Tuesday, 27 February 2018

February 27th mermaids

Well as you've probably read in my last post - I've given up numbering the mermaids as I had a huge influx from Hungary!! Thank you to the Hungarian tatters. 

Today's finished mermaids come from Lelia who says:
"Dear Jane:
Photos of my 2018 TIAS mermaids are attached.
Thank you for this and past TIAS games. I looked forward to seeing all those participating during the tatting game. 
I, too, have enjoyed participating.
Always, Carol 
Northwest Indiana, USA
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

Next to arrive is Mary who has sent in her slow swimmer!!! She says:
"My thread was # 20. Color. Number disappearedThank you Jane for all the work you did for us
The reason I’m so late my son had open heart surgery and I was gone for a week. Icu. 5 days. He’s home. Doing great. God is good"


Jane McLellan said...

I don't know what the collective noun of mermaids is, but you have one! Glad you're over the 100 mark. Whoo-oo.

Janet Emmerson said...

I had open heart surgery when I was 25yrs. Now I am 73 yrs..
So good to have your news.