Monday, 5 February 2018

Day 9

This is the link to day 9. 

I won't be around for a few hours today to download and upload comments and pictures. As usual they will be dealt with as soon as I get home and in order of arrival. 

Please think of me as I try to resist the urge to buy more fabric as my friend and I are visiting a wonderful shop in Birmingham!!! My mantra for the day? I don't need fabric, I don't need fabric, I don't need fabric!!!!  Will it work?  More to follow tomorrow!!

So, Jenni, there's a challenge for you - let's see if you're first tomorrow morning!!!!

I've just got time to do the overnighters before I have breakfast and go. Beata is the first in with her day 8 and she says:
Tym razem myślę że to będzie duszek. Czekam niecierpliwie na dalszy ciąg zabawy. Posyłam pracę wykonaną na dzień 8. Pozdrawiam serdecznie
Beata S.

Jane. This time I think it will be a ghost. I am waiting impatiently for the rest of the fun. I send a job done on day 8. Best wishes
Beata S."

Next is Judy who has this to say:
Have a great day!"

I will, Judy, thanks.

Grace has sent in her day 8 and I have to apologise as I obviously missed a picture out at some point. When I get back I'll try to find it, Grace.
"Hi, I saw the blog but you forgot to include the little picture of anglerfish.
Anyhow,. Here is my day 8 except it don't look like anything to me."

Stephanie Grace is the last of the overnighters in my inbox and I'm up and about an hour earlier than usual!!! This is what she has to say:
"Chocolate covered strawberries make me sad, so I really hope that I’m looking at a fairy or mermaid arm, not the tale of a chocolate-strawberry-milk cow!  
Stephanie Grace"

Well she's done it again!!! Jenni is first in with her day 9. She says:
"Not a chameleon......
No idea!!!
oh has an eye......

Next to arrive is Maureen with her day 9. She says:
"It's a Little Mermaid! - and I don't have a fish to make her feel at home, so my lovely pink and green frog nobly stood in for the occasion.
The contrasting thread will be for her hair, and she will make a perfect bookmark for a granddaughter.
That's if she IS a mermaid of course.... I could be wrong."
You could be wrong or you could be right, Maureen!!!

Well sadly Marjorie you're not first but you are NEARLY first. This is Marjorie's comment:
"Good morning Jane!
I did it! Stayed up til the instant Day 9 was live. No idea if I am first this time, but here it is— Mama kitty on her head and a possible mermaid taking shape!?
==Marjorie in California, up too late really : )"

Anita is next in my inbox with her day 9 and she says:
"Hi Jane,
My day 9, with sea green eyes suitable for a mermaid :-)

Barbara has sent in her day 9 and she says:
"Hi Jane!
I already have day 9.
Will it be a mermaid?
I'm very curious ...
I greet you warmly "
I'm not telling you, Barbara!!!!

Joli Mama is next with her day 9 and she simply says:
":-) El is készült a 9.nap :-)
:-) :-) I'd made the Day 9"

Next in is Ilona who says:
"Hi Jane,
I'm wondering if to wish you a fine shopping or resist the temptation. I was happy to read your ideas about buying fabrics, it's all the same with me:)
So have a nice day in Birmingham!
Ilona (Hungary)'
Well, Ilona, I was a very good girl and only bought some interfacing to make a new tatting bag!!!! I was very tempted to buy more. Sue and I did buy some fabric for our group project ready for tomorrow, though!!!

I think Tim has given up on trying to guess!!! This is what he says:
"I don't have a ghost of a chance of guessing what this is."

Aniko is next with her day 9 and she says:
"Good morning Jane!
I finished the 9. I can see a part of a head and an eye? !
I'm waiting for the continuation to make me clear "
Well it could be an eye but it could be just a decoration too!!!

Józsefné has sent in a picture of her day 9.

Next is Jacee who says:
"Good morning, Jane. An eye (bead) at the back side of an elephant????? Beats me!!
Who knows?  Oh, I do!!!

Emily is next with her two TIAS's. She says:
"The big mermaid now has a little sister! "

Now I have Carol next in my inbox and she says:
"Hi Jane,
I got confused when the pattern said to SS cause then I’d be going opposite so I didn’t?
I’m now thinking a wizard with his hat on?? Maybe I’m crazy hahaha.
Carol "
Crazy or sane - not a lot of difference in my opinion but you could be right with your guess!!!

Sue has now arrived and this is what she has to say:
"Here's my contribution to today... if it's a ghost then we've got a lot of thread left... and you said we need another colour... so as you've just destroyed my illusion of an EFUS then at the moment it's a half headed ghost!!
That's an inspired guess, Sue.  You could be right too.

Margaret has sent in two pictures to illustrate her guess. Here's her comment too:
"Hi Jane, well, I've been trying to superimpose my tatting on to another picture but I'm afraid it is beyond me so I'll have to send them separately. My guess will be evident from the pictures! 
Hope you have had a lovely day in Birmingham and not bought too much material!!!"
Wonderful pictures, Margaret.  Love them to bits.

Barbara T is the next person to arrive in my inbox. She says:
"I am Barbara Tomaszewska and I am from Poland --- my 9 day Tias2018
It probably lives in the water 
Best wishes."
Yes it may live in the water, Barbara but it may live on the land!!! Who knows? Ah, I do!!!

Next to arrive is Magdalena who is thinking it's half an alien!!! I wonder what the other half will look like, Magdalena?!?!?
"Dzień dziewiąty. U mnie to wygląda na połowę kosmity.Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
Ninth Day. For me it looks like half alien. 
I greet warmly. "

Val has just sent in her days 8 and 9 and she's now caught up. This is what she says:
"Good day, Jane!Just caught up with days 8 and 9. It looks like we’re on to the face/head of our ‘surprise’. I now change my prediction. I think it’s going to be human-like ‘creature’, a mermaid.
Waiting for the big reveal!

Lyn is next in my inbox and she says:
"Good evening Jane,Hope you had a great day out! How much material did you buy ?? 😂😂
Here is my day 9
Regards from a hot Bridgetown WA.
I didn't buy any fabric, Lyn.  Just some interfacing sort of padded so I can make a new tatting bag.  Do I need another bag?  Of course not!!!  We (my friend Sue and I) bought some fabric for our Tuesday morning group which was the real reason for going to Birmingham.  Mission accomplished!!!!

Krystyna is the next in my inbox and this is what she has to say:
"TIAS dzień 9 stawiam że to będzie syrena albo inne morskie stworzenie .Pozdrawiam Krystyna 

TIAS day 9 bet that this will be a siren or other sea creature .Pozdrawiam Krystyna"

Ewa is next in the inbox and she says:
"Hi Jane! My 9 day on foto. I did it with joy. Best regards. Ewa Szylewska"

Melanie follows on with her day 9 and this is what she has to say:
"Oh, my! That’s not a fly-swishing tail but an arm—of a man whose leg was amputated above the knee! Today’s vsps are not fo joining, as they would normally be, but are his hair.
By the way, I believe that I’ve discovered an error in Day 8’s instructions: the chain between SR20 and R19 should have been longer than two stitches (perhaps 8?) to make a shoulder that, as shown in the diagram, would enable the arm to hang down instead of out to the side. Right?"
I'll check that when I've finished trying to get to the top of my inbox, Melanie.

Now I have the other Ewa who's work (days 8 and 9) has been sent in by Barbara. Here's what is said:
"Hi Jane! 
Ewa pisze; 
Ja stawiam jednak na syrenkę lub rusałkę?

Eva writes;
However, I bet on a mermaid or a water lily? Greetings Ewa"

Now I have Agnes with her day 9. She says:
"The 9. day :)"

Ildiko has just sent in her day 9 along with this comment and picture.
"Hello Jane,
Day 9 is finished.
"What will be the out come?"- ask the deer. Mine answer: -" This will be a monster with red eyes under the weather."
Ildikó from Hungary"
A red eyed monster?  I'm frightened now!!!  Pretty picture of the deer.

Teresa's just arrived next with her day 9. This is what she has to say:
Did your mantra work or did you purchase additional fabric. This year’s TIAS is definitely one of your “people” but a couple more hints are required (at least for me) to be any more accurate. At any rate, here is my contribution to the mix for today."
Yes it did, Teresa but I did get some batting type stuff to make a bag with!!!  

You're all going to LOVE this picture. It's from Aleksandra who says:
"Hello Jane,
Today it's Genie from Aladdin's lamp
Aleksandra from Poland"
I think you could be right now I've seen this picture, Aleksandra - or you could be wrong, of course!!!

Caroline has some interesting observations to make on progress - she says:
"Here is Day 9. I will have to come back to my computer later today to count and prepare deposit slips for the LWML group and clean things up on my desk so I do not miss anything.
If the VSPs are hair for a mermaid my hair will be very short as VSP to me means a picot you can hardly see.
More snow and very cold here yet."
You are right about the vsp - they are very short and you can hardly see them.  So will that make you change your mind about it being a mermaid?!?!?  
No snow for us but very cold.

Shelley has just arrived with her day 9 and this comment and picture.
"A slower start today. I chose great variegated thread color if she is a mermaid. I chose a tiger-eye colored bead for eyes.

Melanie C is the next person to arrive in my inbox. She says:
"Hi Jane-
Here's my Day 9. Got a tad confused when I saw SS after the chain. I went with my gut, and it looks like I would expect it to if it is....
A merm____ creature. I think the color of the bead makes me doubt if my choice of thread color is good.
Thanks for the game. I'll be showing this off during the workshop I'm teaching next week. Will it be complete by then?
Melanie in CA"
Well I don't know if anybody really knows what a merm.....creature looks like so please don't worry about the colours.  Anyway it may not be a merm.....creature after all!!!!!

Kay has now sent in her day 9 and she's enjoying seeing what everybody else is saying too.
"Dear Jane,
What fun! I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing the comments coming in from all over the globe! And the fun will continue......thanks to you, Jane!
Kay Lynn in Tok, Alaska"
It's amusing to see how many people are thinking it's a mermaid!!!!

Erzsébet has just arrived with her day 9. She says:
"Kedves Jane!
Ha ma tippelhetek: sellőlányka lesz !!!
Dear Jane!
If I had to guess today: to become a mermaid girl !!!"
That's a good guess, Erzsébet . BUT are you sure? I'm not!!!

Next to arrive is Denise R with her days 8 and 9 and who says:
"Possible person now."

Mary Jane is next and she says:
"My tail turned into an arm. That’s what I like on the TIAS. You guess until the end. Love it
Mary Jane,,, . Indiana"

Now I have Maria who has just popped into my inbox. She says:
"Howdy Jane! Today was BEAD DAY! And now my green genie can finally see (though somewhat distorted) his new world! 😜I'm hoping all those little vsp's around his head is for attaching some great looking hair! 😁"
I think your genie (if it is a genie, of course) will love his hair/fur/hat or whatever may happen to the vsp's.

Erzsebet has now dropped in with her day 9. She says:
"Dear Jane!
Here is my work of day .

Another day 9 has just arrived - this time from Joanna who says:
"Hi, here is my day 9 picture 😊 Regards, Joanna from Poland"

Just a few more in my inbox before I head for bed. First in this batch is Bernice who says:
"Well Jane,
My guess from yesterday still stands and I see a few others feel the same.
Bernice in cold but sunny Canada."

Grażyna is next to be uploaded and she says:
"Witaj Jane. Mam już 9 dzień. Może będzie to mały duch?
Pozdrawiam Grażyna
Hello, Jane. I already have nine days. Maybe it will be a little ghost?
Regards Grazyna"

AnSo is next to arrive and she says:
"Hi Jane
Me too, when i visit a shop, i always repeat myself i don’t need anything, you have plenty of things to do. It’s very hard to resist. I often fail. 
I hope you had a good time with your friend.
I had a good time on this day 9. It’s a mermaid !
Hmmmm, not sure about the mermaid - I think it's something else!!!

Finally I have Katie with her 6 little TIAS's. She says:
"Dear Jane, 
Loving all the guesses---we seem to be getting closer to a mermaid, if those picots on the last rings are hair. But, as one suggested, what if the big long piece is part of a hat--a wizard's hat? Then those last picots are likely a beard! 
Fun stuff, crazy lady Jane!!
Tatty hugs,
Katie V in NC"
Thank you for the compliment of 'crazy', Katie.

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