Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sunday arrivals

First in this fine morning is from Teresa who's husband has been offering his opinion too!! She says:
"Ronnie says the mermaid would look better with long hair. I told you had plans on Monday for the last addition; I think it will be long flowing locks. At any rate, here is my offering for Day 14."

Now I have Alutka who has a gang of animals to join her mermaid. I hope some of them don't get into the sea, Alutka or they'll drown. She says:
"Dzień dobry Jane!
posyłam zdjęcie 14 dnia tajemniczego zadania. Oto moja syrenka Chciałabym teraz usłyszeć syreni śpiew

Good morning, Jane! 
I am sending photo 14 on a mysterious task. Here is my mermaid Now I would like to hear the siren song
That would be a wonderful thing to hear.

I love the tail colour on Bernice's mermaid - this is what she says:
It’s hard to believe that the TIAS is almost over. I have really enjoyed this year. Many thanks to BC3 J
Bernice Calgary AB CANADA"

Krystal is the penultimate in my morning's inbox and she says:
"KrystalI still need. To finish my ends, and to decide on hair!!"

Finally before breakfast I have Rose Anne with her days 13 and 14 and she says:
"So it is a mermaid! I HONESTLY thought that was too easy and you'd throw us a wild card and it would turn into something else.
Rose Anne Burdeny"

Next to arrive is Jolimama who has sent in her day 14. She says:
"Kedves Jane! Íme a 14. nap. Már biztosan tudom, hogy mi készül és várom a holnapot. Tegnap családi ünneplés volt, ezért csak ma küldöm. Barátsággal: Jolimama

Dear Jane! Here are the 14 days. Already I know for sure that we are preparing and looking forward to tomorrow. Yesterday was a family celebration, just so I will send today. Friendship Joli Mama"
I hope you had a lovely time yesterday, Jolimama.  

Rhyming Sarah is next to arrive and this is her rhyme of the day:
"Good day to you Jane,

A mermaid it turned out to be
How very clever of BC3

You managed to keep me in the dark
but that of course is your trademark.

The end result remained unclear
until her tail did appear

And now some flowing hair
will add just the right amount of flair

A happy wave this maiden sends
to all her fellow tatted friends.


Next to arrive is Celine who has sent in her days 11, 12, 13 and 14. She says:
"Hi Jane,
Just completed day 14, what a nice mermaid."

Klára has sent in her day 14 and here it is.

Ildikó has made a comfortable place for her mermaid and she says:
"Hello Jane, now I have no time to tat her o cushon. My mermaid swim in the sea. On the island live a seagull and invisible faries looking at the little mermaid with empathy. Might be the end of the late happy? My mermaid could be so happy with a prince or will be the qieen of sea, but im sea live prince.
from Hungary"
Tomorrow will be day 15, Ildiko.  I will see you then!

Annie has arrived next with her day 14. She says:
"Hi Jane..I just finished my Day 14 and I love it.
Happy Tatting,
Annie - Indonesia"

Kata seems to think her mermaid is finished. Well, Kata, it's not quite!!
"Mermaid finish..... 

Next to arrive is Ewa and she says:
"Hello Jane! I'm sending my 14day from Poland. Best regards. Ewa Szylewska"

Now I have Judy who is having problems with an escaping Mermaid!!! She says:
Lost her for a day, found her swimming at the bottom of my never ending Christmas cross stitch bag."

Mary is next to arrive with her day 14. She says:
Here’s Day 14 of my lame-armed mermaid.
I’m hoping Day 15 is available tomorrow morning so I can finish before I’m out of contact for 15 days.
Mary in California"

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