Wednesday, 14 February 2018

More catching up!!

First announcement of the day - the next instalment (day 13) will be available tomorrow (Thursday).

First in today is Rose Anne who has been catching up with her days 11 and 12. She says:
"Here's the last two instalments and still not sure what this will be except that I think it's of the female species!
Rose Anne Burdeny"

Lori is next to catch up and she says:
"Hi JaneI am once again all caught up!!
Lori ;~)"

Denise R is also catching up with her days 11 and 12. She says:
"I am thinking a mermaid. I sorta fixed my errors. Just won't be looking at the backside."

The next person to arrive is Marge. She says:
"Finally caught up with day twelve
I appreciate the opportunity to practice split rings, as I've not done a project with them before. Hope this is where I should send my photo offering as the entire process is new to me."
Perfect and you found the right place. Welcome to the TIAS 2018.

This is the reason I leave larger gaps between parts of the TIAS. It's to allow busy people time to catch up. Coretta is one of those too who leads a busy life. She's sent in days 10, 11 and 12 and says:
"Hello Jane, 
Catching up the last 3 days."
It always makes me smile when I see Coretta's pictures as it reminds  me of how much time and work it took to put the pattern together!!!!  Seems strange that people print out my work.  I never print it and always work from a computer.

Now I have Claire who is still catching up. Another busy lady.
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here is my offering for days 7, 8 & 9 of this TIAS 2018. So now we have a body, arm and hand, and the beginning of a head. It seems that the TIAS is something ‘humanoid’ in shape. I like the guesses that some have made about it being a mermaid, a ghost or a genie. Let see the remaining days to confirm which one it is. 

Finally in this batch I have this message from Jenni who says:
"Nooo...I'm not addicted to this TIAS...
I can stop whenever I want.
Says she with her TIAS at Valentine's Day dinner lol. Even have Ben watching the clock eagerly!
Expecting a tricky twist sometime soon. Loving it!
Ben pretends it is interrupting our 'togetherness' but it was him that suggested I bring it with me "

Back from a morning in the library teaching and the first person to be in my inbox is Grazyna who says:
"Witaj Jane. Z małym opóźnieniem pokazuję gotowy dzień 11 i 12. Wyłania się postać. Pozdrawiam, Grażyna z Warszawy.

Hello, Jane. With a small delay show up at 11 and 12. The form emerges. Regards, Grazyna from Warsaw."

Magdalena has arrived now with her day 11 and this comment:
"Dzień jedenasty zrobiony.Wygląda mi na jakieś stworzenie morskie.
Pozdrawiam cieplutko Magdalena.

Day Eleven made. 
It seems to me a sea creature. 
I greet warmly Magdalena. "

Caroline is the final person in my inbox for now and she says:
"I did discover a little bit ago that I thought I used the same size thread but it's not one is like a 30 and one is a 20 I think I through all my white threaded shuttle in one bag and so a mistake was made but she look good to me"

Next to arrive is Ankie with her days 11 and 12.  Riet sent in her picture.

After Ankie I now have Annie. This is her day 12 and her comment.
"Dear Jane,Here is my Day 12...
I love my little mermaid 😊
Happy Tatting
annie - indonesia"

Shelly has just arrived with her day 11 and 12 and she says:
"Had a great trip. Now playing catch. Here are days 11 and 12!Shelly?"

Another massive catch up session next from Mirror Jane who says:
"Hi Jane,
It took me a while to get these together, but I've been trying to keep up!
Its so fun to see the piece evolve and start to make sense in these last few days.
Thanks again!"

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