Saturday, 3 February 2018

Day 8

Day 8 is now available here.

First of the overnighters is Stephanie who says:
"Still haven't been able to get a photograph. Scanner is acting up and won't cooperate either.
It looks like a lobster, so it can't possibly BE one. That would be WAY too obvious.
I'm terrible at guessing anyway. By the time I've figured it out, pretty much *everybody* has been saying what it is for weeks. LAST year I didn't quite figure it out until the last day.
Thanks for the fun! This gets me through the worst of the 'dark' of winter - by the time we're finished and we've all figured it out, there's enough light during the daytime to 'survive' until summer - with lots of daylight - gets here.
Have a terrific weekend.
Big hug!

Sally is next in with her day 7 and she says:
"Hope I am sending this to the right address. My Day 7. Thought it was leg before, maybe heading toward a belly? Now I undecided again. Waiting for the next."
Yes, right address, Sally. Any of my addresses all land up in the one inbox!!!! You can't escape!!!

Next in is from Sarah who has a rhyme for us. She says:
"Greetings Jane,

In the UK it’s the middle of the night.
You’ll not see this till dawn’s early light.
I tatted this up early in the day
but neglected to send it on it’s way.
I simply didn’t have the time
to compose a little rhyme,
so it had to wait
now the hour is late.
but I send it off to you
without a clue
of what it will turn into.


Linda is next into my inbox with her day 7 and this is what she says:
"Hello again,
First, Thank you for you help earlier Settled my problem
newst picture with update. No idea yet.
Have a great weekend.

Barbara has sent in her day 7 and also Ewa's and this is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane! 
To s膮 prace Ewy i moja - dzie艅 7.
Z pozdrowieniami dla wszystkich!

These are the works of Eve and mine - day 7.
Best regards to everyone!"

OK, big announcement coming NOW.
This is the first of the day 8's and it's all the way from Australia and it's from Jenni who says:
"Hurriedly on way home from work.
A chameleon. 
Sticking with that.
Loving this madness!
Guys at work standing out front wondering what in hell I am doing!!
xx Jenni"

Finally in this batch is Fiona who has sent in both days 7 and 8. This is what she has to say:
"Good morning to you Jane
I missed a day of TIAS, so please find attached photos of my day 7 and 8. Could it be a dinosaur? Still wondering
Fiona T 

After breakfast and back to the laptop. The next person to arrive is Jane who has sent in her day 8 already too. She says:
"In truth it makes me think of a biology diagram, but I don’t think that’s a good guess!"

Isabella is next and she's still thinking it's a dragonfly and I can see why from her picture.
"Hello JaneI forgot to send you my work from the 7th day.I am very stubborn and I still think it will be very dragonfly
Izabela z Polski. "

Barbara S has just arrived with her day 8 and she says:
"Hi Jane!
Today, I think it is the closed mouth of a crocodile and now has one paw ..."
Well I wonder if you're right, Barbara?

This time it's Barbara L who has arrived in my inbox with her day 7. She says:
"Dear Jane,
Here is my pair of mystery animals. I bumped into these two characters today...
Dr. Watson: “I believe Day 7’s addition forms the belly of the beast, so this creature walks on land.”
Sherlock: “Astute observation, Watson, but still too early to make a definitive identification.”
That’s what I heard them say! Honest! 馃槣
Barbara in Northern CA"
I believe you totally, Barbara!!!!

Finally in this batch is Joanna who has sent in her day 8. She says:
Here is my day 8.
I guess this is now the hind leg and tail and an animal...maybe a dog?

Back again and this time it's Jacee who is first into my inbox with her day 8. She says:
"Dear Jane,
Today's segment is tail of a certain kind of animal _ an elephant perhaps?"

Aniko has sent in her day 8 next. She says:
"Hi Jane,
On a rainy day, but quite warm for this time of the year,
I finished the piece for day 8. The game is becoming more and more interesting, what will it be?
I'm not telling you, Aniko!!!!

Barbara T has a question for me. Here it is:
"I am Barbara Tomaszewska and I am from Poland --- my 8 day Tias2018
The crocodile's maw, does it have such long legs?
Regards from Poland."
I'm not saying anything, Barbara!!!  Not a thing!!

Agi is next and she thinks it's going to be a mermaid. I wonder, Agi, I wonder!
"Dear Jane
Finished the eighth day. I think, it will be a mermaid. :)
脕gi - Hungary"

I'm back and pleased (and very relieved) to say that the tatting cupboard is now tidy. I wonder how long that will last - maybe two weeks? So, first in this batch is Joanna with her day 8 and who says:
"Hi, my work for day 8 is finished 馃槉Maybe it is mantis 馃 Joanna from Poland 馃槉"
Maybe it is a mantis, Joanna.  I'm not saying yes or no, though!!!

Well I'm going to disagree with Maureen as to me it's been obvious from the start what this is going to be!!! She says, however:
"It's an armless headless....something! The head might be next? - and then it will reveal itself perhaps.
There's still the puzzle of the need for contrasting thread, but I'm thinking that it won't be the tusks of an elephant that we will be tatting with that.
If this TIAS is to be the last, then I think you are going out with a bang, because I still have no idea at all. You've hidden the secret well."

Lyn is next to arrive with her day 8 and this is her comment:
"Good evening JaneStill no idea what it is! Good to see all the different coloured threads. Very hot and humid here today threatening thunder storm, a bit of rain would be nice
Have a good weekend
Lyn (WA)"
A bit of warmth would be nice here, Lyn!!

Tim sounds confused!!! I'm sure he's really teasing me and has guessed already!!!
"Now it looks like a hand at first, but I think it's a tail. On what, though?"

Finally in this batch is Carol who says:
"Hi Jane, Carol here, what a fluffy tail you have? Maybe a poodle 馃惄 puppy in ..."
Could be but maybe it's something else?

Krystyna has now arrived with her day 8. She says:
"TIAS 8 Dalej stawiam 偶e to b臋dzie foka . Krystyna

TIAS 8 Next I bet it would be a seal. Krystyna"
A seal?  Not sure, Krystyna!!!!

Now I have a truly lovely picture from Margaret featuring another TIAS too. She says:
"Dear Jane, here is the bunny from your 8th Tias to greet you on day 8, and I have to admit that it is looking very much like the back end of a muldonzeb! Can't wait to see the end result, I think my flag pole has had it! This is the page of my art book I'm working on at the moment.
Happy tatting everyone."

Erzsebet has just arrived with her day 8 and she says:
"Dear Jane!
Here is my work of day 8.
Erzsebet "

Now this message made me really smile!!! It's from Aleksandra who says:
"Hello Jane,
Hmm... The riddle is getting more and more interesting. Today, depending on how I turn it, something becomes the leg and tail of a lion, a sitting cat or a dog, a crocodile jaws ... And because there is to be an element in a contrasting color - there is still a genie in a bottle. Oh, you play with us sonbie
Greetings from Poland"
I love playing with you!!!!

Next to arrive is Ankie's day 8 which Riet has kindly sent in. She says:
"Dag 8 ook weer klaar.
Fijn weekend, Ankie 

Day 8 also finished again.
Good weekend, Ankie"

The men in Ewa's family are obviously joining in with the guessing game!!! This is what Ewa says:
"Hallo Jane! 8day is finished. My men think that this is fairy. Have a nice weekend. Ewa Szylewska from Poland"

Anita thinks she's got the answer and she says:
"Hi Jane,
OK, I abandon my belief that it's a dog.
It just has to be a hand, to a mermaid?"

Now I have Mariann with her day 8 and she says:
"Dear Jane
Ready 8. day:)
Szlauk贸n茅 Lengyel Mariann
Regards, Mariann"

Well now I've been asked a question I'm not going to answer!!!! Why? Because I want to keep the surprise going!!! The question is from Ildik贸 who says:
"Hello Jane,
Day 8 is finished. Is it a mermaid?
Ildik贸 Szab贸n茅
from Hungary"
I love your drawing, Ildiko.  

Emily seems to like the TIAS although she's not made a guess!!! She says:
"It is looking so adorable!!! I can't wait to see how it turns out :) I already want to make lots more!!!"

Next to arrive is Joli Mama who says:
"Elk茅sz眉lt a 8. nap is :-) Izgalmas, sejt茅seim vannak :-)

The 8th day is also finished :-) I'm excited, I guess :-)
Joli Mama"

Melanie is next to send in her day 8 and she says:
"This has to be a rear leg and a tail suitable for swishing away flies. Although you’ve already designed a cow, there is precedent for multiples of the same species in your collection, so that’s what I’m guessing—with conviction—for now."

Tine is next to arrive and she thinks she knows what the TIAS is too. She says:
"Hello Jane
Your Tias is looks like mermaid.
Groetjes Tine Vedder The Netherlands"

I'm just back from sitting here tatting and taking a break!!! I've not been anywhere but needed to feel shuttles in my hands!!!
So, first in this time is Ilona who says:
"Dear Jane,
Here is my sea-horse:) or t-rex...:) if You want...:)
Here in Hungary is snowing heavily:) We love it... What about England?
My regards, awaiting for the next step.
Ilona (Hungary)"
I don't mind if it's a seahorse or a t-rex, Ilona.  It can be whatever you like!!!!  No snow in England but a very cold, miserable drizzling with rain day.  I'd rather have snow - swop?

Maria is next to arrive and this is what she has to say:
"Well, good morning Jane! Here is my day 8 and I see we have an arm with a hand 馃槸 & not a claw.... so I guess a lobster is out of the mix....But I'm thinking it (he) would make a really swell genie.... he just needs a lamp to pop out of! Looking forward to day 9!
And no, I didn't steal you shuttles 馃槀 These bobbin clovers are my favorite go to shuttles (I hate tatting with hooks!) and I have used nothing else for the last year! I'm thinking I need a couple more and more bobbins as I'm always switching back and forth between project ... I even have extra bobbins and they are usually always full!"
Phewww, glad you didn't steal mine although I know where mine are - right beside me!!!

Melanie C is in next and she's trying hard to work out what it's going to be!!! She says:
"Hi Jane-
I resisted putting beads on those longer picots. Those make my teapot idea less reasonable. So, I'll keep thinking while waiting for Day 9. And seeing what other people, and pets, are guessing.
Melanie in CA"

Isabel has now sent in her day 8 and this is what she has to say:
"Good evening, Jane I am sending you my work from the 8th day of fun. 
Best regards from Poland

Next to arrive is Caroline and she says:
"Kitties are still waiting for breakfast. Missed the SS so cheated with a slt. It sure depends on how the tatting is placed in the pictures the tatters send in. I saw a high heel shoe, an alligator, a leg with a fluffy tail, a sitting animal, tea pot, tea kettle, and on and on. "
Ah, I LOVE the SLT trick too. Gets me out of a lot of trouble!!! 
Love your guesses although I'd not had the high heel until now.

Cheryl has done a lovely drawing to send along with her comment. She says:
"​I should have used colored paper for this. And colored thread. But I make mistakes and white is cheap and easier to get my hands on.
As always this is very fun. The adventure continues. 
Cheryl Cameron (Batty Tatter)
Teresa's just arrived with her day 8 and this is what she says:
"The first picture is the front side of the TIAS while the second one is the work reversed with Shuttle 1 at the ready for Day 9."

Grazyna is next to arrive with her day 8. She says:

"Witaj Jane. M贸j dzie艅 8 gotowy. Wygl膮da interesuj膮co lecz nadal nie wiem co to b臋dzie. Pozdrawiam. Gra偶yna.

Hello, Jane. My day 8 ready. It looks interesting but still do not know what it will be. Regards. Grazyna."

There are just two more to add this evening and then I'm off to bed. The first is Katie who thinks I'm a tricky lady!!!
"Hi, Jane,
Hmmm, is that a tail we just finished--or an arm with a five-fingered hand? Hmmmm. You're a tricky lady, Jane E.!!
Still loving the tatty fun!
Katie V in NC"
Heee, heee, heee!!!!

Finally today I have Denise who says:
"I hope you get the photo this time, remember to click on then3 tiny dots under this message where the photo should be. I’m sending it as an attachment so if you click on show details it should pop up that way also. And by the way Jane, I don’t think it’s an animal nor a person, knowing your last designs for the TIAS of the past years , it is always something I never expected. I’m not liking this color thread though. Does it have to be a variagreted thread or can it be two colors, one on each shuttle?
Blessings to you Jane,
Denise Brant"
If you use plain then it would have to be both shuttles the same colour as it wouldn't probably look very good in two colours. I'd have to try it out myself to check on that!!!  This time the picture came through as a 'proper' attachment!!!  

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