Monday, 12 February 2018

Day 12

For those who thought day 11 was a bit 'short' then this will give you more to do today!!!! .

First of all I have Ewa who came in overnight thanks to Barbara who sent it in for her. 

First in today with her day 12 isn't Jenni but Sue instead. She says:
"Here you go miss. Done whilst chatting with Young Sir during his prep to set back off for Scotland!
That's why I'm early today!"

Next I have Carol with her day 11 and this comment:
"Dear Jane:
My tatted piece keeps me guessing! What fun to see all the participants tatting your pattern + sharing !
Always, Carol NW Indiana USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II 

Next to arrive is Stephanie Grace who has sent in two pictures of her day 12 with the following comment:
"I am starting to *really* regret my thread choice. This might just be Poseidon, not a mermaid… All of those vsp’s left open make me question every thought I have after every single day… A few days ago (after day ten), my dad mentioned to me that he’d seen my post and guess of a mermaid. He disagreed, but didn’t realize the “game” I was playing… I’m quite sure that, if he sees my second picture (“arm” to “hip”), he’d just be like, “Stephanie, is that another self-portrait? It looks quite bratty,” LOL! "

Jane is next with her day 12 and she's even named hers!!!
"I’ve cropped my photo a bit too close to the edge, but nevertheless, Milly is looking less lopsided."

Maureen is next from Australia but now I'm starting to worry about Jenni who hasn't turned up yet!!
"Did you ever read the Bunchy books, Jane, when you were a child? I used to love them! - and was reminded of them this evening as I sat giving our mermaid her second arm: it was almost as though she was watching me with those beady eyes, urging me to hurry up because she needed her fingers! The little pastry girl, I remember, was also impatient to be made complete."
I've never heard of the Bunchy books, Maureen. I've missed a whole load of stuff there.

Ah, finally Jenni has arrived. Really relieved to see you, Jenni. She says:
"Nearly missed it tonight. Was out gardening. First coolish day for ages!
This mermaid certainly gets around the place!!"

Amritha has just arrived now with her days 10 and 11. This is what she says:
"Hi Madam,
I am sending you the 10 the day and 11th day completed. By now l feel it's an seal on a ball . A wild guess !! Lol . Thanks "

Jolimama is next with her day 12. She says:
"Kedves Jane! Íme a 12. nap :-) Egyre izgalmasabb, hogy mi alakul. Barátsággal: Jolimama
Dear Jane! Here are the 12 day :-) More and more exciting to see what develops. Friendship Joli Mama "

Jacee is next in with her day 12 and a lovely picture to try and prove her point!!!!
"Dear Jane,
Here's Day 12. Yellow and black threads for her hair found in my stash. Apart from these two colours, I figure I could also use RED for hair colour as in the Disney image below:-"

Ilona is next in with her day 12 and she says:
"Jane, I'm ready. My mermaid has just started to swim:)
Looking forward to ....
Ilona (from Hungary)"

Next to arrive is Aleksandra and she says this:
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 12. Because many people think that this is a mermaid so today the guy went to play with the surfers
Have a nice day.
Aleksandra from Poland"
The sea looks a little rough for mermaids, Aleksandra.  That's if it IS a mermaid of course!!!!

Barbara has just arrived with her two day 11's. Here's what she says:
"Dear Jane,
I can’t believe we are already on Day 12, and here I’m behind. I stayed up late to take pictures and edit the best to send it in. I still think it’s a girl of some kind, but the gold eyes on one makes her look like a robot. Hey, maybe we’re tatting a female robot; an android!

Emily has just arrived too with her day 12. This is what she says:
"They are looking so cute! After this I think I can consider myself a split ring expert- funny to think I had never done one with a shuttle before I started this pattern and now I barely have to think about it :)"
Well that's something everybody has to learn about me - I LOVE split rings!!!!  Glad to see that you're now comfortable with them, Emily.

Now on a return visit this morning I have Amritha who's obviously having a 'tatting day' where she lives. She says:
"Hi Madam,
Am sending you the 12th day work completed. Now my guess totally changed. Now l guess it to be a friendly ghost Casper!! Lol"

Last one before I go out for the afternoon is from Tim and I think he's got the answer in his last guess. OR has he?
"Ghost, Genie, Mermaid, Manatee.  It is "The Scream" by Edvard Munch."

I'm home again and the first person in my inbox is Anita who says:
"Hi Jane,
I guessed for day 12 to be an arm, but am surprised the picots are not facing the same direction as the other arm.
Well, Anita, I do like to confuse people - even myself so that's why the picots are facing a different way. I think!!!!

Barbara has sent in her two day 12's along with Ewa's. This is her comment.
"Hi Jane! 
Today is day 12.
We keep up... what will it be, what will it be ...
Greetings from Poland
Ewa and Barbara"

Next to arrive is Krystyna who says:
"TIAS 12 i co to będzie nie mogę się doczekac. Krystyna
TIAS 12 and what it will be I can not wait. Krystyna"
Not long now til you will find out, Krystyna.

Val is next in my inbox and she says:
"Hello, Jane!  I’m back with day 12. Don’t have much to say today, except that I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. The suspense is becoming intense!

Aniko is the last in this batch and she's sent in her day 12 along with this comment:
"Dear Jane
I managed to do the 12-day part I'm sending
Have a nice week.

Maria has now arrived with her days 11 and 12. She says.
"Hi June! I had a busy weekend and completely forgot about day 11!So I'm playing catch up this morning and here is my combined effort. 😁
Things are progressing nicely. Thanks!"

Izabella has also managed to catch up now with her days 11 and 12. She says:
"Hello, JohnDue to the disease, only today I send Tias 2018 day 11 and 12
Best wishes, Izabela"

Margaret has now arrived with her day 12 and she says:
"Afternoon Jane, when I finished this page a few years back I called it The Haunted Wood. Now it has its own ghost! Thanks for your hard work and all the fun."
I love the painting, Margaret. Very suitable for a ghost - if it is a ghost, of course!!

Barbara is next with a good guess. She says:
"I am Barbara Tomaszewska and I am from Poland --- my 12day Tias2018
It probably lives in the water. Prawn Best wishes.

Nona has just arrived too and she's wondering what the other colour will be for. She says:
"My cute little mermaid seems to be leaning a little (or maybe dancing?). Still wondering what will happen with the alternate thread color.
Nona from Green Bay"
You will find out, Nona, when the time comes!!!

Next to arrive is from Melanie. She says:
"Why did you keep this release day a secret? I checked your blog repeatedly yesterday for news of the next day and, finding none, expected it to be tomorrow. Nor did I receive notice of an announcement on any of the Facebook tatting pages. I’m glad I re-checked your blog today—if only expecting to see that tomorrow would be Day 12!"

Alicja has just arrived in my inbox. She says:
"Hallo Jane, It's my monster or ghost
Gdańsk, Poland. "
It could be a monster or a ghost but it could be something else too!!!!

A few more day 12's have come in. First of all this one from Mary who says:
"Sure enjoy the patternMary Jane. Indiana USA"

Next to arrive is Eva who says:
"Hi Jane,
Hier das Ergebnis von Tag 12.
Liebe Grüße

Hi Jane,
Here are the results from day 12th
best regards

Next in is Bagashree who says:
"Hello Jane,
My day 12. She is a mermaid or a friendly ghost on second thoughts."

Teresa's just arrived with her day 12 and this comment:
"I’m a little later than usual. Just posted 50 of the Brussels monument squares so I’d been feverishly working on them. Got several balls of various pink threads last Thursday as I usually don’t have pink in my stash. 
At any rate, it appears we have the most of the second arm in addition to the torso, head and arm from previous days. Awaiting Day 13!"

Kay is next to arrive with her day 12. She says:
"Dear Jane,
Here's my Day # 12 TIAS bordered by a couple of your friendship bracelets I've been working on of late. LOVE your designs and willingness to share with others. My friends (who appreciate and receive tatted gifts) also love your designs as I always give you the credit you so richly deserve. Hope all is well in your neighborhood today. :-)
Kay Lynn in Tok, Alaska"
Things are fine here, thanks.  Cold but obviously not as cold as it can get in Alaska!!!!  Love your colour choices on the bracelets.

Last arrival of my day is from Bernice who says:
"Hello Jane,
I hope the next element is a ring as I only have six inches left on my shuttle thread. 
Bernice – Calgary AB CANADA"