend ever did. Ruby's is on the left and she used size 10 thread. She has struggled with following patterns in the past, but she did this all on her own. I've been doing it every year since 2011. I truly hope this wasn't the last year. When did you do the first TIAS and how can we get the directions for the earliest ones? I used Lizabeth size 20 thread , color #105--Confetti and the hair was size 10 thread. I have been struggling to make the twisted chain for a long time, so I decided to practice after l made the ring to hold her hair. Now I have a loop to hang her from the lamp shade. 
I have two other friends who did the TIAS this year who have not shared their work with you either. All four of us live in Washington state, not Washington DC. Thank you for all of your hard work developing these TIAS's all these years. I hope all of us around the world will be able to do this again for many years to come. Claire"
Thank you, Claire and please say thank you to Ruby too.

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