Monday, 26 February 2018

Monday's mermaids

When I've added this morning's 'overnighter' I will have 99 mermaids in the 'pond'!!!! I wonder who will send in the 100th?!!?? I wonder if there will be even more? Who knows!!!

Well I think that Ginny's mermaid gets the prize for the longest hair!!!! That's if there was a prize, of course!!!! This is what Ginny says:
99. "Here she is all finished!!!"

Next to arrive is Lelia's day 14 - both mermaids!!! She says:
"Dear Jane:
Awwww ... so sweet!
Hope to finish the mermaid hair tomorrow : )
Always, Carol NW Indiana USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II"

Well now I'm going to have to give up counting as Jolimama has sent this picture in and I don't know who's mermaids are on the blog already and which ones aren't!!!! It's been a real pleasure to have met with the Hungarian tatters and I'm so pleased that they obviously enjoyed the game too.  Here's what Jolimama has to say:
"Ezzel az idézettel és képpel köszönöm meg a munkádat, mert játszani jó :-) 
A Facebook Hajócsipke csoportjában 17-en kezdtük el a játékot Veled és 15-en be is fejeztük, és kíváncsian vártuk napról-napra a következő feladatot. Jó lenne még játszani, de Te érzed, hogy pihenésre van szükséged. További szép alkotást kívánok Neked. 

thank you for your work on this quote and image, they play good :-) 
The Facebook group of 17 en Boat Lace started the game with you and 15 of your well expressed, and eagerly waited every day on these tasks. It would be nice to play more, but you feel that you need to relax. I wish you a nice art."

Now I have another mermaid and this time from Sue who says:
100 "Good Morning from Michigan! I happened across your TIAS right before it started, and having not tatted in awhile decided to give it a try. At the time the only size 20 I had was white. I think she looks like she has short curly hair right now, so since mine is also short and somewhat curly, I may leave her with a short hairdo. Maybe she will grow it out later. Thank you for getting me back into tatting!"
I'm delighted to help any tatter who has fallen by the wayside to get back to the addiction.  Thanks for sending your mermaid in, Sue.


Sue McConnell said...

Hi Jane Good Morning from Michigan. I had not tatted in quite awhile and happened across your TIAS right before it started. I think my mermaid looks lovely with short curly hair, which is like my hair She may grow it out in the future. Thank you for getting me back to tatting with a fun format! (Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get her picture to you)

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Sue, if you go to the top righthand side of the blog you'll see 'about me'. Click on my name under the picture and on the left side of the next page you'll see 'email'. Hope to see your mermaid soon!!!! I'm delighted that you've returned to tatting.