Saturday, 10 February 2018

Day 11

It's that time again. Time for another section of the TIAS. 
Just for your interest - I have 112 images in my day 1 folder and in the day 8  folder there are 79.  So far in the day 10 folder I have 53.  

First of the overnighters is Sarah who says:
"Hi Jane, It’s time for another rhyme.
A being from the spirit world it could be
but I’m inclined to think it’s a maid of the sea.

Thelma is next with this picture!

Next in is Carol/Lelia who sends in this picture and comment.
"Day 10
Aha ... a shell-less turtle. no - a sea maiden. 
I'm enjoying this tatting game!! Thank Jane.
Always, Carol
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

Linda is next and she says:
I forgot to send a pic. So better late than never.
At least we now have two eyes to see with.
See ya all later.
Linda "
Always better late than never!!!

This offering of day 11 made me laugh. This is from Jenni who's determined to get in first with her piece each day. There is a picture of another tatter who is with her in the rain at an event.  First picture is starting on today's part and then a picture of the finished day!!! Two comments as well!!! 
"Rain shall not stop us - at RocKwiz with Cas Arthur, Susan Moore and Ben.
Tatting in hand (us ladies). Rain cannot stop us.
Photo is Cas tatting in the rain
At the RocKwiz show at the Zoo.
Rain and tatting don't mix well lol"

Yes, Jenni, you've done it again!!!

Second to arrive with her day 10 is Jane who says:
"Good practice in changing direction of chains, thanks Jane"

Next in is Fanny who has sent in her days 7, 8, 9 and 10. She says:
"Bonjour Jane Mais quel bonheur de vous suivre une 1ère fois. J'avance jour après jour et je ne me lace pas. Ce tias ce dessine et toujours pas d'idée ! Bon samedi Jane.

Hello Jane 
But what a joy to follow you the first time. I walk every day and I do not lace me. This tias that draws and still no idea! Jane Good Saturday."

Next in is Sue who reckons her granddaughters will love the TIAS. This is what she says:
"Hello li'l Ariel!! My granddaughters will love you!!"

Now I have Maureen in Australia who says:
"She is here, a little late - and we are both glad that she has a neck to hold her head on! She might have been one of Henry V111's wives, with her head toppling around as it was!
A little sad that the ending is coming, but, apart from manhandling the old computer to upload the pictures, I am really enjoying this TIAS."

Next to arrive is Sandra who has a great idea about what the TIAS is!!!!
"I’ve had a stuffy head, making seeing tiny things and thinking way too hard! But I’m caught up now, and I know I guessed a mermaid on Day 5, but I’d like to change my guess now........ to an ALIEN mermaid!"

Now I have Barbara who says:
"Oto moje Ufoludki - zadanie na dzień 11 wykonane.
Here are my Aliens - a task for day 11 made.

Now I have the other Barbara from Poland and she says:
"I am Barbara Tomaszewska and I am from Poland --- my 11 day Tias201"
Thank you Barbara.

Fiona has just arrived having caught up with the rest of you. She says:
"Hi Jane
A new year in a new job has left me much so I have fallen behind! Please find attached my day 9 and 11 photo...forgot to take a picture of day 10. 
Could it be a ghost or a mermaid perhaps?? Will have to read through the other guesses and see. 
Kind regards
Fiona T 

Tim is next and he says:
"Bit of a large head, tapered. A genie rising from a bottle?"
Could be, Tim, could be!!!!

Jolimama is next with her day 11 and the following comment
"Kedves Jane! Egy nappal közelebb van, hogy tudjuk, mit is készítünk :-) Izgalmas, várom a következőt :-) Köszönöm: Jolimama

Dear Jane! The day is closer to knowing what to prepare :-) exciting, looking forward to the next :-) Thanks Jolimama"

Next in is from Carole who says:
"Hi Jane, Day 11, I’m still here, still playing….just too lazy to pull out my camera. I am enjoying reading the comments and can honestly say I have never tatted in the rain! Carole - On. Canada"
I know the feeling about getting a camera out.  Nowadays I only use the phone for pictures as they're better quality than the camera!!!

Agi is next in my inbox with her days 10 and 11. She says:
"Dear Jane
I had no time, so I made the 10th and 11th days at the same time. Maybe a ghost? :)
Ági - Hungary"
That's fine, Agi.  Lovely to see you back.

Jacee is next in with her day 11 and she says:
"Dear Jane, 
Here's my submission of day 11. No new guesses. Gotta go look for yellow/black threads ( she must have hair! ) in my stash now! "

Elizabeth is next to arrive and she says:
"Kedves Jane!
Alakot kezd ölteni a mi kis játékunk!! Már van egy test,egy kezecske,egy fejecske,szemecske! ???  Gasper a szellem fiú nem lehet, mert ennek hajacskája is van!!
Üdvözlettel Elizabeth

Dear Jane! 
It begins to take shape in our little game !! There is already a body, a pud, a little head, szemecske! ??? Gasper spirit he can not, because of this, there is little hair !! 
Yours Elizabeth"
I'm not sure this translated very well and I checked it with another translator but I understand it mostly.  Thank you, Elizabeth.

Lyn is next in with her day 11 and she says:
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 11. My alien/mermaid seems to have a wonky head Lol !! One too many drinks perhaps!!
Lyn (WA)"
Ha, ha, ha.  You've been reading the url!!!!!  Cheeky moo.

Emily has just arrived too with her TIAS. She says:
"I'm so relieved the little mermaid heads are attached now!! They are just so cute!! I don't want TIAS to be over but I'm dying to see the finished project :)"

Now I have another page in Margaret's book. How I've enjoyed these pictures. She says:
"Hi again Jane, no new surprises today but a new page for you! This is the closest I've got to crazy quilting, one day I'll do the real thing, this is just paper and paint. (Won't mention your hangover!)"
Ha, ha, ha - another person reading the url's!!!!! No hangover today as I haven't had a drink since Thursday and before that it was last Sunday!!!!!

Ilona has just arrived with her day 11 and she asks an interesting question:
"Hi Jane,
Here's a nice face from Hungary:)
I was wondering, if you have done some statistics. I mean about the number of participants from all over the world...
Awaiting for the next step... Ilona"
I'll be asking for people to tell where they live on the last day, Ilona.  I've had people from all over the world in the past.  Places I've only ever seen on a map and will never get to visit!!!

Next to arrive is Melanie who says:
"And what a short day it was! I can’t help but wonder why we had so little to do this time. I’m glad, though, to have the head complete (apart from any hair tassels that may come later)."

Julie has sent in her day 11 and here it is:
"Hello Jane ! Here is my picture of day 11"

Next to arrive is Anita who says:
"Hi Jane,
I didn’t have time to do day 10 until now, but as you posted the day 11 pattern today I tatted that too, and forgot to take a picture after day 10!
So here you are, day 10 and 11 in one and the same image :-)"
Well that's fine by me, Anita!!!  Good to see you back.

Judy has just popped in with her day 11 - she says:
Here we go! Have a great day!"

Next to arrive is Joni who has just caught up again. She says:
"Hi Jane,
I haven’t sent a picture for a few days but I am keeping up. Here is my work through day 11. I’m inclined to agree with those who think it will be a mermaid. If so, congrats to them for guessing so early! If not, well, we will just have to wait and see. 
Joni from Iowa, USA"

Finally in this batch is Teresa who says:
"We definitely have a neck and the shoulder is defined. As you can see, Mickey and Minnie are anxiously awaiting Day 12. Happy weekend from a very cold Ennis, MT."

Kiara has sent in her day 11.  Here's her picture

Next to arrive is Ewa with her day 11 and she says:
"Hi Jane! I sent a photo of my piece of your TIAS. Best regard Ewa Szylewska"

Katie is next with her six TIAS's and she says:
"Hi, Jane,
Check out these little cuties--
Katie V in NC"

Next to arrive is with her days 10 and 11. She says:
"Hallo Jane,
Tag 10 und 11 ist auch fertig
Liebe Grüße

Hi Jane,
Day 10 and 11 is finished
best regards

My very deepest apologies next to Aleksandra who has this to say:
"Hello Jane,
Yesterday evening I "jumped" like a ball that today is day 11. Today I feel like a floppy ball ... Just that much? Two bows ... This joke has failed you.
I'm unsatisfied.
Aleksandra from Poland"
Don't worry, Aleksandra - day 12 will make you very happy!!!

Next to arrive is Erzsebet who says:
"Dear Jane!
Here is my work of day 11.

Christine's not happy about the short amount today either by what she says!!!
"Hello Jane
Here is today's TIAS progress.
Only 7 stitches! 
We will have to wait awhile longer to learn the outcome of this mystery...
-Christine in Alabama"
Don't worry Christine - day 12 will keep you busy!!!

Wendy has just arrived with her day 10 and she says:
"A person with piggy eyes
That's not a very kind thing to say, Wendy!!

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