Friday, 16 February 2018

Day 13 - continued

Plus others, of course!!! 

First of all - tomorrow will be day 14 with one final part to finish off on Monday.

The first one in today is from Julie who has just started (and almost finished!) this year's TIAS. She says:

"Here is my submission. I finally got the tatting, time and technology to come together. I made a mistake on day 7 and didn't notice until day 11. So I fudge it a little and kept going. I was not satisfied so I started a second. I was guessing an animal of some sort until day 10. As I tatted the second trying to catch up, I was watching the Olympics and thought maybe a snowboarder. Pondering all the information and since you say it will be your last T.I.A.S. I think it's a little Jane going on to other tatting adventures. We just need to attach a shuttle. Not sure if I can send more than one picture so attached one of both with the one on the left with the mistake. Thanks for putting so much of yourself into this fun game.
Julie from Missouri"

Cheryl is next with her day 13 and she says:
"​I put her on a black background so she'd show up better. I still think she's gonnabe a mermaid. Mine looks like she's hitch hiking somewhere.

Next is Alutka who says:
"Dzień dobry Jane!
Dzień 13 wykonany. tak mi przyszło na myśl czy nie jest to snowboard? Zima jeszcze trwa może warto poszusować z górki? ;-)

Good morning, Jane! 
Day 13 made. so I came to think that this is not a snowboard? Winter still continues it may be worth poszusować downhill? ;-) 
Hmmm, it maybe a snowboard!!!!! BUT it may not be!!!

Lou has now arrived with a plethora of what she thinks are mermaids!!! She says:
"Hi Jane, We think we are mermaids and we need some flukes!!!! Help! Looking forward to having the ability to swim. Lol Lou Dawn, Renton, WA USA
PS love the TAIS hope you continue the fun! Thank you!"
Are your 'mermaids' doing synchronised swimming, Lou?!?!?!?

Next in is Barbara with her day 12 and she says:
"Sorry Jane. I labelled the previous picture incorrectly. This is Day 12!
Barbara in Northern CA"
Not a problem, Barbara. When I have time I'll go back and find it and change the day!!!!

Annie is next with her day 13 and she says:
"Hi is my Day 13
my wonderful little mermaid
ya.. I guess little mermaid
Happy Tatting,
Annie - Indonesia"

Now I have Linda who has this to say:
She's back....... She is growing on me. Guess she will just have to stay. 
Thanks again for the work you do for tatting world. You are my go tooo
when I forget how to do something. Which is alot. 

Barbara is back again with her day 13 and she says:
"Dear Jane,
Well, I peeked at someone’s hint of “I Dream of Jeannie” and think that’s better than my robot guess. I can see these ladies coming out of a bottle.
Barbara from Northern CA"

Finally in this batch I have Elizabeth who says:
"Kedves Jane!
Már az amigurumi állatkáim is alig várják ,hogy milyen új jövevény érkezik hozzájuk!
Üdvözlettel Elizabeth 

Dear Jane! 
Even the little animal Amigurumi is eager to see what new comers coming to them! 
Yours Elizabeth"
Love the Amigurumi creatures.

Back home after a busy afternoon and the first person in the inbox is Lyn who says:
"Hi Jane  Well here is my day 13 and it still looks like an alien mermaid Lol !!
Thanks Jane for all the trouble you went to for TAIS.
Kind regards
Lyn (WA)"

Next in the inbox is Erzsebet who says:
"Dear Jane!
Here is my work of day 13

Barbara is next and she says:
"I am Barbara Tomaszewska and I am from Poland --- my 13 day Tias201"

Now I have Annelies who has also sent in her day 13. This is what she says:
"Hello Jane,I just finished my day 13 and I still think she's a mermaid.
I'm really looking forward to the next parts!
Annelies "
I LOVE the vase with the waves on it, Annelies.  Just right for a mermaid.

Lori has sent in her alien!!! Well, this is what she says:
"Well here is day 13.
Thinking mine looks a bit like an Alien!! Hahaha"

Finally in this batch is Ankie who says:
"Day 13 is ready for a happy weekend"

Denise is next to arrive and she says:
"Still thinking mermaid."

Hot out of the inbox is Janet who has just arrived. She says:
"Hello Jane,
Here she is off the shuttles
Janet from GA"

Next into the inbox is Beata who says:
Jestem prawie pewna że to duch. Teraz jeszcze ta dodatkowa nitka - zagadka.Dziękuję za miłą zabawę. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Jane. I'm pretty sure it's a ghost. Now this additional thread - puzzle. Thank you for the fun. Best wishes.
Beata S."
Tomorrow you will learn a bit more, Beata!!!!

Carol has now arrived with her day 13 and she says:
"Dear Jane:
Attached is my day 13 - looking (sadly) forward to the finale tomorrow. Has been a great time. Thank you for the years of TIAS games. 
Always, Carol NW Indiana
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II
Well don't worry, Carol, it's not the final 'episode' tomorrow but it is the penultimate one!!!!

Now I have three days from Mary who has been (and still is) away from home. She says:
I’m way behind. I’ve been flying and driving In Georgia and Florida for the past 7 days. Here’s days 11, 12, and 13.
I screwed up day 12 and undid it. In the process the thread lost it’s twist. Then while I was trying to correct the first mistake I made another huge mistake as you can tell by the tilt of the second arm. I’ll have to start over but not until next week when I have time to quietly do it right.
In the meantime, I’m going to try to make this work as best I can.
Mary in California (but currently in Florida)"
Well it won't make any difference to the end result, Mary.  In fact you could call it a 'design change'!!!

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