Friday, 23 February 2018

Friday's mermaids

Well things slowed down to almost 'stop' yesterday with just one finished mermaid coming in. The number of finished mermaids is now 84. 

This morning I have number 84 already in my inbox. This is from Coretta who sends in two pictures and as I couldn't decide which one I liked best then they're both going to be added to the blog but just one into my number count!!! Here's what Coretta has to say:

87. "Jane, 
Here is my mermaid in Lizbeth size 20 655 Wedgewood lt 
Her multicolored “mermaid hair” as they call it here is remnants from shuttles all Lizbeth size 20
This, as always, has been grand fun. Thanks for all the work you put into it and thanks to your translators for making this so widely available. I’m sending two pics, hair up or hair down? ;)"

Coby has sent in her THREE mermaids and I'll let her tell you about it.
88. "Hallo Jane,
Hier een paar foto's van mijn werkstukken van de zeemeerminnen, ik vond het heel leuk en heb daarom wel 3 stuks gemaakt.
Vriendelijke groetjes 
Coby Roozendaal-Kramer te Uitgeest

Hi Jane, 
Here are some pictures of my pieces of mermaids, I liked it very much and I have therefore created three pieces. 
Kind regards 
Coby Roozendaal Kramer Uitgeest"

Next I have a really clever idea from Grażyna. I love the idea, Grażyna.
89. "Hello Jane. 
TIAS już się skończył ale ja pobawiłam się dalej i zrobiłam Syrenkę Warszawską z tarczą i mieczem - jest to herb Warszawy, miasta w którym mieszkam. Pomyślałam o tym od razu jak tylko zrobiłam dzień 15 i dodałam włosy. Jeszcze raz dziękuję za wspólne frywolitkowanie i czekam na następne. 
Pozdrawiam Grażyna

Hello Jane. 
TIAS is over but I played around and made further Warsaw Mermaid with shield and sword - this is the coat of arms of Warsaw, the city where I live. I thought about this as soon as you did at 15 and added hair. Thanks again for the common frywolitkowanie and wait for the next. 
Regards Grazyna"

Now I have a lovely message from Betty. Thank you, Betty. She says:
90. "Dear Jane,
It was nice to follow the TIAS and I show you a picture of the result. I thank you for doing this all those years. It was always astonishing that you design something new. Your instructions are very clear. The first Tias that I followed was the Hippo and after that I made all. I hope you will make a lot of new tattings on your blog. I wish you all the best for the future.
Greetings from 
Betty Vos- den Blanken
The Netherlands"
I LOVE her hairstyle, Betty.

91. Sad, sad news from Karen but there's always hope in this world.  She says:
"Hi, Jane. Here is my first completed mermaid. "But where's her tail?" you ask. Well you see, it's like this.....Mimi had tail cancer. She had to have it amputated. She is a tail cancer survivor; but you can tell by her vibrant Forest Green hair, the color of seaweed, that she's healthy and she wears Pink Blossoms to make a statement and champion the cause for survivors everywhere. When the doctors feel she's ready, they're going to try to fit her with a prosthetic tail. Of course it won't match, but they might even bling it out for her so she can feel all girly. In the meantime, she's staying with me. We're close enough that I can take her swimming in the pool at Princeton University, NJ, in the USA, so she gets plenty of healthy exercise. "
Oh, that's hilarious and I hope the new tail works well when she gets it.

Next to arrive is from Nancy who says:
92. "Joyfully, Nancy G"

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Jane McLellan said...

You have a good number of mermaids already and I'm sure more will be swimming in.