Tuesday, 6 February 2018

More day 9's

Top of this morning's arrivals is Nona who has sent in her days 8 and 9. First of all many congratulations on your new arrival. This is what Nona says:

"I’ve not been sending my progress in regularly because we’ve had a little distraction... our daughter just gave birth to a baby boy!
When I finished Day 8, I decided it is going to be a mermaid and Day 9 confirms that for me. It is very cold here in Wisconsin; negative 20 windchill."
Sounds very cold to me!!

Next in the in box is Christine who says:
"Hello Jane!
Today we have a cyclops!
I include my progress on the 2015 TIAS as well. It is curious that both of them have a curved line of split rings at this stage.
I may have made a mistake somewhere along the way and got my shuttles confused for the 2018 pattern. I was using Shuttle 2 (with the 2 beads) for the long chain on Day 8. That instruction ended with SS. So I used Shuttle 1 for the short chain on Day 9, which also ended with SS. But starting the line of split rings (SR26) with Sh2 seemed wrong, as the beads are on Sh2, so I used Sh1 instead. I think it will all work out ok in the end.
Have a great day :)
-Christine in Alabama"
I'm sure it will all work out well in the end and there's always the little shoe lace trick to get things back in the right place!!!

Cindy is next to arrive and she says:
"Hi Jane,
I finished day 9, and I actually think it just might be a mermaid….. Mine has a bit of a crick in her neck, but I hope, when we attach the other side?, that it will stabilize itself. I think I forgot a RW, or something like that. Oh what a fun game this is! Thank you so much for hosting it."
She's looking good and I'm sure you can get something from the pharmacy for the crick in her neck!!!!

Next to pop into my inbox is Janet who has this to say:
"Hello Jane,
My new guess is a mermaid. My husband is still trying to wrap his mind around that one. He said that he will try and turn on his creative thinking in a minute. I do like this tatting and guessing. It will get me through until the OLYMPICS!
See you in cyberspace,
Janet fron GA"

Amritha has sent in her days 7 and 8 now. This is her comment.
"Hi madam,
Am sending you 7th day work completed.
Hi madam,
Am sending you 8th day work completed."

Lori is next and she's sent in days 8 and 9 with the following comment:
"Look Jane! Think I might have a mermaid in the workings! Heheh
Well I have caught up here’s days 8,9!! "

Finally in this batch is Linda T who says:
No. 9 done. The lady she waits. See you next time
Linda "

Christiane is next to arrive and this is what she has to say:
"Dear Jane, here are my days 8-9 of the TIAS and I am thinking about a witch with her hat now ;) My golden pearl is a bit shy... My husband thought it could be a star or Godzilla :D :D :D Don’t know how this could be Godzilla but wanted 
to share that with you ;) Best wishes from Switzerland! Christiane "

Jane has just sent in her parrot!!! A parrot, Jane? Could be:
"Oh my goodness, first I’m a day late and now I can’t get picassa editing to work! My photo is way bigger than usual, but it is duly attached. A parrot?"

Annie is next to arrive and she has this to say:
"Hi Jane...At the first I guess tail...tail of the dragon, and then chicken, but today I guess like most friends, little mermaid !
I wait for the next pieces, I really love your fun game.
Happy Tatting,
Annie - Indonesia"

Now I have Sarah in the inbox next and she's sent in her guess in rhyme as usual:
"Good day to you Jane, I hope you are fine. Here is rhyme #9.
the fog is lifting.
on the waves something is drifting
could it be a maid of the sea
or perhaps it is a he 
drifting about
without a doubt
I will soon find out 

Judy is still guessing and has no idea what it is!!!
Still having fun! No clue!"

Celine has just arrived with her days 8 and 9. This is what she says:
"Day 8 and 9, today I think of a mermaid"

I just had to share this message with you from Anke. I've asked permission and she says 'yes'.
Dear Jane!
I'm not taking an active part in your TIAS, but I follow all posts on your blog and save all parts so I can do it whenever I find time afterwards.
My guess for this year's TIAS is

or this ghost.
Thank you for the FUN each year!
Anke from Germany"

Next to arrive is Maria with her days 8 and 9 and who says:
"Hi Jane, finally I got my 8 and 9 Tias. Now I think it's a mermaid. But I do not know her name yet. Regards Maria from Lodz."

Coming up - the last two additions to the blog today.
First in is Stephanie who says:
"Just finished today's part of the pattern. With the one eye in place and those tiny picots, I am pretty sure we've got a mermaid in progress here. Hair will be the contrast color, perhaps? And the 2nd part will be the bottom of the tail? I'm so excited! I think I've got it! First time I've guessed and been pretty sure of what the 'wotsit' was before the very end. Still could take a crazy turn and be something else, but I'm sure it's a mermaid!
Having fun with the TIAS. It's great fun whether I know what I'm tatting or not.
Have a terrific week.
Big hug!

Next in is Bev who says:
"Hi Jane 
OK - it doesn’t look like a poodle with a fluffy tail anymore, and yes, it does look like a mermaid......BUT.......Jane has designed a couple of mermaids previously. Does that mean that she is unlikely to do another one, or is it just BC3 being devious again to throw us off the track?
It’s so nice to see so many people involved in all the fun and from so many parts of the world. Hi to the Aussie contingent."

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