Thursday, 1 February 2018

Day 7 link now available

First of the overnight messages in my inbox is from Lelia with her day 3 and she says:
"Dear Jane:
Catching up! Enjoying the TIAS.
Aways, Carol NW Ind USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

Stephanie Grace is the next person in my inbox and she's keeping up well. She says:
"I haven’t stopped yet! That’s an accomplishment, LOL. I’ve been thinking it’s a puppy playing with a ball, but now I’m also thinking maybe it’s a random soccer (football/futball?) player! O.o I’m thinking it’s definitely some kind of animal… 
A sloth that I crocheted a while back (and need to finish…), however, is very sure that it’s a sloth guitar. My husband agrees with the sloth -of course. :-/ 
Stephanie Grace
P.S. It could totally still be the Christmas Story Lamp. I’m not ruling that out yet! "

Amritha is the last of my overnight messages so time to have breakfast and then do the supermarket shop before day 7's start arriving!!!
"Hi Madam
Am sending my 6 day work completed. Have to keep guessing lol. Thanks.

OK, after a mad, mad panic when dear friends had emailed me about a mistake in the drawing on day 7 I managed to correct it. That's pretty silly of me to get it wrong as I've tatted the 'you don't know what' many times AND two test tatters have done it too. 

 Anyway, here we go with the first day 7 in this morning and it's from Maureen who says:
"We must be half way through now, or perhaps a bit more - and I have NO idea what we are making! Maybe I made a mistake somewhere, because today's rings sit at right angles to the earlier work, and the diagram clearly shows the new part perpendicular and neatly arranged!
Oh well - at least the computer groaned and woke up this evening. Small mercies."

Another Australian friend is next - Frances who has sent in days 5, 6 and 7 and who says:
"Good Morning Jane 
I hope you are well and enjoying all our guesses
I forgot to take a photo of day 4 but have included
day 5 to day 7.
Before day 7 I was thinking it was an anteater, now
I think it is a shrimp or a mermaid.
Frances S
Warwick Australia"

Still in Australia and next in is Jenni who says:
"Still no idea. Going to be very interesting. You are most tricky Ms Eborall ....
Will stick with Chameleon.
Jenni (Liyarra)"

Now we're in America with Tim who says:
"No guess today. Wonder what the picots go to?"

Shelley is next with her day 7 and the following comment:
"Whoo Hoo! Day 7

Next in is Aniko who says:
"Dear Jane
After a long effort, I managed to get what I can see in the picture. I hope it is ok!?
Perfect, Aniko.  Perfect.

Jacee is next in with her day 7 and the following comment:
"Hi Jane, 
Just released on bail. like what many others said: it does look like an elephant trunk now and we are gradually shaping up it's head, I suppose?!"

Mary has just arrived with her day 7 and the following comment - she's still sounding confused!!!
"Hi Jane
Here's my day 7.
I'm guessing we've done a tail or a wing, of a mermaid/lobster/seagull? Or maybe not."

Next in is Krystyna who says:
"7 dzień TIAS . Stawiam że to foka będzie . Pozdrawiam Krystyna
TIAS seven days. I bet that it will seal. Regards Krystyna"

Just popped into my inbox next is Aleksandra who says:
"Hello Jane,Day 7.
Today I will turn...:-\ into a bird ..... maybe a hummingbird?
Regards from Poland"

Jane is next with her day 7 and I apologise to her for the mix up earlier. Here's what she says:
"I hope this is right. I looked at the Dutch version, where the diagram and writing line up, somehow I’m still getting back to the same page in English!"
That's very odd, Jane as I've checked the links.  

Next to send in with her day 7 is Emily who says:
"This is so much fun and gave me an excuse to finally learn split ring on the shuttle. I can't wait for day 8 it's looking so good! I'm definitely sticking with the guess of mermaid! It is very exciting :)"
Well you'll certainly never be afraid of split rings again after you've done one of my patterns, Emily!!!!

Now I have Joli Mama from Hungary next and she says:
"Kedves Jane! A rajz és leírás szerint elkészítettem :-) Jó lesz így? :-) Szeretem a játékot, köszönet érte :-)
Barátsággal: JolimamaDear Jane! According to the description and drawings I made :-) will be so good? :-) I love the game, thanks :-)
Friendship Joli Mama"
Perfect, Joli Mama, perfect.

Lyn is next in my inbox. She says:
"Hi JaneHere is my day 7, well I guess we have one leg of something 😂! Must be animal because it’s got a bead eye ?
Thanks again Jane
Lyn (WA)"

Wendy simply says that her day 6 is!
"An orchid!"

Back again after an afternoon out and I've found 41 emails in my inbox so please bear with me while I catch up.
First in is from Nona who says:
"I too am left-handed, so I hope my split rings didn’t end up backwards! Now it looks like an elephant trunk to me.Nona"
They look perfect to me, Nona.

Val is next to arrive with her day 7 and the following comment:
"Hi Jane,
Good day!
Here’s day 7. I stick by my last prediction — a dinosaur!
I think the only dinosaur round here is ME, Val!!!!

Anita is next to arrive with her day 7 and a really great picture of how she thinks things are going to turn out!!!
"Hi Jane,
I think my first guess was correct: it is a dog!

Now I have in Ilona my inbox after a bit of a struggle. She says:
"Dear Jane,
I've solved it. Although it was a hard labour:)
Now I can see a tail of something...
My best regards 
Ilona (Hungary)"

Next is Sonja who has this to say:
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 7. No idea what it will be, no salamander.
I think nobody knows
Sonja from Holland"
Sorry, Sonja, but three of us know!!!  I know and so do Riet and Julie!!!

Barbara is another person who thinks it's going to be a leg!! She says:
"I am Barbara Tomaszewska and I am from Poland --- my 7 day Tias2018
It will probably be a leg.
Regards from Poland."

Next to arrive is Agi and she says:
"The seventh day. I'm very curious, what will this be. :)"

Christiane has done a re-start on her TIAS and this is what she thinks it is too:
"Dear Jane, just re-started day 1-6 and added day7. Love the colours a way more, the tension is quite better and did not make the same mistakes as before! Now I am thinking about hyacinths - just bought some so may be I am also tatting one? Best wishes from Switzerland! Christiane"
The scissors are truly beautiful - just like the tatting too, Christiane.

Now I have days 6 and 7 from Beata who says:
"Droga Jane.Dalej nie wiem co to będzie - typuję: krokodyl, ryba, syrena - pewnie zupełnie coś innego. Posyłam Ci mój 6 i 7 dzień. Pozdrawiam Beata S.

Dear Jane.
I still do not know what it will be - I type: crocodile, fish, mermaid - probably something completely different. I send you my 6th and 7th day. Regards Beata S."
That's a lot of guesses, Beata.  I wonder if any of them are right?

Next in is Mary Jane who is expecting snow - brrrrrrrr.
"Just finished the beautiful tail for my animal but why is it knotty?Guess I’ll find out later.
Waiting for snow to arrive. Good tatting days.
Mary Jane. Indiana USA"

Now Joanna has another idea and she thinks it's a...........
"Hi Jane, I still think it is a bug 🦗Regards, Joanna from Poland"

Melanie has found out the usefulness of the shoe lace trick in her message:
"I’m glad you included the information after the R19 instruction as to which was the working shuttle as I must have missed a switch somewhere along the line. I did a SLT and righted my wrong."

Next to arrive is Erzsebet who has this to say. She asks if it's OK and my answer is - it's perfect.
"Dear Jane!
Here is my work of day 7. Hope it's okay?

Maria is the next person to arrive in my inbx. She says:
"Jane, here is my day 7.... and it seems that the squash is suddenly being attacked by a worm! So, maybe it's not a squash after all..... my next guess is something with arms? Actually, at this point it looks kind of like the "tail end" of a lobster! Ha, the mystery continues! 😸"
Glad it's still a mystery, Maria!!!!  By the way, have you stolen my shuttle?  I love my Clover bobbin shuttles.

Next is Ann-Sofie who has sent in her day 7 and says:
"Thank you so much for another fun TIAS. I use Lisbeth 20, Falling Leaves. My guess: a lobster or perhaps a butterfly."
Ann-Sofie (Sweden)"

Caroline has now sent in her day 7. She says:
"Well, I on top of it today. Just needed to take a few minutes to tat day 7 even though my kitties think I should be feeding them."

This made me smile!!! It's from Melanie who says:
"Hi Jane-
Maybe it's the way the colors are pooling, but my imagination is coming up with a chair. Doesn't make sense with the 2 picots at the end of the blue, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Melanie in CA"

Carine has just sent me her day 6 (four of them!) and she says:
"Hi Jane, 
As each year I enjoy your Tias 2018.
Please find here my day 6 with my sea horses family 

I have a picture of day 7 now from Józsefné:

Kay is the next to arrive in my inbox. She says:
"Dear Jane,
Well, it's even colder today - down in the deep freeze again. No outside playtime for Iorek (his cut-off is twenty below zero F. just like the children @ school); he's only had his romp one time this week, so he's got "cabin fever".....and his momma has "frozen brain syndrome". Nevertheless, your TIAS cheers us! Where is it turning now????
See attached.
Thanks for bringing all of us tatters from around the world on such a great adventure together.
Kay Lynn and her Berners in a very cold Tok, Alaska"
Well I sincerely hope that the frozen brain has thawed by now, Kay Lynn.  I'm never going to re-locate to your part of the world!!!!

Now I have Ewa who says:
"Hallo Jane! I'm sending a foto 7day Tias 2018. My friend Beata thinks this is an angel. Best regards from Poland. Ewa Szylewska"

Veronique sounds a bit puzzled too. She says:
"De plus en plus mystérieux. ..

More and more mysterious. ..

Sam has just arrived and has this to say:
"Dear Jane, 
After finishing day 7, I've noticed many different directions that this set of split rings is going for different tatters. Mine is even curving around . Still thinking it's an elephant or a tea kettle..maybe an elephant with a tea kettle (elephants get thirsty, too).
Still guessing,
Sam from NC, USA"
Those are some interesting guesses, Sam!!!

Finally in this batch I have Deana who says:
"Day 7 is done and coming in from Canada 🇨🇦
I still think unicorn"

Whoops - one more in this batch and it's AnSo who says:
"Hi Jane !!
This is my day 7. I still think it’s an animal, maybe a cat. "

Back again with a couple more day 7's. The first is from Teresa who says:
"Still not a clue ... but then there are those who say I’ve always been clueless. At any rate, here is Day 7; shuttles waiting with great anticipation for Day 8."

Pigmini is next to arrive and she says:
"Ok... it doesn't look like my EFUS at the moment so maybe it's Nessie downside up!! Maybe she's looking for what's missing in my bathroom!!
Sue (Pigmini)"
Please turn those ducks around, Sue.  They're going to get egg bound if they're left upside down!!!

Actually I should've said three more people as now I have Mariann who says:
"Dear Jane
Szlaukóné Lengyel Mariann
Regards, Mariann"

Karen has arrived with her day 7 and this is what she has to say:
"I picked up Pink Blossoms again and finally made my way through to day 7. The poor old girl looks like she's been through the wars, and she has. She's been tatted and untatted and retatted so many times....... My guess is that we just tatted a lobster tail, and day 8 looks like the start of a claw"

Celine is probably the last one in today as I'm off to bed. She's sent in her fantastic picture and the following comment:
"Hello Jane. 
Here is my day 7. I still believe in a cute cat. 
Good night. Celine"

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