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Day 8 continued!

Day 9 will be released tomorrow morning but I won't be around for a few hours to download and upload comments and pictures. As usual they will be dealt with as soon as I get home and in order of arrival. So, Jenni, there's a challenge for you - let's see if you're first tomorrow!!!!

First in today with her day 8 is Bernice who says:
"Hi Jane,
I have a guess today. It is a mermaid and we need to tat the head and another arm plus add a fluke. I did have another guess but then realized we still have those two beads to add unless that was a trick. 
Happy tatting.
Bernice Calgary CANADA"

Now I have a fantastic picture from Bernice who also thinks it's going to be a mermaid!!! People have some strange ideas!!!
"Dear Jane,
Well, we may have to give up on our "dragon" at this point. Maybe we'll join the "mermaid" guess crew. :-) Of course, this mermaid will be freezing as all water is frozen solid here in this area (and won't thaw until April or May). Here is my tatting for the day. Getting practice with lock joins (which I needed!), so that's good.
Thanks again for the fun and diversion from our weather.
Kay Lynn & her Bernese Mt. Dogs (snoozing right now)"

Rhyming Sarah is next in my inbox with this little verse.
"Good day to you Jane,
Could it be a wizard’s hat?
No, I don’t think it’s that.
Do I see a hand with 5 little fingers?
My uncertainty lingers.
An arm? A leg? A tail?
I think I need more detail.


Christine has sent in a lovely picture too with her 'whatever it is' surrounded by hearts. This is what she says:
"Hello Jane
I hope you and all the fellow TIAS tatters are having a great weekend!
It looks like an arm with a hand now! :)
Looking forward to Day 9,
Christine in Alabama"

Janet has been busy with other things as well as the TIAS. She says:
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 8. I have no longer a clue! I have not been just tatting but have sewn a new shuttle travel keeper too! I just love the colors.
Happy weekend,
Janet from GA"
Love your little keeper and the colours all zing too.

Mary is still guessing and hasn't made up her mind yet!! She says:
"Jane,Well I thought it was a large animal and now I think it may be a small animal or sea creature. You’re very good at keeping us guessing.
Mary in California"

Now Annie has a guess but I'm not sure she's right. What do you think? She guesses:
"Hi Jane, This is really a fun game, interesting to follow and can not wait for the next day.
You designed it very smart 👍.
I guess it is a chicken
Happy Game,
annie - indonesia"

From a chicken to a monster with Lelia who has completed day 6!!!! She says:
"Dear Jane:
Is it a loch ness monster????? 
Always, Carol
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

Cindy has caught up now with her day 7 and 8. She's had a busy time but I'll let her tell you all about it.
"Good Morning Jane,
It has been a busy couple of days. I actually had not finished day 7 before day 8 was released! But, all is well now, after working in the yard (it was 52F, 11C sunny and a perfect day to clean up the yard), finding daffodils already poking their leaves up, and even the one lone, very stubborn snowdrop that does not understand that snowdrops usually do not survive the climate in Northern Texas. And I love snowdrops. We also did a bunch of clean-up in the house, finally getting the Christmas decorations back up in the attic. Then we ordered Chinese dinner for take-out, something we do not do very often, and I took a shower, and finally, finally sat down and had the pleasure of tatting day 7 and 8. My apologies, the pictures are not particularly good, but I did not want to wait until tomorrow. So I was balancing my hubbie’s cellphone, which has a flashlight, and my tablet to take the picture… I promise better pictures after the next clue. I am starting to think the 5 picots in clue 8 are fingers…. Which leads me to think maybe a person? But we basically skipped the legs, in that case… So, I am still not sure!"

Denise also thinks it's a mermaid but I'm not so sure. We'll see, Denise, we'll see. She says:
"It’s a MERMAID!!!!!!! I adore mermaids!!!! I can’t wait to see!!!!!!! This is so much fun! Thanks for all you do!!! I’m anxiously waiting to see the reveal.Denise W."

Bev has a good idea too but again I'm not sure!!! 
"Hi Jane
Running late again. I can see a poodle with a fluffy tail emerging but it’s way too early for BC3 to let on."

Now with days seven and eight I have Marjorie who says:
"Hi Jane! I totally forgot about Day 7, and then when I remembered I was trying to hurry. Wrong move! I had to pick out Ring 23 on baby and Ring 24 on Mama. Oh, right— my guess! I am sure this time. We are tatting kitties! Mama kitty is watching over her kitten very carefully as her tail is the spiky baby kitten kind.
==Marjorie, near San Jose, California (where it was at least 75 today! Talk about an early spring!)"
I envy you the weather but not sure about the kitty guess but we'll see!!!

Next to arrive is Julie with her days 7 and 8. She says:
I am a little late for day 8, but I have finally published it!
I think I didn't send you my day 7 and 8. Here they are!"

The next person to arrive is Józsefné who has sent in her day 8.

Anne has just arrived with her day 8 and she says:
"Hello Jane
This is my day 8
Good afternoon"

Eva is next and she says:
"Hallo Jane,
Tag 8 ist auch da.
Liebe Grüße

Hi Jane,
Day 8 is also there.
best regards

Edyta has just popped into my inbox and she says:
"Hey Jane. I am sending you my day 7 and 8. However, it will not be a butterfly, I am curious what? Regards, Edyta.
Are you sure it isn't going to be a butterfly, Edyta?  I think it could but I may well be teasing you!!!!

Carol/Lelia has just popped into my inbox with her two day 7's.  She has a few guesses but I wonder which is right?
"Dear Jane ....
An oddly shaped fish? 
Perhaps a lobster?
Or, Nessy -- Loch Ness monster..... 
Enjoying the tatting game, moving to day eight to be ready for DAY 9
Always, Carol NW Indiana USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II 

Next to arrive is who has this to say!
"Kedves Jane!
Kicsit megkésve küldöm a 8.napi játékot!
Üdvözlettel Elizabeth Erdélyből ,(Románia)!

Dear Jane!
Day 8 bit late I send the game!
Best regards, Elizabeth Transylvania (Romania)!"
It's never too late to send in a TIAS, Elizabeth. Honestly.

I now have day 8 from Klára who has sent in her picture.

Magdalena is the next to arrive and she's caught up with her days 6, 7 and 8. She says:
"Dzień ósmy.Pozdrawiam cieplutko Magdalena.

Eighth Day. 
I greet warmly Magdalena. "

Wendy is next with a change of mind. I wonder if she's right?
"Ok, it’s not a trunk. It’s a back leg and a tail.
Wendy "

Carol/Lelia is back again but this time with her day 8. This is what she says:
"Dear Jane:
Back to The Year of the Dog .... looks like a puppy sitting. puff tail?
Always, Carol NW Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

The next message comes from my dear friend Sharren who says:
"Hi Jane!
I'm caught up (at last). Everything I thought it might be was refuted when I did the next part! My last guess was maybe a Victorian cowboy boot - but the spur is in the wrong place!
I apologise about the spur, Sharren. Should I change the pattern and the position for you?!?!?!?

Anso has just arrived with her day 8. She says:
"HI Jane
My day 8. Looking forward for day 9. I have no idea what it is.
AnSo Alia"

Last three of the day. First of all I have Alutka who says:
"Dzień dobry Jane!Z powodu wyjazdu miałam małe opóźnienie ale je nadrobiłam i przesyłam 8 część tajemniczego zadania. Moja wyobraźnia niestety źle funkcjonuje i nadal nic mi nie podpowiada co to może być

Good morning, Jane! 
Because I had a small delay departure but made up for them and send 8 part of the mysterious task. My imagination, unfortunately, poorly functioning and still tells me nothing what it could be 
Alutka "

Sue is the next to arrive and she says:
"Once again as you are about to announce the next bit... here's my offering!
The tail is definitely on my EFUS!! Says the lady who has a sore finger from too much tiling... but we should have half a bathroom again tomorrow!!
Chat soon

Finally I have 

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