Saturday, 31 January 2015

Day 10

Day 10 is now available on this link.

Day 11 will be ready on Monday. After that there will be two more until it's all over!!!!

First in this morning is Fiona with several days!!! She says:-
"Hi Jane,
I have been so distracted with the start of work and school that I forgot to check the TIAS page. I have spent this morning catching up on the days- from day 6 I think. I am inclined to think it is either a Crab, or perhaps garden shears.... my family is stumped with this one Jane :) I really like how you have used the split rings and picots to hold the curvy shape here- great design trick!
Until day 10..
Fiona T (onemadtatter)"

Next to arrive is Lyn with her day 9 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 9 ! Still have no idea what it is. We have had a week of 35*+ so I have been hibernating inside in the air con. We have a lot of bush fires across the state nothing near us.
Lyn west Oz"

Well the first one in with their day 10 is from Australia. A newcomer to the race to be first and she's WON!!! Well done, Jenni.
"I still have no idea but at least I am up to date.
Poor Ben....out washing my car while I am supposed to be getting dinner all Jane's fault!
Loving the suspense of this one"
Nick says I'll be in trouble for breaking up relationships with the TIAS!! Doubt that very much with you and Ben!! 

Well Australia wins this morning with Maureen sending in her day 10 shortly after Jenni. She sounds as if she's no long thinking 'rabbit' anymore. This poor rabbit looks horrified!!!
"Snip! - alas poor rabbit - sigh. And now I am scurrying back to the Election we have happening in our corner of the world tonight - I love Election Night! Pity it clashes with the Football Final. "
I wonder who will win the 'battle of the zpper' in that household!!!!

Jane has just arrived with her day 10 and the following comment:-
"Tatted circle
Very neat.
Scissor handle
Do we meet?"
Firanghish is next with her day 10 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Sending you a picture of day 10.
Thanks a lot.
Love to you and all fun loving tatters.

I feel we have a rebellion in our group with Kelly!!! This comment made me laugh!
"I refuse to even guess. You are too smart for me Eborall! xD Can't wait to continue!"

Muskaan is next in my inbox and she says:-
"Good morning Jane :-)
Hope you have a great weekend planned for yourself, besides the onslaught of these Snip(p)ers ! ;-) Sneaking up slowly but surely.
Must thank you for these Homeopathic doses of sweetness you dish out to us .... only drawback (there is Always one) is that the dose is too small & spaced out to see the whole pic & guess early (sour grapes, LOL) ;-D
I'm sure everyone will join in to cheer and thank you for all the effort you put in continuously ... any ideas for a well-deserved dream vacation after this is done
Cheers to all
muskaan :-)"

Now for a new guess from Diane!!!
"Good morning, Jane!
Could it be a dodo bird?
Diane Cademartori"

Shelly is next in and she has this to say:-
"Having such fun. This stripped thread is a bit of a challenge when it comes to joining between rings. Eyes crossed.

Lyn is back again but this time with her day 10. She says:-
"Good afternoon Jane
Well scissors are a bit too obvious so I guess it's not that ! Not to self do not tat when you have vertigo because it affects my eyes and I can't count properly ! Lol
Have a great weekend
Lyn from West Oz" 
Next to pop in is Linda (Cariad) who says:-
"Good morning Jane,
Here is my day 10. It’s definitely pinking shears! Maybe...
I realised, almost to my dismay, that my day 9 was facing the wrong way. Thank goodness that giving it a little twist has it now facing the right way. I had the choice of winging it or starting again because there was no way I was going to try and undo it! I’m mad not insane!
Anyway, you wouldn’t know now that it had ever faced the wrong way (unless you look at my day 9 photo) so I’m a happy bunny now.
Have a good weekend and happy winding everyone up!"
Actually I don't think you're mad either.  In fact you can't be mad - you're a tatter and we're all sane. 

Marie has now arrived with her day 10 and this comment:-
"Hello Jane, this is my Day 10. Maybe I was right about those scissors after all… 😉
Marie - Rue de la Laine" 

Margaret is the next tatter to arrive in the inbox.  Her comment follows:-
"Good morning Jane,  well the direction we have taken to day has put paid tu my latest guess so I shan't bother saying anything about that!  May be day 11 will be moor helpful,  then again maybe it won't !!!
From a baffled Margaret."

Catrin is the final TIAS in my inbox for the moment. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Snow is falling outside, a cat is leaning against my leg (justifying the fact I'm still in bed) and I'm trying to decide if I'm making the SS Enterprise - to boldly tat. (Husband confirms it could be "Enterprise d" whatever that means). Maybe tomorrow will tell..."

Shirley is the first of the next batch of arrivals. She says:-
This tricycle needs two more wheels. ZOOOooom!
So fancy.
The colours on this TIAS - whatever it is - make me feel so cheerful.  The button is wonderful too.

Next in is Fox with this comment and yet two more clever pictures!
"Jane! Geronimo!
You KNOW what a Whovian I am! How delightful that you have created the PERFECT monocled Doctor Who #1 as the T.I.A.S this year. Thank you!"

Now I have Jenn's days 9 and 10 to show you. She says:-
"Days 9 and 10.
LoveMeKnot - Jenn"

Just as I thought I'd caught up again I have two more day 10's!!! First is from Emilia who says:-
"Hi Jane,
I still see a rabbit face. So my guess is rabbitscissors. But I could be wrong.
Nice evening

Caroline has now arrived and she says:-
"Had to get up to the guy working in my basement could get in the house early so took the time to tat day 10. They are predicting rain/snow slush this afternoon and into Sunday. They are telling people to get their super bowl treats today while the streets are good. It is really starting to look like scissors. Have a good day Jane,.

I missed you this morning, Isa. Good to see you again!!!
"Hi Jane here just arriving from first tatting meeting in this new year.
Here it's TIAS day 10 . I think it's a loobster :)
Have a wonderful weekend.

Next to arrive is Judy. I feel the same too.
Excited that we are close to the end, but sad at the same time.
-- Arlene M""

Next to arrive is Arlene with her days 6, 7, and 8.
"Here's my Day 6, 7, & 8. I misplaced my tatting and just found it yesterday. Day 9 is separate.

Day nine
I still think it's a bird

Arlene is back once more with her day 10.
"Guess it's scissors after all"

Axa has now arrived with her day 10.  She says:-
"Hello Jane! 
Thank you for TIAS, I really enjoy it. I just send you the pic of day10, but I have uploaded all, from the begining to my blog:
On the day 7 I realized, that my button is too big. I have tried put it on the button somehow, I hope it will be good at the end. At this point I think it will be a scorpion :) I am waiting for last days of TIAS and I wish happy tatting all of us :) 
Axa from Hungary "

Nicole and her turtle are back now with their day 10. She says:-
"Dear Jane,
This turtle cage is rather small! But maybe my turtle can use this... thing to clean the road ahead of him?

Claudia is next to arrive with Haydee's days 8 and 9 and her own day 10. She says:-
"It comes! day 10 is up!.. well my friend.. your are making our tatting brain cells work hard!! lol!.. no clue...
with my day 10 , i also sent day 8 and day 9 of another argentinian tatter Haydee..
claudia meza
formosa, Argentina"

Haydee's days 8 and 9 first.

Now here is Claudia's day 10.

Now I have Sue's (Pigmini) day 10. She says:-
"Hi Jane
Attached is my day 10. I think Maureen has given up on her rabbit too early.... He's definitely riding a unicycle in my picture!!! Lol
Off to blog him now!

Sonya has now arrived with her day 10. This is what she has to say:-
"Good morning, more like afternoon for you,
The Emotional Roller Coaster of TIAS
Woo Hoo!
Day 10 is up.
Uh Oh!
Day 10 is done.
Now I must wait...
Day 11 will come.
Shall I venture a guess? I have been wrong so many times I am afraid to try. I will say I am leaning towards scissors. Hmmmmmm... emy pliers guess was not as bad as I thought.
It is a cold (39*), rainy day here, considering it was 77* and 78* just a few days ago. That is our crazy weather.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Sonya from Oklahoma, USA"

Next in is Marie who has changed her mind and now thinks it's a - well, I'll let her tell you.
"Well now, it seems to be a bowlegged llama for my bowlegged cowboy! ;) giddy-up llama!
Marie in SC"

Melanie has sent in her day 10 and she thinks it's going to be scissors too. What a STRANGE idea!
"Good morning-
Here's my scissors. Yes, I think that we're tatting scissors. Off to do some shopping.

Wanda is next in my inbox. She says:-
"Hello, Jane. I believe I'm leaning towards it being a scissors, too. Or maybe garden shears - tin snips? ?? We'll find out in a few days one way or the other, won't we?
Wanda in Kansas"

Next in the inbox is Karen who says this:-
Here is my Day 10, though mine is photographed in prone position. See the bottoms up button? My "Whatsit McDoohickie" must lie dorsal side up to fit in with the crowd. He gets cross when I put him on the scanner...must be claustrophobic.

Sara has just sent in her day 10 and her comment and picture follow:-
"Day 10, and I can't see anything else than a pair of scissors.
Have a nice day, and thanks again just for beeing Jane who makes tatting even more fun!!"

Sherry is the last one in tonight with her days 9 and 10. She says:-
"Here they are...hmmm what could it be??????????? Still could be a bunny.
Wind To Thy Wings,
New York, US of America"

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