Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Catching up day!

This is the day for those who want to catch up to day 9. Day 10 will be tomorrow - usual time, usual place!!!

First in this morning is Alutka who says:
"Dzień dobry Jane.Posyłam zdjęcie z 9 dnia zabawy,

Good morning, Jane.
I send photos of 9 day of fun,
Alutka "

The next of my overnighters is Sharren who asks:
"Definitely caught up now! We've been brainstorming what it could possibly be - David suggested a sea monkey, but I see it as Superman with a wardrobe malfunction (he's got both his legs in one leg of his tights). 
Is either of us close???"
Well David could be right but so could you. Not sure whether Superman would be so stupid as to get both legs in one leg of his tights, though?!?!?  I'm not saying if either of you are close but you made me laugh!!!

Mary is the last in my inbox so far today and she says:
Can that be an eye and a head? Maybe a mermaid? Such fun.
Mary in California"

Next to arrive is Kathryn who has overcome a small problem. She says:
I had to cut the thread and re-join as I had a tiny knot and couldn’t close ring 25. Looking forward to day 10!"

Denise W is the next to arrive. She says:
"Jane, my bikini is ready for a swim with this mermaid!!!! Can’t wait for the reveal!!! I wanna be a mermaid!!!!!  
Denise W."

Ankie has sent in her day to Riet who has passed it on to me. She didn't leave a message but here's her picture.

Next to arrive is Ania who has sent in her day 9. She says:
"Hello Jane . Day 9.
This is ghost? "
Woooooo, wooooooo, wooooooo, Ania!!!!!

Barbara has now arrived with her day 8 and she says:
"Dear Jane,
Here’s my Day 8. Well, at first I thought I had tatted a tail, but it looks too long to be one. I have no idea, and I didn’t run into Dr. Watson or Mr. Holmes.
Like Nona (congratulations!), I too have become a grandma! My daughter gave birth this morning to a healthy baby boy.
Many blessings!
Barbara in Northern CA"
Congratulations to you, too, Barbara.  I hope both are doing well.

Coretta has just sent in her day 8 and she says:
"Day 8
Today my imagination has failed me."

A little later in the evening and Coretta has returned with day 9.

Next to arrive is Grace who says:
"Hi I got my day 9 done. Don't worry about anglerfish picture. We have moved forward. Well, I hope it is a mermaid because that really look like a hand and arm.

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