Sunday, 11 February 2018

Lots more coming in!

Tomorrow will be day 12. 

First in this beautiful morning here in the centre of England is Denise W who says:
"She’s getting ready to swim with the big and little fish. She is happily awaiting!!!!! I’m getting so excited!!!!!! I just had to include my latest Shuttle, the albino fish. She even matches my mermaid , down to the pink eye. One could never tell that I have serious Shuttle and fishing lure issues!!!!! Can’t wait to see the reveal!!!!!
Denise W."

Next to arrive is Alutka with her days 10 and 11 and she says:
"Przepraszam Jane.
Byłam pewna, że dołączyłam zdjęcie z dnia 10. Ponieważ dzisiaj była nowa 11 część zadania przesyłam obydwie.

I'm sorry Jane. 
I was sure that I joined photograph of 10. Because today was a new 11 part of the task sending them both. 
I have them both now, Alutka and they're here on the  blog!!

Sharren has just arrived in my inbox now and she says:
"OK - getting serious now (yeah, right). I'm thinking it now resembles a manatee. Maybe?? "
I'm not saying a word, Sharren - not a word!!!

Next in is from Bageshree who has sent in her day 11 and says:
"Hello Jane,
My day 11. Think she is a mermaid."

Janet is next to arrive although she's been distracted lately!!! She says:
"Hello Jane,
Catching up! As you know the Olympics started Thursday. And I have been... distracted.
Still enjoying this so much. It is helping me stay on task with my Tatters Across Time!
Janet fron GA"

Bernice is next and she's sent in her day 11 although she had a few troubles with it. This is what she says:
These seven stitches took longer than I thought as retrotatting was required. Some days I seem to go back more than forward. 
Bernice – Calgary AB CANADA"
Looks perfect to me now, Bernice.

Finally in this batch I have Linda who says:
Here again. Completed my three stitches She needs a friend
Maybe later. 

Back again and this time with Aniko who says:
"Dear Jane,
Sorry for the delay, but a cold I put to bed for a few days and just now I managed to recover on 10 and 11.
With friendship
Glad to hear you've recovered, Aniko and thank you for days 10 and 11 too.

I've just got a few more arrivals in my inbox and the first is from Ildikó who says:
"Hello Jane,
I enjoy this game very much. I'm wondering what will be out come. Mary Poppins, a mermaid or a clown?
I think, a woman never can be too old waiting at prince.
Ildikó from Hungary"
Well it could be any of those Ildiko and I will keep waiting for MY prince to come!!!!!

Val has now arrived with her days 9, 10 and 11 and this is what she has to say:
"Hello, Jane! I’m done with day 11. Yay! It’s definitely a character and a mermaid, I think.
I forgot to take a picture of days 9 and 10, but this is a better stage to get a picture of.
It’s Chinese New Year in a few days’ time, so things are getting busy around here. Got to run out to the supermarket right after sending this picture off to you.
If I don't hear from you before the CNY please let me say Happy New Year to you and your family.

Annie has now arrived with her day 11 and she says:
"Hi Jane,Here is my Day 11...
I can’t wait for next piece
Happy Tatting
Annie - Indonesia"

Joanna has just sent in her day 11 and she says:
"Hi, this is my work for day 11. Can’t wait for the next day. Joanna from Poland."

Next to arrive is Kay who says:
"Dear Jane,
No new guesses today, but it appears that we have a neck now! Hope all is going well with you. It appears that we're near negative 20 degrees F. today....the warmest we've been in Tok, Alaska for weeks. So my boy, Iorek, is going to get to go play in the corral. He's a VERY happy boy, as he loves to run and play! I attached a photo of him as he sat waiting for me to throw his Jolly Jump ball in the corral. :-) Hope tatters around the world are having good days wherever they may be."
Thanks, Kay and for the picture of Iorek.  He's JUST like the dog across the road from us.  Eliot leans on you when you stop to talk to his owner.  Super dog.  

Next to arrive is Anne-Marie who says:
"Hello JaneMy day 11 ' s picture. So there is a second small part, it can be a small pair of hind legs, and so I ' ld think for a lizard, for example....
Always so difficult to guess what funky creature or personnage we are tatting...
You must be laughing far off us perplexed with shuttles in hands !.!!!
Read you soon Jane
Anne-Marie (France ) .. .."
Well I do chuckle, Anne-Marie but always wonder why people don't know what they're making after day 2!!!  To me it's always obvious!!!

Edyta has just arrived with several days. Well done on catching up Edyta. Here's what she says:
"Hi Jane. I send my Tias day 9,10 and 11. This maybe a mermaid? ;) Regards, Edyta.
Edyta Żyder"

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