Tuesday, 13 February 2018

More TIAS arriving.

First in today with her days 11 and 12 is from Beata who says:
"Droga Jane.
Powoli zbliżamy się do końca zabawy.Mój duch - bo to chyba jest duch lub syrena - już ma głowę i rączki. Ciekawa jestem co to będzie. Pozdrawiam i czekam na ciąg dalszy.

Dear Jane.
We are slowly approaching the end of the game. My spirit - because it is probably a ghost or a mermaid - already has a head and hands. I wonder what it will be. Regards and waiting for the continuation.
Beata S."

Christine is next with her day 12 and she says:
"Hello Jane!
The 5 split rings of Day 12 didn't keep me busy for long!
And the 6 split rings on the 2015 TIAS didn't take long either...
Which is all just fine, as I have lots of other things on my to-do list for today, and tonight my husband and I are going to the symphony.
It should be a lovely evening out, except for the cold weather and the rain....
Looking forward to Day 13. :)
-Christine in Alabama"
You're a busy lass, Christine!

Sorry to hear that Caroline has been poorly. Hope you're properly better soon, Caroline.
"It seems like I have caught the flu. I hope I get better soon,. I got my shot and only went to church and to the grocery store. No iea were I got it."

Next to arrive is Sarah with another rhyme. She says:
"Hello Jane,
I forgot to send the 11th day
of this game I like to play
I got distracted somehow
but I send it now.
Day number 12 will be on it’s way
but will have to wait another day
The power in the camera I must renew
before I can send a photo to you.

Krystal is next with her 'aliens'!! She says:
"My space aliens together

Next to arrive is Bev with a different slant on this year's TIAS!!! She says:
"Hi Jane
Playing catch up again. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think it’s a merman, and not a mermaid."

The next person in my inbox is Erzsebet who says:
"Dear Jane!
Here is my work of day 12

Linda T is next with her day 12's and she says:
Stitching is done. Someone came to visit while I was busy. 
She wouldn't leave unless I took her picture too. So I did. 
Don't know how long she will stay. I guess we will see. 
Have a good day. 
Linda "
That's funny, Linda.  Say 'welcome' to the new TIAS please from me!!!!

Grace has arrived with her days 10, 11 and 12. Here are the pictures and comments. For day 10 she says
I couldn't help but start to feel a bit creepy this is looking like skeleton of sort."
For day 11
"It's looking more and more scary."
For day 12
"This is much better, not so creepy. Can't wait for the next installment."

Claire has now arrived with her days 5 and 6. She says:
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Here are my days 5 & 6. I was hoping to catch up last week, but life got in the way so I am far behind again. Oh well, I'll finish one day or another day...
Have fun and enjoy your day. "

Finally in this session and before I go out I have Erzsebet's day 12. She says:
"Kedves Jane!
Itt küldöm a játék kövezkező részletét!
Már alig várom,hogy eláruld mi lesz ebből a bábúból?
Üdvözlettel Elizabeth

Dear Jane! 
Here, I will send the details of the game kövezkező! 
I can not wait to tell what will this puppet? 
Yours Elizabeth"

Back from my morning out, had lunch and now I'm dealing with my inbox again!!! First in in this session is Alutka who says:
"Dzien dobry Jane!
Przesyłam mój odcinek robótki z dnia 12

Hello Jane!
I send my needlework stretch of 12

Finally in this session is Lyn who says:
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 12. She’s still got a wonky head! LOL 😂
Lyn (WA)"

Not quite finally as Teresa has just arrived. She says:
"Dear Jane!
I solute from Poland. Here is my 12 day Tias 2018.

I'm back again and first of all this time I have Katie V who says:
"Hi, Jane!
A rising bevy of beauties! Love all the interpretations of the tatters.
tatty hugs,
They look great all lined up for their photograph, Katie.

Józsefné has sent in her day 12. Here it is.

Next in is from Denise who says:
"Good day to you Jane ! I hope the photo I’m attaching arrives with this email. You didn’t post the last email I sent so I’m not sure you got the photo.
I got a little behind because of the flu, oh it’s a miserable time in the USA with these nasty viruses this winter. Stay warm and safe Jane and please reconsider doing more TIAS in the coming years.
I don’t have any idea what this could be, it kind of looks like a mermaid but when I consider the picots on the bottom tip then I think it could be something else. Gees I hope it’s not a mermaid caught by a fisher and hanging by it’s tail ! Hahaha 🧜🏼‍♀️🧞‍♂️Maybe it’s a genie coming out of its bottle ? Only time will tell. 
Denise Brant from Tonawanda,NY"
I do apologise, Denise.  I'm not sure what happened to your last message and picture.  I did have a 'slight accident' yesterday but thought I'd recovered the boo boo I made.  Onwards and upwards.

Cathlen has sent in her day 12 with this comment:
"Day 12.
Mermaid ?
​Hugs :Kata

Sarah has returned with another rhyme and this is what she says:
"Good day to you Jane,

The camera power I did restore
so now I send a little more
of this little tatted creature
that is this TIAS feature


Denise W has just arrived with her day 12 and this is what she says:
"Swimming with my favorite, fish!!!!! Don’t you just love her already!!!! Even if she isn’t a mermaid!!  Denise W."
Just love your fishy picture, Denise.

The next arrival is Ildikó and this is what she says:
"Hello Jane,
Day 12 is finished. You are so smart! It might be on artist ... or a car with two red lamps.
You can wait for young prince, but I already have one which is quite old, having no white horse, but an old Ford. I wait for day 13.
from Hungary"
You are SOOOOOO funny, Ildikó.  I wish I could meet your 'quite old prince' even if he only has an old Ford!!!!!  Day 13 will be here soon!

Finally in this batch I have Ewa who says:
"Hi Jane! My 12 day with little delay. Best regards Ewa Szylewska"

Carol's now arrived with her two day 12's and she says:
"Hello Jane - Good Morning ; )
I've attached my D12 photos. Over the past week-end, we accumulated over 20" of snow. Oh my, looking forward to S P R I N G.
I still think we are tatting Sea Maidens. Looking forward to the next part of the pattern. Thank you Jane.
Always, Carol Northwest Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II
Please keep the snow over your way, Carol.  We don't want it over here!!!

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